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What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice

  • My preference for the Dome Theater comes largely from the fact that I can hang out alone in the booth. When new guys come to shadow me, it's less enjoyable--but still pretty fun.

  • Sometimes kittens happen to you out of nowhere.

  • Kids remember my Space Place lessons!

  • Main sequence blue stars also become red giants before snuffing out. I'd always been a little fuzzy about what happened to them.

  • Playing Musical Houses is stressful.

  • My tendency to research my stories as a teenager was apparently not a universal phenomenon among teenage fiction writers.

  • Sounds of 200 dB can rupture lungs.

  • At least when making sodas, there is such a thing as "just crazy enough to work."

  • Conures are a group of parrots that make good pets.

  • Livestreams can be pretty damn fun to watch.

  • It's possible to get emotionally invested in games that you thought were just supposed to be about jump scares.

  • The big difference between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder is that people with the former think their obsessions and compulsions are a problem, whereas those with the latter think that everyone else is just a slob.

  • I still don't trust most Boy Scouts' ability to survive in their own living rooms, let alone in the wilderness.

  • The most well-known autism advocacy group is also terrible. Autism Speaks is mostly from the point of view of neurotypical people and addresses actual spectrum people as more a burden and a drain on society, which, surprisingly, does not endear them to said autistic people.

  • Trying to translate a lesson on astronomy from English to Spanish takes a while when you have to keep looking up terms.

  • The guy who sings the Guardians of the Galaxy version of "Hooked on a Feeling" was also the Arbiter in Chess.

  • Majora's Mask is a game rife with conspiracy theories.

  • The thing I did as a kid where I wondered if "red" looked the same to everyone was apparently a universal thing to do. The term for those experiences that can't be conveyed is qualia, and the inability to convey them is called the explanatory gap.

  • Cats' ability to land on their feet stems partly from visual and partly from kinetic orientation. When you take them into the Vomit Comet and they lose those cues, they sort of hula hoop around in circles trying to orient themselves.

  • If I'd had noise-cancelling headphones earlier in my life, things would've been SO much easier.

  • Okay, Smart Watches are AWESOME. This--THIS--is what I've been waiting for.

  • It is not too terrifying to start an Etsy store, but it takes a while to get it going once you do.

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Every so often I check just to see if it's shown up yet.

It has.

As far as I can tell, it's using this version, though I think it scans better than she sings it--she seems to rush it a little bit.

One of these days I'll get me some good recording equipment and blast out my sprite version, because I am both an unrepentant Frozen fan and an unrepentant nerd. But for now, you can enjoy it in Classical Latin or Esperanto if you're so inclined. No Klingon yet, but I'm gonna keep watching. You never know.


Apr. 24th, 2014 02:55 am
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*checks off "Quenya" box*

*hopes someone will actually sing it this way*

*has absolutely no shame*
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It appears I'm not the only fan of the Disney Dubs, judging by this album. SO BUYING THIS WHEN I GET HOME.

Now I'm just waiting for the Klingon, Na'vi, and Quenya versions. Get on it, nerds!

Dub Love

Mar. 21st, 2014 09:35 pm
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Aw, yea, have acquired the Frozen DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack. I will now watch Frozen and "Get A Horse" nonstop for roughly the next couple of years.

And why, yes, I am translating Frozen's "Let It Go" into my own conlangs. To, uh, test them out. Yeah, that's it.

Okay, actually, this isn't really new--I've been doing Disney dubs and writing my own lyrics to songs since I was in junior high. And because I am totally fascinated by multilingual Disney songs. I can get lost for hours watching one song in multiple languages,* and I want in on that action! But this is a first for a couple of my newer languages, and I'm having a blast. Can't decide if I prefer the crazy polysynthetic Sprite Language Mark II version or the Modern OGYAFEse fossilized triconsonantal roots** with their esoteric rhymes, but they're both terribly fun to mess with.

Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd. But hey, we nerds know what we like, and there's nothing wrong with that!

*It is an eternal bummer to me that there are no official Swahili dubs. There's a Zulu dub of The Lion King, but that's as close as we get.

**Well, not quite triconsonantal roots, but rather overdone semantic derivations with the same sort of consonant radicals and ... yeah, you stopped caring, didn't you? Having a phenomenally boring hobby is a terrible burden.
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Are we all sick of "Let It Go" yet? Hah! Trick question! I'm not. But I realize a lot of you might be. So, if you'd like something different, I've got it for you: please enjoy the last time Disney produced a song that I couldn't stop listening to for years.

