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What I Learned Since The Spring Equinox

  • Being head of a household is time-consuming, but rewarding.

  • Smart Watches are pretty dang fun.

  • Getting a business license is an annoying process.

  • If you fill a ping-pong ball with one hole in it with liquid nitrogen and then drop it into a pan of room temperature water, it'll flail around like a groundflower.

  • Kittens are busy.

  • They also flail around like groundflowers if you put collars on them.

  • A holomictic lake is one in which the layers of water mix at least once a year. A meromictic lake's water layers never mix.

  • You may actually be able to feel pneumonia in your lungs. Weird.

  • Dandelion champagne has a nice bite to it.

  • I can wear a cocktail dress if I get some leggings.

  • Carroll Spinney/Big Bird was almost slated to go into orbit, but the costume was too big. Which means he didn't get to go for his scheduled ride on ... the Challenger shuttle.

  • Being the "coach" for shows is almost as nerve-wracking as being the student.

  • There is such a thing as Nutella-flavored gelato.

  • The name "Saoirse" is pronounced "SEER-shuh."

  • Nikki Akuma-Bird needs to star in her own action space opera.

  • The term for oxygen-carrying blood cells is "erythrocyte."

  • At 3:00 a.m. or so in early June I can see the Milky Way unaided if I concentrate!

  • Kidney failure is one of the most common ailments of senior cats.

  • Trimming grape vines is a nice meditative process. You trim a lot, but it does grow back.

  • The bearded vulture is the only known warm-blooded osteophage--it eats actual bones. It has one tough gut.

  • A "ginger bug" is like a starter for sodas that makes use of wild yeasts.

  • Sun conures really are friendly little buggers. And loud. So loud.

  • And not all of them are really into toys. Some just want to chill on your shoulder.

  • Unless you're chewing something. Then they will bite your ear.

  • They can be potty trained after a fashion, though. Which is nice.

  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrom is another weird disorder that leads to things like oversized bones, stretchy skin, extreme flexibility, and other such strange effects.

  • Social change is messy, slow and difficult, but it does not do to get discouraged.

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What I've Learned Since The Spring Equinox

  • In an early script for The Little Mermaid Ursula was supposed to be Triton's sister. It kinda shines through.

  • Lily Tomlin played Miss Frizzle in the Magic School Bus show.

  • Annie Jump Cannon, who developed stellar classification, was ridiculously super-focused. She would spend each day painstakingly going through stars and categorizing them with spectroscopy. As someone who enjoys that sort of tedious infosifting, I am always glad when someone else who likes doing that gets recognized.

  • The modern white greasepaint clown look was invented by Joseph Grimaldi in the late 18th Century. I'd curse his name, but without him we wouldn't have the greatest comic book villain ever, so I salute you, you creepy clown!

  • Literary agents like to play musical agencies, so you're never sure which agency you've queried and which agent.

  • It turns out the "Augie's Great Municipal Band" song from The Phantom Menace was NOT intended to be a bouncy upbeat foreshadowing version of the Emperor's theme. I find this extremely disappointing. Here I was all "That's BRILLIANT!" and it was just a coincidence. The few points I give to the prequels must be deducted again.

  • Io's crazy volcanic activity is all due to the gravitational free-for-all between Jupiter and Jupiter's other big moons.

  • The latest theory about why lunar maria are only on the near side of the moon is that the moon was quickly tide-locked to Earth after they split, and the still-molten Earth kept the rock vaporized and blew things like aluminum to the far side of the moon and thus made the crust thicker. So it was a lot easier for the near side's crust to crack and bleed out the lava that hardened into those basaltic plains.

  • Handwriting is part of the Utah core curriculum--because of the neurological and developmental benefits. This is apparently unusual.

  • The great battle between British and French food hinges entirely on the quality of ingredients. The better your ingredients, the less need you have to complicate them with sauces and so forth. Rich People Food used to be blank chunks of meat. The Garbage Parts Of The Food only got popular as Rich People Food after everyone figured out how to make them good.

  • Antarctica's elevation is pretty high, bro.

  • Chainmaille weaving is hard on your back muscles.

  • The night sky on a planet inside a globular cluster would be pretty dang bright.

  • One of the most fun things to do with liquid nitrogen is to dump it out when you're done demonstrating its uses. POOF!

  • Balloons do not scare me if they are only partially blown up.

  • A lot of Catullus's poems were basically old-timey versions of hip-hop grudges.

  • The original difference between ginger beer and ginger ale is that ginger beer is brewed, with yeast and so forth, and ale is ginger syrup in carbonated water. That's the original difference. Nobody cares anymore, though.

  • The hipster soda section of the supermarket is terribly fun.

  • I can make an awesome rose ginger lemon soda, but it must be drunk within a week or two or it will turn beery.

  • There is such a thing as conductive thread. So you can sew LEDs into your clothing!

  • Astronomy dome theaters have great models of the skies of all sorts of other planets. You can watch Jupiter's phases from Europa, for crying out loud!

  • Unsurprisingly, nerds who work on the slides for spherical screens are more than willing to abuse their power. Science On A Death Star!

  • Sometimes you can take a chance with a new job and it turns out TOTALLY AWESOME.

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There are some bottles of experimental Earl Grey cream soda settling up in the fridge. I'll let y'all know how it tastes. If it goes well, I may try some Pride of the Port soda next.


Have been taking up jewelry-making again. Taking chainmaille a bit more seriously this time around. It's always difficult to get started with something, but this place has a few great starter kits. Plus, it's got colorful jump rings, and I am a sucker for colors. So far I'm trying a simple Box Chain rainbow necklace. I'm idiotically proud of how closely I'm managing to get the jump rings closed.


In the meantime, I've come across some pretty nifty-looking images of handmade LED Zelda-style Fairy-Inna-Bottle necklaces, but none of them are for sale. So I went with the next logical course of action and decided to make it myself.

Problem is, my knowlege of electricity is roughly that of a fifth-grader working through Fifty Fun Science Projects You Can Do At Home: something something battery something zinc copper something something circuit something LIGHT! And, y'know, for some reason I've picked up the impression that a potato is involved somehow. So I called my brother, what with him being an electrical engineer and all,* and he offered me some tips. The rest has been trial, error, and a lot of Googling. Oh, and gathering components. Once I get that done, the rest should be easy.


Mom got herself some roller skates, too. Now we just have to find a place to skate--outdoors, possibly, as spring gets moving.


