Feb. 18th, 2015 09:59 pm
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Been thinking lately about changing up the identity of my Global Friends doll, María.

 photo Maria.jpg
Pictured: María

See, while her personality's always been pretty set, (I mean, lookit that cute face! It's easy to see her personality!) finding a good background for her has been somewhat more difficult. I've settled for a while on Belizean, but it never really got me motiviated enough to flesh out her background.

And then, completely out of nowhere I realized that one of my offshoot OGYAFEland* stories basically had her in it and I hadn't noticed. Replete with big sister (more on her some other time) and storyline and culture and everything.

It's kind of awesome.

Only problem is that I kinda feel bad switching her around so much. I catch myself wondering if that gets confusing for a doll, or if they just roll with it. I suppose it's really a question of whether the owner of the doll finds it confusing, but you know what I mean.

Anyway. I'm sort of excited to have an OGYAFEland doll to play with, so I think that will be the plan. She's going to have pretty much the same personality, too, so that will make things pretty simple.

*OGYAFE = Obligatory Giant Young Adult Fantasy Epic.
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Have solved a problem with one of my dolls!

Laurel's hair has been a source of some annoyance for years, since it slowly became a dryish haystack, lost its curl, and thinned out. I got her a new wig, but I'm a bit undecided on whether I want it to stay her new wig. So I never glued it down, and it's been loose and prone to falling off.

But lately another option occurred to me. Instead of gluing the wig itself down, I glued a few strips of velcro around her head. I stuck on the other side of the velcro, stuck on a few drops of glue to those, put the wig on top of them, and let the whole thing sit.

Presto! Detachable wig!

This is especially useful now that I'm considering giving her different wigs depending on the season (she is a woodfairy, after all) or my mood. Just, you know. As soon as I get my hands on some more wigs.
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Well, so, American Girl has given us another white doll of the year.

Dangit, that's 13 out of 15 white Girls of the Year--14 out of 17 if you count the two "Best Friend" dolls. Or, possibly 14 out of 15, because the two dolls of color were both half-white. (That's how math works, right?)

So, yeah, looks like there's still some work to do there. But it'll happen eventually. I have faith in the gradual progress of our society!

And I have faith that someday they'll realize that adding all the awesome accessories in with a $500 playset means I'm not gonna buy them. Buggrit.
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Well, it took 17 years,* but Molly finally has herself a tennis partner.

 photo DSC09528_zps21c5b4b3.jpg
I did actually learn how to weave nets somewhere along the way, if I ever want to set them up properly.

Summer got herself a tennis outfit, too! Now it'll be a battle between old …

 photo DSC09530_zpsc0de29b2.jpg
Yes, Molly is left-handed.

… and new!

 photo DSC09531_zpsc4937fcf.jpg
How do I get them to hold these things? MAGIC! Also, invisible hair ties.

Yeah, yeah, you don't care, but I'm ridiculously pleased. And really, that's what counts, right?

*I've had Molly since '93, but her tennis set was a 1997 special edition. THANKS AMELIA BUT SERIOUSLY NOBODY CARES.
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Hey, what time is it? It's time for Mini Addy's adventure photos! Welcome to Chicago! Mini Addy was excited to get sightseeing right away, but we got there late at night. So instead we went straight to the hotel.

 photo 0Addy-SkywalkView_zpse4da6add.jpg

The next day, though, it was time to get going. Addy was impressed by the view from the hotel's skyway.

 photo 0Addy-Friends_zps073c5566.jpg

She made a few friends up there, too!

 photo 0AGPlace_zps8546902c.jpg

Then we hit the Magnificent Mile. Mia was here once before, on a tour during a high school orchestra trip. It's gotten a lot fancier since then. Let's take a look.

 photo 0AddyandRegularAddy_zps0674f76e.jpg

Hey, who's that?

 photo 0Addy-Gazebo_zpsed65f500.jpg

There was a cute little park after all the shops that, for some reason, absolutely nobody was in even though people were all over the place. It was nice at the gazebo; Addy was glad to be away from the crowd for a moment.

 photo 0Addy-GazeboUpClose_zpsa7b95f6b.jpg

Come on, Addy! We have sightseeing to do! )

 photo 0Addy-Skyline_zpsbfb674f8.jpg

It was so nice to spend a couple of days in Chicago! Mini Addy was thrilled with the trip, and sorry to say goodbye so quickly. She'll have to come back sometime and check out more!
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Remember when I said I brought my Roaming Addy along to the Tetons? Well, I didn't forget!