It might help to start at 00:15 if you want to skip the little lead-in scene with the aliens.

"He Mele No Lilo" is not really a Disney song; as best as I can make out, Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu arranged a couple of traditional Hawaiian mele for the hula dance at the beginning of the movie. But hot damn, those are some lovely mele, and JESUS what an arrangement, with the Kamehameha Schools Children's Choir. I actually love this song so much that when it first came out I tracked down the lyrics--yes, the Hawaiian lyrics--and learned them. (It's one of the things that inspired me to study Hawaiian.)

It doesn't seem to carry the same clout as "Let It Go," but it got a similar religious experience reaction out of me. And since I've noticed that a few people are starting to catch up on the Lilo & Stitch love (another movie about sisters! And this one has aliens as well!), well, I figured I'd help y'all along.
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Look what Disney put up on YouTube!

I still say y'all ought to go check out the full movie, but if you don't see the entirety of Frozen, this is the best part. I kind of can't stop listening to it. (I want to sing along with it, but I came down with the post-travel crud, and I just can't in good conscience sing "The cold never bothered me, anyway" when I am CLEARLY being bothered by a cold. I'll just let Idina do it for now. She's more impressive, anyway.)
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What I Learned Since The Summer Solstice

  • It was totally the gallbladder, y'all.

  • Doctors are totally just making up estimated recovery times for surgeries.

  • The worst part about recovering from surgery is how it fucks up your brain.

  • When your iPod breaks down and forces you to back up its entire library, it may be foreshadowing.

  • Edgar Rice Burroughs didn't just write about Mars; he also wrote about all the other planets. Guy was MANIC.

  • The ghost in Mama, who gets a bad rap for its unconvincing CG, is in fact for the most part played by Javier Botet, an actual guy with a terrible debilitating congenital disease called Marfan Syndrome. I have to hand it to Botet for making a miserable situation work for him. "Disease," he says, "It is not you who owns me; it is I who own you."

  • Paul Verhoeven's entire commentary track for Starship Troopers consists of him and Edward Neumeier exasperatedly pointing out that the message of the film is "Nazis are bad"--something Verhoeven, growing up in the Netherlands during WWII, was personally aware of. But apparently the only part of that thesis critics heard was "NAZIS!" * At least it made for an entertaining commentary.

  • Boötes is supposed to represent a herdsman. It always looked like a kite to me.

  • My name, "Amelia," was the #1 name for baby girls in the UK in 2011. I strongly suspect that this fresh crop of little Amelias is a direct result of Doctor Who.

  • You can collect tokens at national parks and historic sites and things! HOLY SHIT Y'ALL ROAD TRIP VIDEO GAME.

  • Ebay purchases can be supremely entertaining.

  • Too much enthusiasm for CrossFit can make your muscles melt and your kidneys explode and then you die. The irony is palpable.

  • Before Super Mario Bros. 2 was famously not a Super Mario title, it was actually being developed as ... a Super Mario Bros. title. I guess it didn't pan out. And then it did.

  • That baffling -ject morpheme that shows up in so many words and that I've always meant to look up is from the Latin word iaciō, meaning "throw" or "cast."

  • "Augie's Great Municipal Band," that fun song during the parade at the end of The Phantom Menace, is a bouncy, upbeat version of the Emperor's terrifying theme song. Which is actually kind of awesome.

  • Anesthesia, man. It's WHACK.

  • French cliticizes its pronouns, which is both far less dirty and far more interesting to me than it might sound.

  • For weird legal reasons, Idaho owns the top 39 feet of Jackson Lake, which is apparently a thing you can do.

  • Fishing vests are the way to go, man.

  • Book lice are not actually lice, nor do they feed exclusively on books, which I found out when a few of them showed up to chew on a secretly moldy basket in my bathroom. Little creeps.

  • The main character in H. Beam Piper's Little Fuzzy is a bit more Sam Elliott than his reboot counterpart, and that is also pretty awesome.

  • There is an actual linguistic term for Talking Like Donald Duck.  It is called buccal speech, on account of the air is in your cheeks, not your larynx, when you do it.**

  • I now know how to identify a barn swallow!

  • Bookstores categorically hate self-published writers.

  • Colorful umbrellas are apparently an intolerable challenge to the masculinity of male pheasants. Female pheasants, of course, could not care less about the umbrellas.

  • Those individual servings of cake-inna-mug you can make with standard cake mix and a microwave are DELICIOUS.