I have mastered the art of Fish'n'Chips. I'd make myself a medal, but I'm already making a few other necklaces, and that would just be redundant.

*On the one hand, this a running joke along the lines of asking a linguist how many languages they speak. "Can you program my TV? I mean, you ARE an electrician!" No, he's an electrical engineer. On the other hand, though, I figured he probably knew a LITTLE more about practical circuitry than me and my potato.
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What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice

  • The Cooking Hypothesis suggests that the invention of cooking precipitated a rapid evolutionary change in humans, allowing them to more efficiently process nutrients and, of course, growing bigger brains. I always said cooking was an important part of humanity, dangit!

  • Nancy Kerrigan was filmed right after being attacked sobbing and asking "Why? Why?"--and a lot of people thought she was being a wimp or a drama queen because she was only bruised. Dude, it still hurts, but quite apart from that, when you get attacked, it's probably TERRIFYING and it HURTS YOUR FEELINGS.

  • The difference between triple axels, triple spins, triple lutzes, etc., has to do with where you push off from and what direction you're facing and okay fine I've already forgotten.

  • Flavoring sodas is a lot like brewing tea. Really sugary tea.

  • But brown sugar makes them taste rather bitter.

  • Also, soda-brewing is similar to making beer, except you don't let the yeast go far enough to make alcohol.

  • Furthermore, there is a lot of argument over just what the "cream" in "cream soda" refers to. Vanilla? Adding cream to the soda? Or cream of tartar? It's a HISTORY MYSTERY.

  • In tangentially-related soda discoveries, SodaStream is a company fraught with political tensions and controversy.

  • Cloth pads and panty liners are surprisingly expensive, but also surprisingly worth it.

  • There is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere called "The Poop." Yes, it refers to a ship's stern (poop deck), BUT STILL. HURRRR.

  • There are, naturally, all sorts of recipes for Ent-Draught on the internet.

  • Mainlining Atop The Fourth Wall has taught me something I always rather thought: I have terrible comic-reading comprehension. I do okay with some, mostly in comic strip form, but it takes me a long time to parse each page, way longer than it takes to read straight prose, so if I'm going to read a comic, I have to be committed. And even then I have trouble regarding them critically.*

  • I did learn, however, that lots of people find it extremely difficult to keep comic continuity straight. Comic writers, for instance. Case in point: Donna Troy.

  • The director of Tremors is Ron Underwood, who got his start in the film industry making educational shorts for Barr Films--such as one of my favorite Rifftrax-featured shorts, Library World.

  • My mom, who watched very little TV as a kid, nevertheless has strong opinions about what Mr. Peabody's voice sounds like.

  • Mork & Mindy was a spinoff of Happy Days.  Clearly, I never watched either of them.

  • Getting feedback on your novel can be a mixed bag. You get excited that you can make it better, but frustrated when you can't tell if the feedback makes sense.

  • Publishing a serial story online gets more difficult with each installment because there's a lot to keep track of. BUT DAMMIT IT'S STILL POSSIBLE.

  • You can unclog standard drain clogs with the use of science fair volcano technology.

  • After you turn into the left-turn-lane, it's legal to drive 500 freaking feet in that lane. Which is almost a whole block even here in Salt Lake City.

  • The Beautiful Creatures movie might be adapted from a novel of the same name, but don't let that fool you. It is clearly a remake of The Touch of Satan.

  • The first female-directed movie ever to gross more than $1 billion is Frozen. Which is awesome, but dang, it took a while to get there. Let's hope this is a good precedent!

*Interestingly, though, I read a lot of Archie comics as a kid. It fascinated me the same way 1950s Educational Shorts fascinate me--it shows some weird whitebread cultural ideal that somehow I can't look away from.
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Got my squash all planted today! It feels really late, but the packets did say "one week after last frost," and that means I'm right on the nose there. Now if I can only keep them planted, what with all the garden pests going around digging them back up. And by "garden pests," I mean Mom'n'Dad. They're worse than gophers. And like gophers, their own goals are totally reasonable to them. They are fixing up the staircase down to my garden, which is really nice of them, but it seems to necessitate digging up all the seeds I had just so carefully planted.

But at least the corn and the sunflowers both seem to be on their way up! And I didn't actually kill my tomato starts, so that's always good.

Also, apparently there is catnip in the garden. Either that or my cat is really interested in botany.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be mobbed by scrub jays when you're stoned. The cat reports that it is not a lot of fun, though.


Meanwhile, my sister sent me an author! Or, at least, there was an author doing a debut book tour at my sister's book shop, and they struck up a conversation, and somehow I came up. And when my sister found out the nice author lady would be doing an appearance at one of our local bookshops, she told me to go find her.

I'm not sure how this will work out--nice author lady writes thrillers and I do not--but it's nice to have someone cheering for you. And I returned the favor of cheering, all like "Dude, you got published! High five!"


I may actually be almost maybe going to start my museum job this week! Possibly. I still have no idea what it entails--in fact, since the orientation, I have LESS of an idea. I will let y'all know on Tuesday what is up there.


And in "The Arbitrary Rules Of Life Still Hold" news, the month of May has not at all relaxed its Ahab-like vendetta against my family. It's been piling stressful and uncool things all over us this month. I'm just hoping the barrage ends before, say, we discover the cat's been running a meth lab in the basement when it suddenly explodes or something. That would fit right in with my May, dammit. Let's just skip right along to June, shall we?
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Got to meet a high school friend's 18-month-old baby and catch up with the friend herself. Also got the third-person third-degree which my friend translated for her no-English mother, who wanted to know:

1. If I was married,
2. Why the hell I am not married, and
3. When I plan to get married.

It is impossible to explain to some people that my plan at this point involves:

1. Not getting married.
2. Ever.

Around here, it's a problem I run into a lot. People do not comprehend the concept. I get a lot of reassurance that it's okay, one of these days I'll meet the right guy and settle down and get married and THEN my life will be fulfilled. I just smile and say "Maybe" and change the subject. It's better than when they start telling me how I should go about finding that man, anyway.


Went to Museum Crash Course. Don't climb on the exhibits, don't smear peanut butter on ancient artifacts, and please accept that the museum looks at evolution as, you know, A Thing, because--wait, do people seriously get offended at the thought that a museum agrees that evolution happened? Do planetaria have to clarify that they subscribe to the notion that the Earth goes around the sun and not vice versa? God DAMMIT.