Welcome to the Grand Tetons! Addy got to hang out with us there for a few days. She did have a few adventures of her own while we were doing our own thing. Check it out!

 photo RoamingAddyatJacksonLakeLodge_zps1ccd45f5.jpg

Addy stayed with us at Jackson Lake Lodge. It's a beautiful inn with an unbelievable view. With binoculars, you could see some pretty interesting wildlife while sitting on that patio. And Addy was especially impressed by the mountains themselves.

 photo RoamingDollandTree_zpsf747637b.jpg

Time to check out Jenny Lake! Addy found a nice spot to chill out before hitting the trail.

 photo RoamingAddy-TrailClosed_zps421585d2.jpg

... But not that trail.

 photo RoamingAddyClimbingSagebrush_zps96bed739.jpg

At least there are great opportunities to explore! Addy could identify some plants and birdwatch.

 photo RoamingAddybytheLake_zps50edd410.jpg

And the lake was nice.

 photo RoamingAddysMushroomRavioli_zps2a1b16c9.jpg

Afterward, Addy relaxed with some good food in the Pioneer Room. Mushroom ravioli is really good ...

 photo RoamingAddyScalingMtOwens_zpseaa75a82.jpg

... but scaling the delicious cookie-and-ice-cream Mount Owens dessert is way more exciting.

 photo RoamingAddyEnjoystheView_zps6741e6e1.jpg

The trip was over too soon. Addy was sorry to be leaving the magnificent place, but she knew that it's one of our favorite spots--so, most likely, she'd be visiting it again in the future. In the meantime, she has the memories!
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So American Girl is discontinuing Molly.

I can't say I'm surprised--actually, I'd have expected them to dump her sooner. Nor can I say I'm terribly saddened for myself, because I've been steadily collecting her stuff since I was eight years old and if I don't have it by now, I didn't really want it.* Most of her stuff has already been archived off, anyway.

But dangit, Molly was the doll that set me off, that made me realize that I LOVE 1/3-scale dolls and accessories. She is the founder of a small empire of vinyl roommates. She looked like me when I was in second grade, down to the glasses, which was irresistible. Her books were a bit hit-and-miss, so I compensated by making her not quite as obnoxious as book!Molly and a lot geekier. I actually did research to make her a good '40's geek. Plus, she was the only American Girl doll to come with a superhero uniform.**

So while it's more a sort of wistful regret, I still feel a little pang when they decide to get rid of her. Even though I've got the real Molly sitting in my room, it's a little bit sad.

*Okay, the chrome table and chairs are admittedly tempting. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE.

**It's supposed to be her tap dancing costume. But don't pretend you wouldn't use it as a superhero outfit.

Nerd Focus

Jun. 7th, 2013 11:51 pm
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I love how different interests cause you to focus on different things. I could not care less what kind of car the Mythbusters are trying to catapult into space, or what kind of gun they are shooting into deep-frozen watermelons, or whatever, but the instant they build a 1/3 scale model with an 18" doll for a dummy my brain is all LASER FOCUS. WHAT BRAND OF DOLL IS THAT? INQUIRING MINDS MUST KNOW, DAMMIT.

Doll Update

Mar. 2nd, 2013 11:56 pm
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I've always had a few accessories I've really wanted for Daja. Her staff, for one, and her suraku--that is, her survival kit. Those were pretty important, and I managed to put them together pretty well.

But I also really wanted her skates. They play a pretty big role in Cold Fire, and I think as a doll she's maybe 14, which is right at the time she'd be using them. But while I could make a staff and I could find a good little chest online to work as the suraku, making doll-size strap-on ice skates was a bit more of a challenge.

Fortunately, I don't have to. American Girl heard me!

 photo DajasSkates_zpsb331806d.jpg

No, seriously, they came out with a pair of strap-on skates for their new historical, Caroline, that were EXACTLY what I was wanting to get Daja. It's a damn lucky coincidence for me.

 photo SkateCloseup_zps2b80b2be.jpg

Okay, they're a bit of a cheat--Daja's got long feet (although the pointy toe of the boot doesn't help). But I am not going to be terribly picky about my 1/3-scale historically accurate non-boot ice skates.

 photo Jumpsuit_zpsfa25cff7.jpg

In other news, I also made a jumpsuit for Rocket! She can totally hang out at the shipyard, or perhaps any satellites of love that happen by, and she'll fit right in.

 photo StarWars_zpsd0e2db8f.jpg

And while her universe isn't QUITE the Star Wars universe, it still makes for a pretty good flightsuit for her piloting ventures. Or any Jedi-ing she might feel like doing.

 photo RocketRainbow_zpsaf8ebcb3.jpg

Rocket has the most fun hair ever. I love finding new colors to add to it, but I think the pink-and-rainbow look is my favorite.
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This is a pretty cool librarian: A Doll's Magic, Free to Renew. She made an American Girl doll an unofficial checkout item! Girls who can't afford a doll of their own can take Kirsten home for two weeks and they can have adventure time!

