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"Are all the traffic lights taking FOREVER to change, or am I stuck in Bullet Time again?"
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"Doesn't he need a bazooka?"

"Not if he wants to hold bean plants up."

No, you don't get any context. I didn't, so why should you?
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“When I say I realized I was an atheist when I was a teenager, I’m simplifying things a bit, because I was always an atheist. My big revelation wasn’t so much a realization that I was an atheist as it was a realization that other people weren’t.”

This quote was brought to you by our discussions of churchgoing at work. My coworker was totally cool with my being an atheist, because he’s one too, but he was also puzzled by the idea that I had been raised that way. Who knew atheism could be the default setting?
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MOM: I’m trying to be less … where are my keys? … less … oh, I should mail this. I’m trying to … what? Oh, I thought you … oh here are my keys. Anyway, I’ve been trying to be less scattered lately.

AMELIA: It’s not working.


AMELIA: Oh, I should probably get my shoe out of the freezer.

AMELIA’S SIBLINGS: We are not sure what should scare us more … that you stuck your shoe in the freezer or that your remembering that it’s in there suggests it wasn’t an absent-minded moment.

AMELIA: I stepped in gum. I’m trying to freeze it off.

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“I can’t read Emily Dickinson. Every time I try I get a few stanzas in and start wanting to scream ‘THESE AREN’T POEMS! THESE ARE SYMPTOMS!’”

Today's quote brought to you by my response to my sister's Emily Dickinson Facebook Flamewar. Do not criticize Emily Dickinson to your former high school English teacher. It gets ugly.
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“No, but seriously, if you had a sense of smell, what color would my aura be?”

Today’s quote brought to you by a discussion of some of the crazier theories of synesthesia. It almost made sense in context, I swear.
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“If my life wasn’t funny it would just be true, and that is unacceptable.” – Carrie Fisher in her odd but fun memoir, Wishful Drinking.

And that, my friends, is why we just gotta laugh.
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“Oh, I may have gotten some flour in your teapot while I was getting it all over the kitchen. So if that cup you’re making turns out to be Earl Gravy, you’ll know why.”

My sister is always looking out for me.
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“Oh Dalt Wisney, no!”

Today’s quote brought to you by my sister and I watching a weird episode of Batman: TAS, in which the villain reminded us of a supervillainous version of Walt Disney* so much that we renamed him. We aren’t even sure what his name is. We don’t care.

BONUS QUOTE: "You see, a supervillain is a series of tubes ..."

*Well, more supervillainous.
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“I’ll be damned! Oscar’s trash can is a TARDIS!”


Today’s quote brought to you by my new Sesame Street DVDs, in which it’s insisted that Oscar’s can is a 3½-room one even when he walks around carrying it.


Why yes, we’re having a Muppet fest here, why do you ask?

Random ETA: Way to go, Sir Pterry!
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“Sarah Palin has graduated to being the booger on the finger of the Republican Party. They’re trying to flick it or wipe it off somewhere as soon as they can.”

Today’s quote brought to you by Dad’s way with metaphors.
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“So, basically, we have an omnipresent, omniscient mega-conscious being who’s a compulsive picker.”


Today’s quote brought to you by The Hive, who is just full of surprises.  And here you thought your picking was destructive. I don’t think the Band-Aids On All Ten Fingers or the Mittens trick are gonna work in this case.


I also really hope this is the only compulsion The Hive has.  Can you imagine an OCD hive mind?  “There must be exactly ten billion of me at all times, dammit!”

Yes, I may not be blogging, but I am writing!
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Nagasaki Day
National Garage Sale Day
Perseid Meteor Showers
UN International Day of the World's Indigenous People
Veep Day
Moment of Silence (Japan)
National Day (Singapore)
National Women's Day (South Africa)
“It was impressive, but I was kind of wishing those drummers would segue into ‘Tusk.’  That would’ve been good.”
Today’s quote brought to you by Dad’s extreme fanboyishness of Fleetwood Mac and the Olympics. And he’s right, you know. That would have kicked ass.
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“A Nobel Prize is a hard thing to win.”
Today’s quote brought to you by Dad, who has yet to win one, despite the events recounted in the previous entry.
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Halfway Point of 2008
Second Half of the New Year Day
Special Recreation for Disabled Day
Anniversary - Battle of Gettysburg
Anniversary - First Postage Stamp
Anniversary - First US Zoo
Anniversary - Medicare
Anniversary - Zip Codes Inaugurated
Birthday - Diana, Princess of Wales
Canada Day (Canada)
Half-Year Day (China)
Independence Day (Burundi)
Independence Day (Rwanda)
Republic Day (Ghana)
“Try it! Just mentally substitute ‘patriarchy’ for ‘family’ in the title of every right-wing organization that uses the term in their name, and it will suddenly make so much more sense.”
Today’s quote brought to you by Pharyngula.  And you know something? He’s right.  Suddenly I get what they’re trying to say!

... Not that I like it, of course, but it does make a lot more sense now.
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“SUSAN: Battles are ugly when women fight! Because men look so foolish when riddled with arrows.”
Today’s quote brought to you by [profile] mistful’s Prince Caspian parody.  And yes, I have begun my project to fix Susan’s story.  Because I certainly don’t have enough to do as it is.

(“From now on I dub you Susan the Kickass.”)
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Crowed Nest Awareness Day
National Nursing Assistants Day and Week
Anniversary - Baseball Hall of Fame
Birthday - President George H. W. Bush (41st President)
Birthday - Anne Frank
Independence Day (Philippines)
Independence Day (Russia)
“BEHOLD! I bring you the head of Tom Servo!”
Today’s quote brought to you by the candy shop in the mall that sells Tom Servo heads a certain brand of gumball machine. It was Josh’s birthday yesterday, and I figured out the perfect gift for him. Liz was going to go with me and get M&Ms to fill Tom’s head the machine with, but then she got the flu and couldn’t come.
What better way to thank the person who fueled your obsession than by bringing him the head of one of the characters?  That’s right. There is none.
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Library of Congress Day
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
Birthday - Barbra Streisand (singer, actress)
“Pisces: You will be busy exchanging ions across your gill membranes today — watch out for predators, and trust your lateral line organs.”
Today’s quote brought to you by PZ Myers, who found out how lucrative all that astrology junk is and decided to write his own horoscopes. And what do you know—he’s actually pretty good at it!  There are more of them on his other entries, too.

Bonus Quote from Bend it Like Beckham: “Lesbian?  I thought she was a Pisces!”
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“And the LORD said unto his people, ‘COWABUNGA!’ And it was good.”

Today’s quote brought to you by 妹, the letter N, the letter P, and the letter R.


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