Bought some Fisher Price Starter Plants. I can grow a lot of things from seed, but tomatoes are not any of them.* I've still got to work on getting a bunch of better dirt mixed into the ground before I actually put the plants in, but it's a start.


Finally got the next installment of Scatterstone properly storyboarded/outlined/thinged. I'm at the point in the middle that's always been a little amorphous in my head. I know kind of what's going to happen, but unlike the previous bits or the stuff near the end, this has been a bit of a jumble of Things That Have To Happen all piled up in a heap waiting to be sorted. I think I got it.


Watched WAY too much Mythbusters. It's hypnotic, man. Video On Demand has changed how I watch things FOREVER.

As an aside, I think it's funny that over the last few years my TV and music preferences have seesawed. Back in the olden days with CDs and no mp3 players, I was used to listening to an entire album by one artist. Meanwhile, with TV lineups, I could only watch several episodes of a single show if I bought the DVDs or caught a marathon on TV. Now, though, I am used to the shuffle on my iPod, so that two songs in a row by, say, the Doobie Brothers seems counterintuitive--I'm much more used to disparate things like Doobie Brothers - Mannheim Steamroller - Disney. And yet with the availability of streaming, I am dissatisfied if I only get to see one episode of whatever show I'm binging on. It's an interesting shift.


Anyway. MY POINT IS, that's what I did this weekend. Howbout you?

*Though that's not stopping me from at least trying again. This time I'm using the best window in the house, which counterintuitively is in the basement near my own Bat Cave. I'm not sure if that's what's doing it or if it's one of the other changes I made, but goddamn if the various seeds I'm sprouting aren't the happiest seedlings EVER.
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Hoo, busy weekend!


It turns out a pitched roof doesn't do much good if it connects to a flat awning over one's deck. The entire back half of the thing is sagging dangerously, and it's going to take money--a whole lotta spending money!--to fix it. In a stunning development, our homeowners' insurance is actualy going to pay for some of it. And as long as they're rebuilding anyway, they're going to throw in some skylights for free! Maybe the lighting in my house will actually improve!


Went to a Passover seder this weekend at Kate'n'Matt's. I had never been to a seder before. I am really not the sort you would normally invite to a seder unless you are exceptionally laid-back. Fortunately, Kate'n'Matt and their other Jewish buddy are exceptionally laid-back, so it was in the nature of a fun dinner party with some tradition tossed in. Also it was vegetarian, and Kate is a great vegetarian cook. Once we got to the part where we can actually eat, it was delicious.


Finally got some new soil worked into my garden and planted some beets and radishes and carrots, with the assistance of an enthusiastic three-ish-year-old neighbor who has been acting as local anecdotal evidence of the existence of Einstein Syndrome. Until a few months ago the little guy only communicated with squeaks and shrieks, when most two-to-three-year-olds are progressing from two-word telegraphic speech to full sentences. Then one day apparently his brain was all "Hey: WORDS!" and suddenly he went from little squeals to being full on motormouth. He narrated the whole time he scooped dirt and planted seeds and watered the garden and, I think, suggested mixing concrete in with the dirt to make a skyscraper. I ... I may have created a monster.


So, yes, it's lovely and summery out, and it is marred only by the fact that our next-door neighbors are AWFUL dog owners. They like to leave their stupid fucking pit bull* out on the back porch so that he can launch into a thousand years of barking every time something startles him, such as when a stiff breeze blows through the backyard or a moth lands on the side of the house. You would think this would be an easily solved problem--"Hey, your dog barks his fool head off whenever you're gone, here, I even printed out some tips on how to train him to not do that, thanks"--but these neighbors, like so many bad dog owners, are also terrible people, and a casual suggestion that maybe they should actually pay some attention to their dog results in DECLARATIONS OF WAR. Do not get me STARTED on the Saga Of This Goddamn Fool Dog. It's a tale retold many times in bad sitcoms. I wish it would stay in them.


But it is so NICE out! I may just head out and climb a tree. Maybe take along my notebook, get this stubborn installment of Scatterstone worked out (it's a great installment, so by god I gotta get it RIGHT!). Or maybe I'll just noodle around on my ocarina. If that dog's gonna bark, I might as well give him something to bark ABOUT.

*SPECIAL NOTE TO PIT BULL APOLOGISTS: I am sure there are lovely pit bulls in the world! I expect they have responsible owners and are themselves the very essence of dog urbanity! There are certainly pit bulls out there with intelligence and poise and the ability to not bark like incessant car alarms! THIS PIT BULL IS NOT ONE OF THEM.
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No, this is not snow. Take a closer look.


There are some disadvantages to all these lovely cottonwood trees blowin' in the wind. A lot of librarians alternately sneezing and swearing, for one thing.



My own garden is primed and ready to go. The radishes and parsley are already having a great old time, the strawberry is blooming, tha calendulas are turning into weeds, and you can see some of the little seedlies that will turn into carrots chard, and spinach.

Since I took this picture a couple days ago, I've stuck in a couple of tomato starts, a couple pepper starts,* and a bunch of marigolds. If it's anything like last year, this sparse-ish patch of dirt will start looking pretty green in just a few weeks. At least, I hope so!


My first radishes! See the pink ones? This is a blend of Easter egg and red radishes. Because, you know. RAINBOWS.



So it's ben getting warmer around here, balmy and breezy, and I have had to face facts: my fuzzy winter shoes have turned from cozy, soft winter protection to the Red-Hot Iron Shoes From Hell. Clearly, I needed a pair of sandals.

ME: I need some sandals.

REI Lady: What kind?

ME: I need some that'll support a lot of walking, and I need closed toes.

REI Lady: What are you planning to do with them?

ME: Work in a library.


ME: Ever run over your foot with a book truck? You need some structure there.



I made this necklace last year. It's a net weave of seed beads and irregular freshwater pearls. The closeup didn't turn out, so I'll have to snap a better shot, but it looks pretty good just like that, don't it?