I wish journalists would shut UP about dolls, though. They always have to find an angle for a doll story, and the angle ALWAYS is that dolls are A) anti-feminist, and B) expensive. While it tells a really neat story, the whole article also pretty blatantly disapproves of the frivolities of dolls. A lot of these parents aren't so much unable to afford an AG doll, which is completely understandable, but UNWILLING to buy one. After they see how much their daughters have fallen in love with this doll--making her outfits, writing stories about her, taking her on trips--they respond with "But it's not like I'm going to spend a hundred bucks to let her enjoy one of her VERY OWN." Yes, her imagination is soaring and she's learning about herself and history and social interaction, but by god that's not worth spending two video games' worth of cash for.

(It also makes me wonder about all that lip service we pay to the idea of the enriching power of open-ended play and toys. I have an issue with people dismissing the merits of things like video games, but the hypocrisy of Blah blah blah imaginative play is purer and better but I'm SURE AS HELL not spending money on it bugs me at least as much.)

It's maddening. Just tell the story, dammit. Don't add in your vague hostility toward somebody's enjoyment. then I won't have to bitch about how badly you told the story about a beloved communal doll.


Jan. 11th, 2013 06:57 pm
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American Girl might have dropped the ball once again with another white Girl of the Year, but I will admit that lately they've made a few other rather impressive attempts to be inclusive. Along with the orthodontia set that I still find to be utterly hilarious, and their longstanding wheelchair option (I think I even have one of the early models around here somewhere), this year they've added options like a doll-sized epi-pen, dolls without hair, and--most relevant to my interests--a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

I considered getting one of these official hearing aids for Summer, since the ones I made for her got lost a while back. But that would require sending her in to the Doll Hospital, and I am far too lazy. That's why God gave us Sculpey and product packages that include 30 million twist ties apiece.


So I made her a new set of hearing aids. The earmold is straight purple Sculpey; the case is white Sculpey with green nail polish. The connector is a twist tie.


Hair out of the way.


I did take an idea from the AG aid, though. I've been trying to find a good way to keep the aids in her ears, and the piercing they do seemed like a good idea. So both the earmold and the bottom of the case are attached with headpins.

I'm also glad I got to pick my own colors for these. Pink is nice, but Summer just doesn't seem like the type who would pick pink for her hearing aids. Fortunately, do-it-yerself gives me far more options. Thank goodness for Sculpey.
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Finally got around to fixing Daja's brass hand!

Here's what it was before:


It's not terrible, but it's not terrific, either. After I painted it I found the part that describes the metal as a fingerless glove, which Tamora Pierce confirmed. At first I just wanted to acetone off the fingers and maybe clean up the wrist edges, too. But my spectacular lack of understanding of the properties of paint meant that the stuff I'd used has remained faintly sticky, and it's a pain in the ass to keep it from collecting grit.

Plus, somewhere in my travels, I had picked up some really awesome nail polish.

Around here, we don't use no stupic amateur nail polish.

It's way more vibrant than the paint I was using. It's got some multicolored sparkles. I don't think brass does, but I rationalized how it could work a couple ways:

1.This is magic brass on her hand. Maybe the magic manifests as tiny sparkles for those who can see it.

And having thus authenticated this color, I wiped the paint off her hand and reapplied this stuff!


So now it looks like a mitt! I've still got to dig a bit of the old stuff out from between her fingers and wipe away that one little bit of extra seal, but overall I'm quite pleased!


Palm side. I can't express how great it is that the hand is no longer sticky.


So now Daja has a better representation of her brass mitt. And I got an excuse to use my sparkly nail polish! Sometimes, things have a way of working out.
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You all will be happy to hear that I now know the correct pronunciation of Daja's name. All these years I've been using an affricate for the j, and it turns out it's a straight fricative.* ALL THIS TIME I'VE BEEN LIVING A LIE.