  • Breaded fish is better than battered when you are making fish and chips.

*Which is ridiculous. Well, the whole movie is ridiculous, but I can't believe anyone would miss the sarcasm dripping off its propaganda reels.

**Assuming you can do it.  I sure as hell can't get any phonemes out except for some kind of lateral fricative.  Clarence Nash was a goddamn genius.
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What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice

  • Dyslexia can cause difficulty in word retrieval in speech as well as in writing.

  • The original edition of The Hobbit mentioned policemen. For some reason, I find this far weirder than the business I already knew about the Riddles in the Dark scene being so much less awesome at first.

  • Lisa Frank is still around, but she's gotten rather weird.

  • Retired AG items are on eBay for reasonable prices, and apparently inside I am still ten years old and WANTING them.

  • Yuri Gagarin's flight into space was even more awesome than I thought, because it turns out his reentry strategy was basically to jump back to Earth.

  • Fi, from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, apparently does have real arms under her wings/cape.

  • Netting requires its own special knots.

  • The history of matches is long and crazy, and features poison, disintegrating jaws, and explosions. Which is kind of awesome.

  • I don't have astigmatism; I just have myopia. This means I do not have football-shaped eyeballs; they are simply oblate spheroids.

  • It is possible to get completely absorbed just classifying the hell out of images of distant galaxies. For SCIENCE!

  • Snow can smash up your roof pretty impressively.

  • You can totally make yourself a fluffernutter on the International Space Station.

  • Prescription sunglasses are the bomb.

  • MRI chambers act as Faraday cages to keep out external radio forces.

  • Speaking of MRIs, apparently dybbuks show up on them.

  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is the most adorable plushie ever made.

  • The term for delicious potato chips and cream puffs and other such things is "supernormal releaser," which is a fancy way of saying "too much of a good thing," since back in Ye Olden Times it was really difficult to come across fat and salt and sugar, so your body is still convinced it should stuff them into your face whenever you come across them. That I knew, but I didn't know the term for them.

  • Writing on a deadline, even a self-imposed one, is rough.

  • Horror movies in theaters are a very different experience from horror movies alone in your room in the dark.

  • Maurice Ravel's Piano Concerto for the Left Hand in D major is an impressive bit of music to watch being performed.*

  • Cats and toy trains are natural enemies.

  • My confusion regarding a certain specific idiom in Irish accents is a direct result of David Eddings' confusion regarding the same.  When I learned that the phrase "I'm after [verb]ing" meant "I've just been [verb]ing," I thought for some reason it was counter-intuitive--it seemed like it should mean "I'm gonna [verb]"--but I didn't know why.  It's only after rereading The Belgariad and Malloreon that I realized that it's because Eddings uses the expression in his "Wacite brogue" accent, where it does mean "I'm gonna [verb]."  I picked up that meaning in junior high and it stuck with me after I'd forgotten the source.**

  • In Tolkien's mythos, Fëanor was the one who came up with the Tengwar. Yet another addition to the list of atrocities he perpetrated on the Firstborn of Ilúvatar.

  • Popes can retire.

  • Mister Rogers answered every single letter he got. Which is a gargantuan task, because by god he was MISTER ROGERS.

*I've always rather wanted to see that one. It gets mentioned on an episode of M*A*S*H and I was always intrigued by the idea of writing a concerto for someone who had lost their right hand. So when my friend invited me to the symphony, I was not disappointed when they changed the program due to the pianist's having an injury on his right hand because hey, that meant I finally got to hear the left-handed piece.

**Even back then I knew that Eddings had some fanciful ideas about linguistics, but I did not notice that one specifically.
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Last week at some point I chanced to hear Pachelbel's Canon in D, which is not a difficult thing to chance because it's EVERYWHERE, and remarked that, surprisingly enough, I didn't immediately start murdering everyone like River Tam hearing her trigger song. Then I wound up having to show Mom the infamous Pachelbel Rant* to explain, AND THE DAMN THING HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD EVER SINCE.

So today when I realized that "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" uses the same chord progression,** I had to go punch a pillow while sobbing hysterically for a while. But at least I know that the universe is in its proper order again.

*Dude didn't know how good he had it with his cello. I played BASS in the orchestra. The song was mostly rests. And you couldn't even do something constructive, like Sudoku, while you were waiting, because you had to make sure you kept track so you could come in for the four measures you DID have to play.