*I'm trying to start my own from seeds, but I am still rather bad at it. Better safe than sorry, sez I.
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A day late, but gimme a break—yesterday was as bonkers as Monday. Anyway, here’s …

What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds had lupus.
  • In other WTF music deaths, Melvin Franklin, the awesome bass singer from my favorite band, died of necrotizing fasciitis—the FLESH-EATING VIRUS.
  • The platypus’s bill is electrosensitive.
  • Quinoa comes in all the colors!
  • Friendship bracelets work on the same knot-tying principles as macramé, except for some reason they’re a lot more fun.
  • Gliese 436b is an ice planet with a surface temperature of 800˚F. Yes, that means it’s a planet of hot ice.
  • Gallbladder surgery can be avoided with magic purple stuff!
  • If you watch enough of them, it’s possible to date old western movies to within three years of their release.
  • Scientists have spliced spider genes into goats, making spidergoats whose milk can be processed into spider silk. And the spiders aren’t even radioactive.
  • Even turning into a skid won’t always save your car from blunt force trauma.
  • Wearing a seatbelt can save you from a lot of injury, but it may give you a purple boob if your car has a front-end impact.
  • There are three timelines in the Zelda universe, splitting with Ocarina of Time. In one, Ganon got the Triforce and was defeated by grown-ass Link. In another, little Link tipped everyone off to Ganon’s shenanigans (shenaniganons?) and Ganon didn’t get to become the King of Evil. In the third, Link failed and the sages had to seal Ganon into the Sacred Realm.
  • The receptionist from Monsters, Inc. has a MEAN older brother.
  • The brain-eating amoebas are IN YOUR TAPWATER RIGHT NOW. RUN.
  • Contadina sauce is the best for pizza.
  • Writing a synopsis for your own book is never easy.
  • Bomber jackets can be amazingly warm.
  • People seriously believe that monitoring the state of my reproductive system is a serious job requiring lots of government resources.
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So a couple months ago in the library I came across A Princess of Mars and was delighted. “Awesome!” thought I. “Old-timey sci-fi I have not yet read!” So I checked it out and, because this is how I roll, put it on the to-read pile at the end of my bed and promised myself I’d get to it eventually.

Except I forgot the John Carter movie came out, and now the dratted thing is on hold for, like, seven people. I don’t have to pay fines since I work at the Liberry, but my Code of Honor requires me to turn stuff in when it’s on hold. I’ve got a week before it’s officially due. I … guess I’d better read it soon, then!


I finally got around to watching Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and it is pretty much my new favorite movie. I never even knew this could happen, but it’s certainly the most adorable Splattery Dead Teenager Movie I have ever seen. It’s really hard to do a successful horror/comedy, but damn, these guys nailed it.


Good news, everyone! The Legend of Korra, the follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender, is premiering in April!

Here’s hoping it will be as awesome as its predecessor.


Heard a couple of kids in the library yesterday arguing about how to spell “LOL.” I’m not sure what this says about the way it’s entered the lexicon, but I am amused.


Raked the garden and dug out a bit more of that spot I want to turn into moar garden. Dang, I ain’t used to gripping a shovel anymore. I have the feeling my hands will be raptor claws tonight.


Anyway, I know that’s all pretty boring shit, so here, enjoy these illustrations from a junior reader I found in the library.


Aww, lookitim, all feedin' his dinosaur lettuce and almost smiling!

As far as I’m concerned, this makes Batman Riding A Dinosaur canon.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: it was, naturally, Batman who saved the day when he steered his noble mount into a meat truck and distracted the T-rex and the pteranodon with food. BECAUSE HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN.
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I got me some blogger’s block. Know what that means? A bullet entry!


Went to Ed the Hairbender today so’s he could silly up my hair again! I’ll post pictures at some point, unless I don’t, but I’ll tell you now it’s my usual tortoiseshell swirls with a warmer twist—I look a bit tigerish. It was that or Xmas colors.

While I was waiting for the dye to set another lady saw my book—a juvie fantasy novel—and we started to talk about how awesome fantasy is. After a bit of book comparing (she liked The Name Of The Wind), Ed came back. “Oh,” I said. “Looks like it’s time go get this foil out of my hair and let the aliens hear my thoughts again.”

There was a pause.

“Okay,” the lady said, “maybe you read too much fantasy. “


She wasn’t quite correct, though. It’s not so much the fantasy as the way I’ve been on a serious Fringe binge. Goddamn, y’all, THIS SHOW. I love every single character and am a total fangirl of Astrid. And as I said earlier, I get a huge kick out of the fact that the pale bald mystery dudes are called Observers. I really hope that’s a sign that some writer was an MST fan.


So! My Thanksgiving weekend this year still had a few small adventures. First came an abortive trip to the mall on Black Friday (“Are you crazy, Mom?” “Oh, it can’t be that bad!” “I’d better come along. Let me get my old sparring pads and some safety goggles.”) After fifteen minutes we decided that it was too damn much trouble to find a parking space, so we came home and did our shopping online as I had suggested.

That was still a bit of a treasure hunt, though. I even had to go to the internet UK to track some stuff down, and enlist the aid of good buddy and great sport [ profile] acrossthelake in the actual UK to finish the job.*


But the good times did not last! That evening Dad came to find me.

DAD: Can you help me? It’s your mom. I was talking to her, and I went to the bathroom, and when I came back she had stopped making sense.

ME: Is she asking herself, “How did I get here?”

DAD: Just get over here. *to Mom* Hey, do you recognize this person?

MOM: … Yeah, I know who that is.

DAD: …

Who is she?

MOM: That's Amelia. ... I don’t feel good.

ME: What’s the matter?

MOM: Well, my clothes are all sticks and there’s a wax cat on my chest. Also my feet are tennis balls.

ME: Ah. Dad, I see what you mean.

DAD: You’re lucky I’m a doctor.

MOM: Why? Who needs a doctor?

So I spent the evening helping Dad do neurological tests. After some science and detectivery we ruled out “stroke,” “aneurysm,” “flu,” “space rays,” and “Pazuzu,” and decided it was a bad reaction to her new sleep medication. So after we escorted her to the bathroom for the old-fashioned DIY stomach pump, we figured we could let her sleep it off. Though we did keep checking to make sure she was breathing.

And the next day we teased her mercilessly about it. After all, she ddn’t remember, so we certainly had to remind her.


Ocarina Xmas carols are happening! Which is great, except I am still indirectly allergic to my ocarina, in the sense that every time I play it I suddenly get facehugged by the cat. Either that, or I lock her out of my room—and she tries her damndedst to either batter down the door or crawl under it.

But it’s worth it to be able to play through “Jingle Bells.”