This revelation comes straight from a seemingly rather jet-lagged Tamora Pierce, who was the guest of honor at CONduit, Salt Lake City's slightly pathetic attempt at a big geek con. Normally I stay the hell away from cons, because I never have been able to grasp the fine art of milling around and am baffled by the format of panels.** But this was Tamora Pierce, so I put up with the milling so's I could ATTACH MYSELF TO HER LEG AND ASK IF SHE'D READ MY MANUSCRIPT urbanely say hello, show off Daja, ask a few writing questions, and listen to some panels. I even managed not to be the most obnoxious person at those panels! Good for me!


So for years I've had this big ball of hemp twine sitting in my desk drawer next to a whole bunch of little rubber bouncy balls, for reasons unexplained. Finally I figured I might as well use them and did the only logical thing I could: learned how to braid a shepherd's sling. Now we'll see who's man enough to try stealing my radishes.***


Been trying to create some more folktales for OGYAFEland. At the moment I'm working on their version of Santa Claus, because it's never too soon to start Christmas. It's been fun coming up with an origin story for him with folk elements, cultural assumptions, and of course bears. Everything's better with bears.


My sister, the incomparable [ profile] sunshine_shaman, has been posting a whole bunch of photos of her Euroventures. I must be hungry, because my favorite one at the moment is a photo of a bunch of cupcakes. You can't eat Notre Dame, after all.


I have discovered that the most irritating thing about trying to get an agent isn't rejections. Everyone always tries to make me feel better when I get rejected, but I just think, "Oh, well, onto the next one!"

No, the obnoxious thing is just waiting for an answer. Rejections are responses. But no response? That way lies Dorothy Parkerian madness.

*For those of you who care, that means it sounds like the French j, or the s in vision.

**When I'm interested in a panel, I tend to just start conversing with the panelists like I'm one of them. I don't know how to help it. I had the same problem with interesting classes.

***Perhaps I could also do something about those goddamn barking dogs all over the neighborhood. Like, hypothetically, clocking their idiot owners upside the head with a rubber ball whenever the poor mutts start yapping their fool heads off.
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The fabric for the shirt put me in mind of a couple things. It’s soft and a bit thick like a kikoi from East Africa, which is one of the parent cultures of Rocket’s society. And maybe it’s the stripes that remind me of a sailor shirt, and I wanted to evoke that here—something a merchant spacer would wear on a ship in hyperspace.

The pants were an accident. I originally intended this outfit to have black pants with a blood stripe, a direct ripoff of Han Solo’s pants, but I hadn’t made them yet and the purple pants she does have didn’t look good. So I grabbed these khakis from Molly’s aviator outfit and really liked them. They are a little little big—I don’t think they’re Pre-Mattel, but they still fit Molly better, and she does need a pair of pants. But I do like the khaki, so I’ll have to make a similar pair for Rocket at some point.

And yes, I still plan to make her more classically shiny Space Clothes. But this was first on the list, and I had the fabric!
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I kind of love Facebook’s advertisement algorithm. It comes up with the silliest associations based on what I say I like, and it’s always just slightly off-base, like a funhouse mirror of what my interests are.*

Like when I say I like American Girl dolls, Facebook decides I like DOLLS! ALL THE DOLLS! and keeps flinging doll ads at me. So I get ads for bullshit Toys R Us dolls and Monster High dolls and emo ball-jointed dolls and Remember The Good Old Days When Golden-Haired Children With Haphazard Teeth Screwed Up Their Faces And Cried While Wearing What Appears To Be A Layer Cake porcelain dolls, none of which interest me in the least.

But it’s all cool because the ads are entertaining, until out of nowhere they advertise a doll that will SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU.

Good god with ketchup. The only way I’d buy that doll is if they included a solid black option for the eyes—then I’d pop off the wig, airbrush the whole doll grey, and pose her outside the windows of UFO conspiracy theorists. But other than that, Facebook, no more creepy dolls, please.


*It’s not quite as confused as Netflix, which still thinks I’m a precocious and ghoulish six-year-old boy—a whole different way of entertainment.
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Ahh, post-holiday crash time. It was great to have my brother here, but when it’s for a visit, and when it’s the holidays, it’s also exhausting. (He seemed pretty tired by the end of the week, too.) On the other hand, going back to routine means going back to getting yelled at by angry patients or showing clueless patrons how to use the Scary New DVD Dispensinators.* Maybe I’ll stick with the exhausting holidays.


MY SISTER: Whoa! Where’d Christmas go?!

ME: I don’t know. I woke up this morning and it had vanished. It’s like we got the Grinch a week late.

