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What I Learned Since The Spring Equinox

  • Being head of a household is time-consuming, but rewarding.

  • Smart Watches are pretty dang fun.

  • Getting a business license is an annoying process.

  • If you fill a ping-pong ball with one hole in it with liquid nitrogen and then drop it into a pan of room temperature water, it'll flail around like a groundflower.

  • Kittens are busy.

  • They also flail around like groundflowers if you put collars on them.

  • A holomictic lake is one in which the layers of water mix at least once a year. A meromictic lake's water layers never mix.

  • You may actually be able to feel pneumonia in your lungs. Weird.

  • Dandelion champagne has a nice bite to it.

  • I can wear a cocktail dress if I get some leggings.

  • Carroll Spinney/Big Bird was almost slated to go into orbit, but the costume was too big. Which means he didn't get to go for his scheduled ride on ... the Challenger shuttle.

  • Being the "coach" for shows is almost as nerve-wracking as being the student.

  • There is such a thing as Nutella-flavored gelato.

  • The name "Saoirse" is pronounced "SEER-shuh."

  • Nikki Akuma-Bird needs to star in her own action space opera.

  • The term for oxygen-carrying blood cells is "erythrocyte."

  • At 3:00 a.m. or so in early June I can see the Milky Way unaided if I concentrate!

  • Kidney failure is one of the most common ailments of senior cats.

  • Trimming grape vines is a nice meditative process. You trim a lot, but it does grow back.

  • The bearded vulture is the only known warm-blooded osteophage--it eats actual bones. It has one tough gut.

  • A "ginger bug" is like a starter for sodas that makes use of wild yeasts.

  • Sun conures really are friendly little buggers. And loud. So loud.

  • And not all of them are really into toys. Some just want to chill on your shoulder.

  • Unless you're chewing something. Then they will bite your ear.

  • They can be potty trained after a fashion, though. Which is nice.

  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrom is another weird disorder that leads to things like oversized bones, stretchy skin, extreme flexibility, and other such strange effects.

  • Social change is messy, slow and difficult, but it does not do to get discouraged.

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Hey, everyone! Musical Houses has also caused something else to happen, too!


 photo 20150404_190115_zpsaa36py1n.jpg

These are my neighbor's surprise kittens. Neighbor Dude is a fisherman, and during Wild Sea Monkey* season out at the Great Salt Lake he and his fellow sailors kept feeding this one stray cat. At the end of the season he decided dangit, the cat deserved a home, so Valentine lives with his family now and seems incredibly happy with the arrangement.

Also, Valentine, as it turns out, was pregnant.

And now these two needed a home. And somehow or other, I wound up agreeing to taking them in. HOW COULD YOU RESIST?

So! Meet Starbuck!

 photo 20150404_183853_zpsu8ybxdgr.jpg
I suppose named after Starbuck from Moby Dick but honestly I just think the name "Starbuck" is fantastic. I considered calling her something piratical, like Jolly Roger. I think that might wind up being her nickname.

And Midna Merope!**

 photo 20150401_192057_zpsh6v5d6uj.jpg

(Sadly, there was a third white kitty in the litter who looked like she never fully developed. The neighbors' four-year-old daughter loved her, but she Failed To Thrive. So now there is a tiny grave in their yard for Purrscilla Willow White Snowy Mountain.)

Right now they're living with their mother for a few more weeks till they're weaned.*** I get to visit them when I can, though, and play with them (and the neighbor kids!). And I've already been taking towels with their scent home for the resident Grumpy Old Lady Cat, Fern, to investigate. She is suspicious, but this is cosmic payback for the fact that when she was a baby, she and her little sister tormented the then-Grumpy Old Lady Cat. The circle is complete. Though god only knows what'll happen if my brother's ridiculous kitty Harley also winds up living with us.

Anyway! I've got a lot to do to get ready for my little charges. And did I say a menagerie? Well, about that ... yeah. Stay tuned. I've been having a busy month!

*Okay, brine shrimp.

**Rejected names: Anna and Elsa; Anne Bonny and Mary Read; Pyanfar and Rhiow. The pirate ones are my runners-up, but the other names just fit better. I also considered Bouba and Kiki, but I couldn't decide which would be which. HAHAHA I crack myself up.