I also owe y’all the story of Thanksgiving Weekend In Mombasa. I thought I’d written more about it before, but I suppose I hadn’t. It may take me a while to put it together, but I’m working on it!

*Also I got her address, so I can send her the awesome thing I found for her!
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What I Learned Since The Summer Solstice:
  • The favorite architect I never knew I had is the awesomely named Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser. This is what the buildings inside my head look like.
  • So one of the latest theories on the proliferation of autoimmune disorders is that in a sanitary ablutomaniacal society, there are not enough germs to keep our immune systems occupied, so they start attacking us. That’s right: they think we have allergies because our immune systems are fucking BORED.
  • Which means that a (gross) experimental treatment for everything from hayfever to goddamn Crohn’s disease is to infect the sufferer with hookworms.
  • There are two main types of sail plans in ships: square rig and fore-and-aft rig.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy is as awesome as I have always heard.*
  • Team-building is a scam.
  • Those obnoxious self-righteous hippies are right: things do taste better straight from the garden.
  • Especially strawberries. I finally understand what all the damn fuss is about.
  • Pumpkin vines are really prickly, yo.
  • Gourd leaves, however, can be like velvet.
  • You should always check the labels on the tomatoes you buy. Or maybe not, since what I grabbed thinking it was a cherry tomato plant turned out to be the most amazingly crazy heirloom tomatoes I’ve ever seen.
  • That stupidly accented “Oh, hi, ___” people keep referencing is an impression of Tommy Wiseau in The Room.
  • The Room is worse than hyperbolic people are making out to be. AND NOT IN AN ENTERTAINING WAY.
  • The Crazy Pit of politics does not appear to have a bottom.
  • Great horned owls are surprisingly adorable.
  • The X-Files is a really boring show.
  • But its not!spinoff, Millennium, is pretty good.
  • I am not the only grownup in the world who still fails to see the value of homework.
  • Peasant blouses are a blast to make.
  • The constellation Aquila is right where my uncle swears it is not.
  • Sometimes your gallbladder can act up even if there are no gallstones anywhere near you, because your body hates you.
  • Apparently Science can predict whether you will shop in a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern in a store—and it seems to correlate with which side of the road your country’s traffic rules say you drive on.
  • The subject of "You're So Vain" is apparently a big old secret.  Seriously, knowing it is apparently worth $50,000.
  • Dead laptop screens can actually be replaced!

*Somehow I missed the glorious age of Bill Nye, despite being smack in the middle of it. I was too busy watching Ghostwriter, and dammit with the advent of the information superhighway pretty much everything I learned on that show is now about as useful as knowing how to juggle.
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Okay, no more silly posts, now that I can type on a real keyboard. I like my Nook, but I have a certain distaste for touch screens. I like to have a bit of resistance. I can see my oldness from here: in the future when we all have BrainPal implants, I’ll still get a keyboard instead of just typing WITH MY MIND like a normal person.


Anyway. It’s also surprisingly nice not to wind up getting up-to-the-minute news. Hope all y’all East Coasters are picking up the pieces of your shattered lives, or at least the pencil cups that fell off your desks. Other than that, I hope I don’t need to catch up on anything. It’s nice not to have the weight of the world on my shoulders.


Good grief, American Girl, who is picking your illustrators? Cécile and Marie-Grace are adorable and will definitely fill the fancy richness void left by Samantha, but what is with the illustrations that look like cut-and-paste? It’s not even like it’s the same illustrators who did the bad cutout drawings for Rebecca or Chrissa* either. Find someone who can do texture right, dangit.

On the other hand, those outfits just make me want to play Doll Dressup Time. Especially Cécile’s Meet Outfit. IT’S SHIIIINY.


I managed to get away to Grand Teton National Park for a few days. I know it’s got a stupid name, but don’t knock a place that looks like this:


We go here a lot to get away, but this time it was a weird dynamic: me, Mom, Dad, and Dad’s younger sister and her husband. It was … weird. I’ve been coming here since I was three years old, and I’m pretty sure when I get into that context everyone assumes I’m three again. The good news is that, since I’m technically not three anymore, I could wander off if I started feeling that way. At night I could look at the stars, and in the day I could hike around and look around, see if I could spot wildlife.


And yes, I used an opera glass to observe stars and moose, because I am a classy motherfucker.

Oh, and there was a show about raptors on the deck one day. My favorite was a completely adorable great horned owl.


The owl’s handler was standing there to give the owl some shade. She’d try to move when someone wanted a picture, but every time she did the owl would get completely confounded and watch her wildly, like “WHERE YOU GOIN? WHAT HAPPEN?”, so the sunlight pictures are all of her blurry head.

I did pretty much nothing else while I was there. Wrote and read, in the view of some awesome majesty. Except for one day when I was all comfy in the cabin and reading, and I had the door open because it was a nice day, and a little marmoty thing** just strolled in and started inspecting my luggage. I tried to get a picture, but before I could he completed his inspection and strolled back out. Probably for the best, as otherwise I’d’ve had to punt him out the door, and I am pretty sure that is against park rules.


Got back home and immediately got lost in the Tomato Jungle that is my garden. The pumpkins may be having issues, and somebody may have eaten my strawberries (I’m looking at you, birds), but WE WILL NOT LACK FOR TOMATOES.


My sister started school this week. Ye gods, she’s a senior. No word on whether she has any excellent classes, but one can always hope.

*MOM: This one doesn't look so bad!
ME: Yes, it does.
MOM: Okay, yes, it does. I was just trying to put a positive spin on things.