**Yes, I'm listening to Xmas music. The sky gods just dumped 2 feet of snow on me, so god dammit it's Christmas.
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The problem with a musical instrument with a range of about an octave and a half is making the songs fit on it. Normally this isn't a huge issue, since songs mostly tend to stay within that range, but it can be a bit awkward when you're trying to play, say, Frank Mills's "Music Box Dancer" and your ocarina only goes up to F over tenor C.

So I had to move the darn thing to from C-Major to F-Major. Fortunately, figuring out how to do that is one of the few lessons that stuck after seven years' worth of piano and bass lessons. But then, the bass lessons never got near tenor C anyway, so I suppose you can't fault me there.

Anyway, THE POINT IS I'm still playing the ocarina, and it still works as an effective cat-summoner. Perhaps next I'll combine two of my passions and get one of these. Figure out a way to add pens or dolls into the mix, and I will be set forever.
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I've just spent the entire day trying to figure out if William Shatner and Peter Frampton's version of "Spirit in the Sky" is the best or worst thing I've ever heard. Either way, I can't stop listening to it.

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Watchin' Fantasia again. Ah, this brings back memories. For example, the memory that while I was totally cool with the Satanic orgy from Night on Bald Mountain, with the giant demon-mountain casually tormenting his misshapen subjects, I was absolutely terrorized by one shot of the unstoppable broom army from The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

I also remember being absolutely bored senseless by Deems Taylor's intros to each piece, so much so that I always fast-forwarded them.* Which means that I was unaware just how darn uncomfortable Mr. Radio there was in front of a camera. Poor dope has no idea what to do when we can see him.

Anyway, yeah, there was definitely a synesthete working on the Toccata and Fugue in D short. I know there's been some question about whether it was deliberate or not, but good GRIEF, it looks an awful lot like what would happen if you tried to animate the Synesthesia Dimension. I have this image of Disney and Co. struggling to describe what they wanted in the abstract piece, and some synesthetic animator going, "So, just draw what it looks like, then. Gotcha, Diz. I'm on it." Not quite the same level of research put into the dinosaurs in the Rite of Spring,** but as scientifically fascinating in its own way.

*Which took dedication on our old-ass Betamax. We had no remote for it, and you had to actually hold down the fast-forward button. And the button didn't make it go forward any faster, but did distort the screen with interesting lines of static. Those were tough times.

**Yes, they look rather derpy and lumpy now, but hey, this was the 30s and 40s. It was totally SCIENCE! at the time.
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I hereby submit this as an alternative lyric for “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,”* where the players are no longer Wolf and Mouse,** but rather Human and Cat.

I really can’t stay.
But Fluffy, it’s cold outside.
I’ve got to go ‘way.
Oh, fuzzball, it’s cold outside.
I’ve already slept
This blanket is wrecked
Sixteen straight hours
All during which we had snow showers

There’s birds huddled up in the trees now
You’d better just let them tease now
I could spread around some feathery gore
Tonight it’s supposed to snow more
Just turn the knob for me please now
You know that you’re gonna freeze now
Being inside is such a terrible bore
No way I’m gonna open this door

It’s only a storm
That's like three feet of snow
My fur keeps me warm
It’s, what, 20 below?
I could kill me some mice
They’re all solid ice
And I gotta poop
Just use the box; I’ll get a scoop

I plan to sit and stare at you, hopin’
You seriously want this door open?
Looking sadder than if somebody died
I warned you, cat. I totally tried.
I’m going out now—
Hey wut it’s COLD OUTSIDE!

*A song I almost categorically hate. When James Taylor and Natalie Cole sing it, it’s a nice jazzy bit of banter between two longtime on again-off again friends. Every other version sounds like it’s going to end with a sleazy defense attorney trying to convince a jury that his client was under the perfectly understandable mistaken impression that Rohypnol was an integral part of a martini.

**No, really. That song gets creepier the more you learn about it.
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I got me some blogger’s block. Know what that means? A bullet entry!


Went to Ed the Hairbender today so’s he could silly up my hair again! I’ll post pictures at some point, unless I don’t, but I’ll tell you now it’s my usual tortoiseshell swirls with a warmer twist—I look a bit tigerish. It was that or Xmas colors.

While I was waiting for the dye to set another lady saw my book—a juvie fantasy novel—and we started to talk about how awesome fantasy is. After a bit of book comparing (she liked The Name Of The Wind), Ed came back. “Oh,” I said. “Looks like it’s time go get this foil out of my hair and let the aliens hear my thoughts again.”

There was a pause.