***Dad says Valentine projects the air of a teen mom. I see his point.
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Can I just say that I love that my siblings named their new black-and-orange split-face kitten Harley Dent? Because I really, really do.
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Neighbor Cat. Yes, I’m still taking care of her—Neighbor Lady has had some complications arise with recovery. And now the cat herself has been having trouble—she’s keeping one eye closed and it’s goopy. Fortunately, Neighbor Lady’s Son is in charge of taking the cat to the vet, so I don’t have to worry about that—although I have the sneaking suspicion I will get to do the medication.

I’ve considered just taking her home to live with us till Neighbor Lady comes home, but for two things. First, I don’t want Neighbor Lady to worry that I’m stealing her cat. Second, Neighbor Cat is declawed—and we have a most emphatically clawed cat at home. That would not be a fair match. So she gets to stay down the street.


Neighbor Cat is also impossible to photograph. She closes her eyes whenever the flash goes off, and even without flash she rarely looks at the camera for more than a second. This was the best shot I could get of her while we were hanging out reading together one day. But she’s still a pretty little cat, isn’t she?


Aug. 13th, 2012 11:05 am
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Hey, look! I have a pet bunny!

My dandelion crop over by the fence is doing almost as well as the calendulas!

And by “pet bunny” I mean “wild bunny who thinks my garden is delicious.” Which is entirely correct: My garden is delicious.

If I were really depending on this garden, I would take steps to protect it—chicken wire, rabbit deterrent, chasing varmints around with a pitchfork, etc..* But as it is, I am thrilled that somebody’s getting some use out of it. I have considered asking it not to go after the beans like a pair of furry little hedge clippers, but I think I’ll let that be, too. It’s always good to do one’s part for the food chain.

*Probably I'd also weed it more thoroughly, but I like dandelions. They get their own place to the side.
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Dudes, dig!


I say we find some mosquitos with THAT thing's blood in it.

Thanks to [ profile] kittikattie for the link!
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Hey, check out this really nifty link [ profile] sofish_sasha sent me: Inside The Mind of the Octopus. Not all the information will be new to everyone, but it’s all deeply fascinating. Alien intelligence, indeed.
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What I Learned Since The Spring Equinox

- Komodo dragons have a hunting strategy so creepy I now check my closet for them every night.
- Brandon Sanderson is a damn fine fantasy author.
- Tales from the Crypt was on HBO, making it a lot more TV-MA than I ever expected it to be. It’s still incredibly cheesy, though.
- One way to get that stonewashed jeans look is to unleash the cellulose-dissolving fungus Trichoderma. Jeans: pre-molded for your convenience!
- Above gateways in castles it was common to have a watchtower with a hole looking down upon people entering—where one could drop rocks or boiling oil on undesirables. This was called a MURDER HOLE.
- Snails and slugs are DEMON SPAWN FROM HELL WHO WILL EAT ALL YOUR BEANLINGS. They are one of the few members of the animal kingdom I cannot love anyway, so this is no surprise.
- The USDA divides US climates into numbered garden hardiness zones, with lower numbers equalling harsher growing conditions. It does not work quite as well in the western US as in the east, though. However, Salt Lake City is roughly Zone 6.
- DeviantART twits ship Kel/Joren. OH GOD WHY.
- Dad does not like heights.
- Raccoons can have 3-6 kits in a litter. In your attic.
- The Four Corners region’s desert status is even more recent than I realized—at the tail end of the ice age, it was a lot more temperate and its woodlands probably even reached above your waist.
- Sometimes the things you think are your job actually get you into trouble with your boss.
- Total Recall is an awesome movie. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME?*
- For that matter, so is Invasion of the Body Snatchers—both the 1956 and 1978 versions.
- The Great Basin is a subset of the Basin and Range region of the US. I was never really clear on the difference.
- The pygmy hog’s piglets fit in your palm and are the most adorable things short of baby golden moles.
- William Gibson’s early, non-awful treatment of Alien3 is available online. It is still not as awesome as the version in my head, because nothing could be, but at least it’s got adventures and Hicks and Bishop and Newt!
- On a similar note, James Cameron’s Avatar would have greatly benefitted from the hour of deleted and only-partially-animated scenes on the Extra Super Bonus DVD. I’m not saying that would’ve made it a great movie, but it would’ve been a better movie. You get more Norm! And more Max! How is that bad?
- Most people do not find a cut and size of jeans that work for them, then just keep buying that style over and over so they don’t have to bother trying them on. Weirdos.
- Sometimes you find yourself running a bed and breakfast purely by accident. Anybody else want to touch the llama?