**I am not sure what kind; the closest I could come was what the guidebook told me was a “Uinta ground ssquirrel,” but I have no idea if that is accurate. Also, I had no idea you spelled “ssquirrel” with two s’s.
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What I Learned Since The Spring Equinox

- Komodo dragons have a hunting strategy so creepy I now check my closet for them every night.
- Brandon Sanderson is a damn fine fantasy author.
- Tales from the Crypt was on HBO, making it a lot more TV-MA than I ever expected it to be. It’s still incredibly cheesy, though.
- One way to get that stonewashed jeans look is to unleash the cellulose-dissolving fungus Trichoderma. Jeans: pre-molded for your convenience!
- Above gateways in castles it was common to have a watchtower with a hole looking down upon people entering—where one could drop rocks or boiling oil on undesirables. This was called a MURDER HOLE.
- Snails and slugs are DEMON SPAWN FROM HELL WHO WILL EAT ALL YOUR BEANLINGS. They are one of the few members of the animal kingdom I cannot love anyway, so this is no surprise.
- The USDA divides US climates into numbered garden hardiness zones, with lower numbers equalling harsher growing conditions. It does not work quite as well in the western US as in the east, though. However, Salt Lake City is roughly Zone 6.
- DeviantART twits ship Kel/Joren. OH GOD WHY.
- Dad does not like heights.
- Raccoons can have 3-6 kits in a litter. In your attic.
- The Four Corners region’s desert status is even more recent than I realized—at the tail end of the ice age, it was a lot more temperate and its woodlands probably even reached above your waist.
- Sometimes the things you think are your job actually get you into trouble with your boss.
- Total Recall is an awesome movie. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME?*
- For that matter, so is Invasion of the Body Snatchers—both the 1956 and 1978 versions.
- The Great Basin is a subset of the Basin and Range region of the US. I was never really clear on the difference.
- The pygmy hog’s piglets fit in your palm and are the most adorable things short of baby golden moles.
- William Gibson’s early, non-awful treatment of Alien3 is available online. It is still not as awesome as the version in my head, because nothing could be, but at least it’s got adventures and Hicks and Bishop and Newt!
- On a similar note, James Cameron’s Avatar would have greatly benefitted from the hour of deleted and only-partially-animated scenes on the Extra Super Bonus DVD. I’m not saying that would’ve made it a great movie, but it would’ve been a better movie. You get more Norm! And more Max! How is that bad?
- Most people do not find a cut and size of jeans that work for them, then just keep buying that style over and over so they don’t have to bother trying them on. Weirdos.
- Sometimes you find yourself running a bed and breakfast purely by accident. Anybody else want to touch the llama?

*I showed it to my sister, whose response was “Oh, my god, why have I not been watching this every day since high school?”
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Alas, my brother’s visit was too short all around. I wanted more time to hang out and chat with himm. I know he wants to move back out this way at some point—I am just hoping it’ll be soon, since we both suck at telephones and IM. I keep trying to convince him to get an LJ, but that’ll never happen.


The biggest thing we did this week was take his girlfriend down to Moab, largely because it was an excuse to go to Moab. It’s always different down there—this time it was a bit cooler and rainier, like everything in the world right now, and the Colorado was flooded. Also, tragically, the bookstore that sells books you’d actually want to read went out of business, leaving the rest of its merchandise to be assimilated by the pretentious desert bookstore it had merged with last year.

ME: Hey, dude! You should totally get The Way of Kings! Look, it’s right here, and I believe it is exactly your type of thing.

MY BROTHER: Good god, I am not buying that monstrosity here! Do you want me to have to check a whole new piece of luggage?

(I wander over to a display where a tender picture book entitled Go The Fuck To Sleep sits cheerfully mocking anyone who thinks loving one’s kids means never being exasperated by them)

ME: Hey, I heard about this book on the radio! Is it any good?

BOOK STORE LADY: If you have a sense of humor.

ME: That was the conclusion of the radio people, too.


ME: This condo is a bit overfurnished. How am I supposed to get anywhere with all these chairs and coffee tables everywhere? Should I just parkour my way to my teacup over there?



Somehow this became the running (har) gag of the trip, since we all find parkour to be a punchline in and of itself. Need to get out of the back seat of the car? Parkour! Need to get your windstolen hat out of a canyon? Parkour on down! Condo pool locked? Parkour! Hear about another Batman ally? Parkour, motherfucker!


I spent a lot of time editing. The OGYAFE is coming together, and I’m in that wonderful stage where it all looks GREAT. I’ve started to think I should’ve written it first, since Doctors! is not really marketable for a first novel, but hey, after I get the OGYAFE sold it might be easier to sell the crazy one about alien medical drama.


Meanwhile, while we were all hiking around the desert checking out breathtaking natural rock formations, my seeds sprouted! The corn and squash and beans are looking good, and the nasturtiums always make me happy. I am especially amused that I found the spot where I dropped my packet of marigold seeds. I’ll have to buy some started tomatoes, and once that happens I am going to have an awesome garden this summer. Unless it snows.


The last thing we did with brother and his girlfriend was go see the Green Lantern. And we were baffled. How do you take a story about superheroing and aliens, one where the hero can construct any goddamn awesome evil-battling thing he can think of, and make it completely boring? You would think it would be a visual extravaganza. My sister and I are starting to suspect that the writers had no idea they were writing an action movie. They seemed to think it was a pilot for a low-budget sitcom with a sci-fi premise.

Also, I have to admit, I am getting just a little sick of having completely useless women in these fucking superhero films. I am at the point where I’d rather have NO female lead than have a female lead whose only purpose is to be the love interest and offer vague advice about how Mr. Hero has to feel his feelings and commit to responsibility and other such psychobabbly bullshit. C’mon, you even decided to put Amanda Freaking Waller in the movie and there was still no sign of a formidable female. I am half-suspecting that a great sequel twist would be finding out that this "Amanda Waller" is in fact a pod person.*

At least the "green" part meant they scrapped the dreaded Teal And Orange Filter. Small favors there.


Anyway. That’s the week in highlights. Anything interesting happen to you guys while I was off gallivanting?

*Obviously, that will be the B-plot, since the credits set up the sequel's A-plot already. Even though this movie stinks, I will still be courteous and not spoil it for those of you who are a) not aware of the Green Lantern canon already and b) absolute dumbfuck morons who can't see exactly who the sequel villain is going to be by about five minutes into the film (he has never been particularly subtly rendered). Although to be fair, if you're like me you were waiting for him to be the villain in this film, if it had ever gotten its shit together.


Jun. 5th, 2011 10:05 pm
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The vegetable garden has met with the approval of Fern, the official Supervisor of the Outsides. She was suspicious at first, as she always is when she catches me in the Outsides, but after keeping a close eye on me for a while she demonstrated her acceptance of the new patch of dirt by rolling around in it, then sitting herself down firmly next to the starter plants waiting to be transferred. I think that’s a good thing.

It would seem that the demon that possesses me in art supply stores has a twin in the garden store. I planted the bought-in-a-fit-of-madness seeds today, and if autumn tarries I will have more pretty vegetables than I know what to do with. I mean, for god’s sake—RAINBOW CORN. How can you turn down goddamn RAINBOW CORN?