MY SISTER: Dude, if the Grinch had waited a week to steal Christmas, can you imagine how much those Whos would’ve paid him to do that very thing?

ME: Sure, the business is seasonal, but it’s quite lucrative!


At least I can get the sewing machine up and running again now the tree is down. Rocket needs clothes—and fortunately, I have a whole wardrobe planned out for her. I may have to start with her nightshirt, since it’s pajama time at the Treehouse. But I’m looking forward to making her a flight suit. Not to mention shiny clothes. Lightning bolts all the way, baby!


Speaking of dolls, I hereby decree that American Girl needs to quit bundling accessories in with big old furniture items. 2012’s unappealing Girl of the Year has a whole batch of little thingy-things that can only be gotten if you drop a chunk of money on her big loft bed. This time around I’m not really devastated—none of those items really catch my interest—but it’s an obnoxious trend. And it was rather frustrating a couple years ago when you could only get Lanie’s nifty cooking gear and food items if you bought her FORTY-POUND TRAILER CAMPER. Yeah, I may have a strange love for doll-sized accessories, but give me a break here.


Just found out why that sad bloodhound next door hasn’t been howling lately: she fell over dead a couple weeks ago. I’m gonna miss that dog.


Aside from the epic movie-watching experience of both Real Star Wars and Dumb Star Wars,** my brother finally got me to watch Memento, the inside-out and backwards movie. Stylistically it was a fun movie, enough to get past the idea that Everybody Is An Asshole just because figuring out the precise nature of everyone’s assholery still made it entertaining.

But the part I had really wanted to see was how they portrayed the concept of an acute case of anterograde amnesia. Leonard keeps insisting that he doesn’t have amnesia, but what he means is he doesn’t have Hollywood amnesia. Science-types note that Memento is one of just two movies that accurately portray a real form of amnesia. (The other? Finding Nemo.)


I haven’t forgotten that y’all want the recipe for the awesome pizza I made the other night. And as soon as I figure out how the hell I made it, I’ll let you know.


Fortunately, I have saved Skyward Sword for the post-holiday crash. Off to start that now.

*My sister has convinced me to watch Phineas and Ferb. That show should NOT be as damn entertaining as it is. I feel like some kind of Brony now.

**Mom on Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi: "He reminds me of a lot of the nuns I had in Catholic school."
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Merry Xmas, amigos! Around here the X stands for whatever you want it to. Although it does look rather a lot like Christmas over at the Treehouse.

But what’s this? A new doll? Why, yes! I actually got her for my birthday, but I had some putting together to do before I introduced her.

But you don’t get her full background from a silly Xmas album. So. Let me tell you about Rocket.


Okay, okay, I’ll cut her background. )

Anyway, tl;dr: I’m having a lot of fun coming up with Space stuff for her. I’m all over shiny space clothes, space robots (I couldn’t resist tiny Tom Servo even though he's not "canon"), space guns, space computers, and other such space necessities. She’s even got a jumpsuit in the works. Because god dammit, this is Raygun Gothic Retro Rocket, and I will do it right.
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Using the Emergency Backup Sewing Machine lately, and it seems to work fairly well! Dig: Daja’s got a nice new outfit!

There is no place in my house with good lighting. NONE.

I tried to base this one more closely on Daja’s native Trader clothes as described in the beginning of The Will of the Empress: tunic and leggings cut from the same cloth. I did have to guess on some things—the peasant blouse style for the top and the corded belt were my own additions.

Also, y’all, I made pants! Yes, I’m getting better at them, but every single time I make a pair I am desperately pleased with myself. Somehow they are way scarier than tops.

Also, it turns out that peasant blouses are the most fun things ever to sew. And that fabric is great—I swear, I’m going back to Dumb JoAnn’s to get enough to make me a peasant blouse like that.* And, well I’m gonna look for more good material for another Trader outfit for Daja. That was too darn much fun.

*I’m so used to sewing doll clothes that whenever I sew something people-sized, I panic about a fourth of the way through any seam. “WHERE IS THE END OF THIS THING OH GOD.”
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Been wanting to write some of Kuen’s books, in the American Girl Central Series format because I AM A GIANT NERD.* Kuen’s my redheaded sprite doll—you can see her here—an original character who goes back years in my head. I figured it’d be fun to showcase her world the way the AG books do with their historical characters.

The problem is, Kuen lives in a shameless utopia.