“Okay,” the lady said, “maybe you read too much fantasy. “


She wasn’t quite correct, though. It’s not so much the fantasy as the way I’ve been on a serious Fringe binge. Goddamn, y’all, THIS SHOW. I love every single character and am a total fangirl of Astrid. And as I said earlier, I get a huge kick out of the fact that the pale bald mystery dudes are called Observers. I really hope that’s a sign that some writer was an MST fan.


So! My Thanksgiving weekend this year still had a few small adventures. First came an abortive trip to the mall on Black Friday (“Are you crazy, Mom?” “Oh, it can’t be that bad!” “I’d better come along. Let me get my old sparring pads and some safety goggles.”) After fifteen minutes we decided that it was too damn much trouble to find a parking space, so we came home and did our shopping online as I had suggested.

That was still a bit of a treasure hunt, though. I even had to go to the internet UK to track some stuff down, and enlist the aid of good buddy and great sport [ profile] acrossthelake in the actual UK to finish the job.*


But the good times did not last! That evening Dad came to find me.

DAD: Can you help me? It’s your mom. I was talking to her, and I went to the bathroom, and when I came back she had stopped making sense.

ME: Is she asking herself, “How did I get here?”

DAD: Just get over here. *to Mom* Hey, do you recognize this person?

MOM: … Yeah, I know who that is.

DAD: …

Who is she?

MOM: That's Amelia. ... I don’t feel good.

ME: What’s the matter?

MOM: Well, my clothes are all sticks and there’s a wax cat on my chest. Also my feet are tennis balls.

ME: Ah. Dad, I see what you mean.

DAD: You’re lucky I’m a doctor.

MOM: Why? Who needs a doctor?

So I spent the evening helping Dad do neurological tests. After some science and detectivery we ruled out “stroke,” “aneurysm,” “flu,” “space rays,” and “Pazuzu,” and decided it was a bad reaction to her new sleep medication. So after we escorted her to the bathroom for the old-fashioned DIY stomach pump, we figured we could let her sleep it off. Though we did keep checking to make sure she was breathing.

And the next day we teased her mercilessly about it. After all, she ddn’t remember, so we certainly had to remind her.


Ocarina Xmas carols are happening! Which is great, except I am still indirectly allergic to my ocarina, in the sense that every time I play it I suddenly get facehugged by the cat. Either that, or I lock her out of my room—and she tries her damndedst to either batter down the door or crawl under it.

But it’s worth it to be able to play through “Jingle Bells.”


I also owe y’all the story of Thanksgiving Weekend In Mombasa. I thought I’d written more about it before, but I suppose I hadn’t. It may take me a while to put it together, but I’m working on it!

*Also I got her address, so I can send her the awesome thing I found for her!
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On a typical Saturday, I leave the library with:

Twelve funny kids’ books
Eleven spec fic authors
Ten music CDs
Nine books for research
Eight intriguing how-tos
Seven random nonfics
Six Eyewitness readers
Four paperbacks
Three rereads
Two picture books
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What I Learned Since The Summer Solstice:
  • The favorite architect I never knew I had is the awesomely named Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser. This is what the buildings inside my head look like.
  • So one of the latest theories on the proliferation of autoimmune disorders is that in a sanitary ablutomaniacal society, there are not enough germs to keep our immune systems occupied, so they start attacking us. That’s right: they think we have allergies because our immune systems are fucking BORED.
  • Which means that a (gross) experimental treatment for everything from hayfever to goddamn Crohn’s disease is to infect the sufferer with hookworms.
  • There are two main types of sail plans in ships: square rig and fore-and-aft rig.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy is as awesome as I have always heard.*
  • Team-building is a scam.
  • Those obnoxious self-righteous hippies are right: things do taste better straight from the garden.
  • Especially strawberries. I finally understand what all the damn fuss is about.
  • Pumpkin vines are really prickly, yo.
  • Gourd leaves, however, can be like velvet.
  • You should always check the labels on the tomatoes you buy. Or maybe not, since what I grabbed thinking it was a cherry tomato plant turned out to be the most amazingly crazy heirloom tomatoes I’ve ever seen.
  • That stupidly accented “Oh, hi, ___” people keep referencing is an impression of Tommy Wiseau in The Room.
  • The Room is worse than hyperbolic people are making out to be. AND NOT IN AN ENTERTAINING WAY.
  • The Crazy Pit of politics does not appear to have a bottom.
  • Great horned owls are surprisingly adorable.
  • The X-Files is a really boring show.
  • But its not!spinoff, Millennium, is pretty good.
  • I am not the only grownup in the world who still fails to see the value of homework.
  • Peasant blouses are a blast to make.
  • The constellation Aquila is right where my uncle swears it is not.
  • Sometimes your gallbladder can act up even if there are no gallstones anywhere near you, because your body hates you.
  • Apparently Science can predict whether you will shop in a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern in a store—and it seems to correlate with which side of the road your country’s traffic rules say you drive on.
  • The subject of "You're So Vain" is apparently a big old secret.  Seriously, knowing it is apparently worth $50,000.
  • Dead laptop screens can actually be replaced!