Answer: you can’t. I planted some today. Let’s hope this year’s autumn lasts as long as its winter did.


I have started using junior readers as conlang translation exercises. I have extremely strong opinions about junior reader books, namely that most of them stink. (A plague upon you, Dick and Jane! Plague, plague, plague. And don’t get me started on the madness that is Dr. Seuss.)

However, you can still find some good ones that actually tell a story, instead of just talking down to kids in the name of reading. Jane O’Connor’s Fancy Nancy is damn cute but is a bit difficult to translate to an alien language, since she likes to toss in French words, and it's not easy to get across that French = fancy. Mo Willems’ Elephant and Piggie books are excellent, though, and honest-to-god make me laugh. And right now I’m loving Dav Pilkey’s Dragon books. I still need to translate a few concepts, but they do help solidify some of the core grammar and vocabulary.


Speaking of dragons, I have begun fleshing out dragons for the OGYAFE. There are many approaches to dragonbuilding, but I have decided on one that surprises no one: realism. My mantra shall be WWDAD?—What Would David Attenborough Do? It seems to be working.


Book Club has assigned another brick to read: Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. I hadn’t read Sanderson before, but I was already sick of him: he’s a Utah author, and therefore every self-important Utah fantasy nerd feels compelled to share stories proving that Brandon Sanderson is their Close Personal Super Best Friend.*

So imagine my chagrin when I started this book and discovered that it is AWESOME. God damn you, Brandon Sanderson! God damn you and your excellent, toady-attracting writing skills! You are making it very difficult for me to dislike you for something that is out of your hands!


Mom’s friend has been our houseguest for a few weeks, on account of her home life suddenly becoming extremely awkward. I haven't mentioned it because I never know how much of it is my story to tell, nor whether it will turn legally awkward if I blurt stuff out, but I must say it has been an interesting experience. It is a little unsettling to hear her talk about how awesome we all are. As Mom says, we seem to be the ones people turn to in times of crisis, like we project steadiness. We find this absolutely hilarious.

*No, I’m not exaggerating: One club meeting consisted entirely of a pissing contest between two members about who had exchanged more emails with him.
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So apparently we have decided to skip spring this year and switch from winter to summer pretty much overnight. It’s kind of awesome to have 76-degree weather and snow at the same time, but this does mean that we’re gonna get a lot of snowmelt really fast and the canyons may flood.


But it sure looks cool.


Mom and I went to the quilt show last Saturday. We are obviously drawn to the same sorts of bright colors:

Alas that the lighting isn’t better here. It was equally wrong with and without flash.

It was tough to get good angles on these things, too, since people kept jostling around. This was the best I could do.

God help us if someone makes us a Lisa Frank quilt. We may not stop at pictures, and just steal the whole dang thing..


Oh, sure, the say they’re just two friends enjoying sodas together, but I am beginning to suspect that Daja fancies Kuen a little.


Okay, actually I set them up this way because it’s impossible to make a doll without knee joints look less than silly when they sit on chairs. I was surprised at how nice this looks.


My sister and I managed to convince each other to watch different versions of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The 1978 version of the movie is hugely entertaining for its hideous fashions (plaid tweed and turtleneck sweaters!), its attempt to oversell that THIS IS A HORROR MOVIE, DAMMIT,* and its giving you the sense that you're watching an entire cast of people with short-term memory loss. Every time they run into someone they haven’t seen for a while, they forget to check to see if they’re dealing with a fresh pod person or not. And Donald Sutherland just can’t let go of the idea that the police are his friends.

Also, I know it doesn’t makea sense and the 78 version is a remake, but I like the idea that Kevin McCarthy spent 22 years running through the streets yelling “THEY’RE HERE!” at passing vehicles.


I am always stunned when someone tells me they have never seen Donald in MathMagic Land. I thought it was required for substitute teachers to show this video to keep the kids from overthrowing the administration. Which was just fine with me, since it always fascinated my nerdly little mind.

Yup. Still awesome. And still clinging to that 50’s We Can Do Anything WITH SCIENCE attitude at the end there. I wish there were more of that around.


Got The Farm all planted out on the deck—finally. The seedlings were ready for their big kid beds. I’m not sure the thyme is really thrilled with the transplant, though. I may have to replant it, but I’ll see how it does first.

I was excited to see my carrots and beets actually sprout this year, though. I’ll let you know how they do!

*The soundtrack tried way too hard, but Ben Burtt's use of ultrasound noises was inspired, as is most of what Ben Burtt does. Fit in with the whole fetal motif of the podbabies.
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What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice:
  • Clarence “Ducky” Nash not only voiced Donald Duck in English; he also did the voice on all the dubbed shorts Disney made so that the voice would remain consistently unintelligible across all languages.
  • Before she became a TV cook show hostess, Julia Child INVENTED SHARK REPELLENT.
  • Shakira sings very differently in English than she does in Spanish—to an amazing degree. In English, she sounds like so many other Madonna clones; in Spanish she’s got that rich and confident voice. I’d never listened to one of her songs’ English and Spanish versions back-to-back before, but it’s amazing how different it is.
  • Drawing something that looks like text without being legible is called “Greeking”—the written equivalent of “rhubarb.”
  • Generally speaking, the human brain can only really count up to 4 at a glance. Numbers beyond that slow us down.
  • Cookie Monster’s name in Hindu Hindi is Biscuit Badsha.
  • BONUS EDIT WITH NEW LEARNED THING: Hindi is the language; Hindu is the religion.  I never was really sure of the difference in the terms.  Thanks, [ profile] sriti !
  • It’s incredibly convenient to have a portable musical instrument to carry around and practice when you’ve got a few minutes, instead of having something too huge to lug around.
  • There is an explanation for my complete inability to ever adhere to the crazy raw food diet so many of our library patrons seem to be interested in starting up: Oral Allergy Syndrome. (I’m sure those raw food books would assure me that I wouldn’t have this syndrome if I just ate enough raw food to detox, but fuck ’em.)
  • You can get hives ON YOUR GOD DAMN EYEBALL.
  • There are a few drawbacks to nuclear power. [/understatement]
  • Mushrooms grow fast.
  • Calendars generally follow three main types: lunar, solar, and lunisolar.  A great deal of work goes into keeping calendars on track, especially the lunisolar ones.  Some calendars also have a really complex way to make the weekdays dependent on the date and even more complex astrological positions.
  • The term for the shaved head, or part of the head, of a monk is tonsure.
  • It is possible for me to find stars in the sky if I concentrate!
  • Also, Betelgeuse really does look orange.
  • The effectiveness of toilet paper follows a bell curve along its price range. Too cheap and it’s painful and thin; too expensive and it’s so pumped with lotions, layers, and moisturizers that it forgets its function as, well, toilet paper, and winds up just waving at your butt as it goes by.
  • There are Geno fans on the internet. I should have known.
  • Pizza sauce is a lot simpler than I thought, but crust is still a bit tough to work out.
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Got my mushroom log up and running! It is so far a bit of an ugly sight, sittin’ on my desk next to my Klein bottle and my jewelry pile.* I am led to understand that they will look quite lovely when they grow, but for now it looks like I have a very weird shrine to nougat sitting near my window. We shall see how that unfolds.