See, when I get all pushed out of shape about larger societal problems, yeah, I try to fix what I can, but my escape is to retreat into designing my own utopia. Yeah, yeah, I know, nobody likes utopia in stories, but I think that’s largely because an author’s idea of what makes a wonderful society reflects a lot of the author’s opinions and crazy biases. But by god it sure is therapeutic to sit around designing a world where things went right the first time. And I see nothing wrong with aspiring for utopia. First we just have to all agree on what that is.

Anyway, I try to work at it. Sure, I cheated and made Kuen’s people inhuman, so I can gloss over any possible objections of unrealism by pointing out that Sprites’ Brains Are Different From Humans’. But I also try my damndest to give them a working infrastructure—yes, I worked out the plumbing and the power grid and the government and whatnot. And I also made it so that not everyone is deliriously happy all the time—utopia’s more just my attempt to fix all the completely out-of-whack systems our own world has in place. These people are on their own for being happy within their system.**

But it’ll be interesting to see if I can keep that up when I write the stories—it’s like trying to run a simulation. We’ll just have to see if I can pull out a functioning, interesting story in a world of sunshine and bunny rabbits. Wish me luck!

*More nerdiness: I also have picked a color and a symbol for each of my dolls, as per the AG standard. To reiterate: I AM A DOLL NERD.

**Also, sprites’ brains being Different From Humans’ isn’t always an advantage. You get the odd supervillain much more frequently.
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Okay, no more silly posts, now that I can type on a real keyboard. I like my Nook, but I have a certain distaste for touch screens. I like to have a bit of resistance. I can see my oldness from here: in the future when we all have BrainPal implants, I’ll still get a keyboard instead of just typing WITH MY MIND like a normal person.


Anyway. It’s also surprisingly nice not to wind up getting up-to-the-minute news. Hope all y’all East Coasters are picking up the pieces of your shattered lives, or at least the pencil cups that fell off your desks. Other than that, I hope I don’t need to catch up on anything. It’s nice not to have the weight of the world on my shoulders.


Good grief, American Girl, who is picking your illustrators? Cécile and Marie-Grace are adorable and will definitely fill the fancy richness void left by Samantha, but what is with the illustrations that look like cut-and-paste? It’s not even like it’s the same illustrators who did the bad cutout drawings for Rebecca or Chrissa* either. Find someone who can do texture right, dangit.

On the other hand, those outfits just make me want to play Doll Dressup Time. Especially Cécile’s Meet Outfit. IT’S SHIIIINY.


I managed to get away to Grand Teton National Park for a few days. I know it’s got a stupid name, but don’t knock a place that looks like this:


We go here a lot to get away, but this time it was a weird dynamic: me, Mom, Dad, and Dad’s younger sister and her husband. It was … weird. I’ve been coming here since I was three years old, and I’m pretty sure when I get into that context everyone assumes I’m three again. The good news is that, since I’m technically not three anymore, I could wander off if I started feeling that way. At night I could look at the stars, and in the day I could hike around and look around, see if I could spot wildlife.


And yes, I used an opera glass to observe stars and moose, because I am a classy motherfucker.

Oh, and there was a show about raptors on the deck one day. My favorite was a completely adorable great horned owl.


The owl’s handler was standing there to give the owl some shade. She’d try to move when someone wanted a picture, but every time she did the owl would get completely confounded and watch her wildly, like “WHERE YOU GOIN? WHAT HAPPEN?”, so the sunlight pictures are all of her blurry head.

I did pretty much nothing else while I was there. Wrote and read, in the view of some awesome majesty. Except for one day when I was all comfy in the cabin and reading, and I had the door open because it was a nice day, and a little marmoty thing** just strolled in and started inspecting my luggage. I tried to get a picture, but before I could he completed his inspection and strolled back out. Probably for the best, as otherwise I’d’ve had to punt him out the door, and I am pretty sure that is against park rules.


Got back home and immediately got lost in the Tomato Jungle that is my garden. The pumpkins may be having issues, and somebody may have eaten my strawberries (I’m looking at you, birds), but WE WILL NOT LACK FOR TOMATOES.


My sister started school this week. Ye gods, she’s a senior. No word on whether she has any excellent classes, but one can always hope.

*MOM: This one doesn't look so bad!
ME: Yes, it does.
MOM: Okay, yes, it does. I was just trying to put a positive spin on things.

**I am not sure what kind; the closest I could come was what the guidebook told me was a “Uinta ground ssquirrel,” but I have no idea if that is accurate. Also, I had no idea you spelled “ssquirrel” with two s’s.


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