*Somehow I missed the glorious age of Bill Nye, despite being smack in the middle of it. I was too busy watching Ghostwriter, and dammit with the advent of the information superhighway pretty much everything I learned on that show is now about as useful as knowing how to juggle.
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It’s that time again!

Remember when I was going through a medswitch and it was sucking and so I asked y’all to distract me? Well, I am not switching meds, but this week still sucks for its own reasons, and everything is making me nervous, and by god I need distracting again. So please, Internet, I appeal to you: DISTRACT ME.

Go ahead! It can be anything! Videos! Book recommendations! Dumb mindless Flash games! Blogs! GIFs! Trivia! Puzzles! Timesuck sites! Anything! JUST POST SOMETHING.

Here, I’ll get us started with distractions of my own:

The Food Timeline, on the history of food.

ARKive is an image database of the biological organisms of Earth. It is also blessed by my main man David Attenborough!

Torn World is a source of anxiety for me right now because it is a responsibility for me, but if you're not in the Land Of Neuroses you get things like sea monsters, the mysteriously tame Rainbow Rainforest, and huge shaggy unicorns. It's pretty damn cool, really.

And videos:

(I love the Two-Headed Monster so much, especially when you see how each head entertains itself "alone.")

Okay, your turn!
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It's impossible to hold onto even the most determined bad mood when you're teaching yourself to play "Rubber Duckie" on an Ocarina of Time.
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What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice:
  • Clarence “Ducky” Nash not only voiced Donald Duck in English; he also did the voice on all the dubbed shorts Disney made so that the voice would remain consistently unintelligible across all languages.
  • Before she became a TV cook show hostess, Julia Child INVENTED SHARK REPELLENT.
  • Shakira sings very differently in English than she does in Spanish—to an amazing degree. In English, she sounds like so many other Madonna clones; in Spanish she’s got that rich and confident voice. I’d never listened to one of her songs’ English and Spanish versions back-to-back before, but it’s amazing how different it is.
  • Drawing something that looks like text without being legible is called “Greeking”—the written equivalent of “rhubarb.”
  • Generally speaking, the human brain can only really count up to 4 at a glance. Numbers beyond that slow us down.
  • Cookie Monster’s name in Hindu Hindi is Biscuit Badsha.
  • BONUS EDIT WITH NEW LEARNED THING: Hindi is the language; Hindu is the religion.  I never was really sure of the difference in the terms.  Thanks, [ profile] sriti !
  • It’s incredibly convenient to have a portable musical instrument to carry around and practice when you’ve got a few minutes, instead of having something too huge to lug around.
  • There is an explanation for my complete inability to ever adhere to the crazy raw food diet so many of our library patrons seem to be interested in starting up: Oral Allergy Syndrome. (I’m sure those raw food books would assure me that I wouldn’t have this syndrome if I just ate enough raw food to detox, but fuck ’em.)
  • You can get hives ON YOUR GOD DAMN EYEBALL.
  • There are a few drawbacks to nuclear power. [/understatement]
  • Mushrooms grow fast.
  • Calendars generally follow three main types: lunar, solar, and lunisolar.  A great deal of work goes into keeping calendars on track, especially the lunisolar ones.  Some calendars also have a really complex way to make the weekdays dependent on the date and even more complex astrological positions.
  • The term for the shaved head, or part of the head, of a monk is tonsure.
  • It is possible for me to find stars in the sky if I concentrate!
  • Also, Betelgeuse really does look orange.
  • The effectiveness of toilet paper follows a bell curve along its price range. Too cheap and it’s painful and thin; too expensive and it’s so pumped with lotions, layers, and moisturizers that it forgets its function as, well, toilet paper, and winds up just waving at your butt as it goes by.
  • There are Geno fans on the internet. I should have known.
  • Pizza sauce is a lot simpler than I thought, but crust is still a bit tough to work out.


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