Speaking of mushrooms, I’ve been learning “Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms” on the ocarina. Only trouble with video game songs is trying to end them. Perhaps this is why my cat has taken to punching me in the stomach when I play them. But it’s worth it—this song is ridiculously fun to play.

Anyway, while trying to find some sheet music for it I discovered that my weird love of Geno is shared by many other people who are probably equally weird. He is one of my favorite characters in the Mario franchise, despite Square’s refusal to let him come out and play anymore. (It’s okay! I made up for that prominently in my own extremely bad Super Mario stories, which I wrote obsessively in sixth grade before I even knew that anyone else in the entire world wrote fanfiction!) Good to know I'm not alone.


I love the way people who make TV shows are completely clueless about video games. They don’t even try. They’ll have some scene where two people are furiously button-mashing, and saying scripted things like “Aha you got me that time!” or “Let me get the next powerup!”, except that any gamer could tell you that these idiots have got the game on single player mode, and furthermore it’s the middle of a cutscene. It has the great effect of making any character with a controller look like the little kids at the arcade who are furiously toggling the joystick and cheering while the screen still says INSERT TOKEN TO PLAY.**


I have been craving pizza lately, but there is no good pizza place around here, frozen pizzas are nasty, and ready-made some-assembly-required pizza sauces and crusts all have about four cups of sugar dumped into them to appeal to the discerning consumer palate. But by god, it got bad, so I finally caved in and made my own damn pizza yesterday evening. IT TURNS OUT I SHOULD DO THAT MORE OFTEN.


It’s a mite cloudy these last few nights, but I did manage to identify Betelgeuse as Betelgeuse and not just “one of the stars in Orion.”*** I’d never bothered to pay attention to star colors before, but it really is orange. I’ll be damned.


Had to do this the night after a raccoon-and-skunk skirmish in the yard so’s I didn’t pass out from skunk fallout. That must have been some battle, because it involved a raccoon disguising itself as our cat, possibly replete with papers forged by Donald Pleasence. Mom opened the door and called for the cat, and lo a big furry thing with a stripey tail responded instantly by bounding toward her. No hesitation, no wild animal wariness, just “You’re inviting me in? THANK GOODNESS. THERE ARE SKUNKS OUT HERE!” We literally had to slam the door on it when we realized it was an imposter. And yes, we kept the real cat in for the rest of the evening.

*I try to keep my jewelry in boxes, but it always outgrows ’em. It’s like pasta from Strega Nona’s magical pot, only with more shiny bits.

**Or like your little sister back when she was really tiny and wanted to play video games so you gave her your other controller, which was not even hooked to the console, and told her she could “help” you, not that I ever did this.

***I know the four stars are supposed to frame his tunic, but frankly Orion always looks more like a guy doing a jumping jack to me. But at least it’s one of the few constellations I can recognize by gestalt!
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Once again, it turns out that being an alleged grownup who plays with dolls is helping me at work! Last time it was because I was the World’s Greatest Mannequin Dresser;* this time my experience doing silly photo stories will come in handy. See, the Liberry will be doing a bunch of stuffed animal parties over the next few weeks, in which kids drop off their stuffed animals and the critters have Liberry adventures all night and we take pictures, and then the kids watch the show and we give the animals back and tell the parents they may want to wash the beloved ball of plush before they do anything else.

And, as reigning photostory champion, well, I have volunteered to help make up and photograph silly scenarios. Anyone have any swell ideas?


Speaking of such things, I got the dolls all set up for XMas! It is too dark to take pictures now, though.

Now only Daja needs an XMas outfit, because I just made one for Loke (and HOT DAMN my sewing skills are getting better) and then somehow wound up with four more for her anyway.** Daja will probably get a shiny over-robe for her current shirt and pants combo, if I ever get my ass in gear enough to make it.


This may also warrant a trip to Dumb JoAnn’s, which is the little JoAnn’s closest to us. They call these smaller branches the convenience stores, except that Dumb JoAnn’s was recently remodeled into a Terribly Inconvenient Store. You can’t see a damn thing in there anymore, and there is no way for two shoppers to get around each other when they meet in an aisle, and for some reason they’ve started doing the take-a-number thing when they cut fabric and have a huge loudspeaker so they can say “NOW SERVING NUMBER 74” as loudly as possible in a store the size of a 7-11. This is weird, because we could hear people calling just fine. We just can’t get to them, because we are lost in the Unsolvable Craft Shit Labyrinth. I think I caught a glimpse of a Minotaur, trailing pipe cleaners and fabric bolts, with chunks of Sculpey matting rough fake fur, roaming the aisles last time I was there.


I actually cooked dinner tonight! Tasty rosemary pork with applesauce, whole wheat noodles, and peas. I am totally unmotivated to cook right now, but when I do it is AMAZING.

I have Plans for cooking tomorrow, too. You will get to hear all about it if things go as planned.


I should be playing Epic Mickey right now, but I DO NOT OWN IT.

Ditto the Donkey Kong Game, which I believe is officially titled OMFG DKC.

Instead I’m all up ons buyin’ Xmas presents for everyone else. Isn’t that just the saddest damn thing you ever heard?


The cat has fallen in love with my Xmas surprise to myself. (WHAT? I was just trying it out!) I did not expect that at all.

*No, seriously, all the other ladies at the store complimented me on my unsurpassed technique in putting clothes on dummies.

**eBay is friend to children everywhere doll nerds! I just got a huge lot of clothes from the golden days of iDolls FOR CHEAP, yo! I wasn’t even sure that stuff actually existed!


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