*I showed it to my sister, whose response was “Oh, my god, why have I not been watching this every day since high school?”
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… Okay, it is definitely a raccoon—and, as I guessed once I was sure it was not a moose, it is a mother raccoon. I know this because I just saw her exit the soffit* with a fat little baby raccoon swinging from her jaws.

I think she’s relocating them, so evidently our Yelling At The Raccoon strategy actually worked.** I’m feeling pretty smart myself for having suggested leaving the soffit accessible in case of relocation. However, I am not a raccoon expert; I am a dumb homeowner who watches lots of nature shows, so I will still be calling in wildlife people as soon as the clock strikes Reasonable to make sure she really is relocating her litter and not taking them on a field trip or something, and also to do whatever it is wildlife people do about the problem of raccoon poop in the attic and the skin-crawling parasites and microorganisms it carries. (I am having a Hannelore-style meltdown over these. Having survived malaria with no lasting damage does not, it seems, make me any less neurotic about diseases.)

First I’m going to get some sleep, though, because aside from my cartoonish war with varmints, I also have an interview for an amazing job promotion in a few hours. It’s going to be a fun day.

(A lot of y’all offered some raccoon-repelling advice to me. In turn, I will offer you a very useful site I found with some good basic information. I can see why it’s at the top of Google’s list.)

*This is a new word I have learned today!

**Either that, or she does not care for Dad’s classic rock surround sound playlist. And who can blame her? I'd probably head for the hills too if I thought Don Henley or Jackson Browne was in the vicinity.
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When the suburb you live in is a few blocks away from a national forest, you’ve got to be prepared for some animal activity. Quail will congregate in the middle of the street, deer will eat your garden plants, and every so often rattlesnakes will decide your driveway is nice and baskable. Sometimes birds will make nests in your dryer exhaust. Sometimes skunks will vent their panic glands in your vicinity. And sometimes you will wake up to find that your beloved cat Charlotte has probably been eaten by a mountain lion.

But you take this all philosophically enough, because you may have loved your cat, but you do live next to a god damn mountain. You will give the animals fair play.

At least, until they get into your house.

Yes, our house has a varmint in the ceiling, and it has been there for weeks. Probably it’s a raccoon, although judging by the amount of noise it’s been making it could also be a moose.* We do not know how it got in, although my money’s on the chimney. We just want to figure out how it will get out. We have used a number of strategies:

-Yelling At It To Keep The Noise Down

-Exhorting The Cat To Do Her Damn Job**

-Having An Exterminator Come In And Tell Us It’s Probably A Bird, Then Say It’s Not His Job To Do Birds

-Yelling At The Varmint Some More

-Endlessly Quoting Various Lines And Catchphrases From Aliens

-Checking The Chimneys And Capping Them***

-Discovering This Did Not Work When A Varmint Misstepped And Fell Through The Eaves, Spilling Insulation Gunk All Over The Deck And Nearly Severing Our Internet Cable

… And that’s as far as we’ve gotten; Dad and I just managed to wedge the eave into place, but we’re going to have to come up with a new strategy that is not “Nuke the site from orbit.” (See? It’s hard not to make a reference.) My suggestion to bust out the Shop Vac has been vetoed, but I still think it’s a good idea. But Dad better come around fast. I’m not so sure the varmints’ next attempt to cut our internet and power will fail.

*Or a cephalopod, as I am so often reminded.

**Although given that the cat is officially a “senior” cat, perhaps she thinks she’s due for retirement.

***That one was a team effort. Dad bought the roof safety kit, scaled the ladder, managed to climb from ladder to roof despite his fake hip, roped himself to the chimney so that he would not fall the several-story drop from our side-o’-the-mountain house, checked for varmints, screwed caps onto the openings, and gingerly climbed down. Me, I held the ladder.
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So I just watched possibly the creepiest nature show I have ever seen, barring that one special where David Attenborough told me all the ways wasps are the scariest fuckers on the planet.* This special was about Komodo dragons and how they hunt, and it also involved David Attenborough.

So they were all excited for this special because this time they were going to find out how the dragons hunt, unlike the last documentary they did where David just tossed a dead goat onto the beach and stood around hosting a nature show whilst roughly two million giant killer lizards tore a goat apart at his feet, and the basic message of the bit seemed to be “I’m David Attenborough, and I am standing in front of a feeding frenzy of KOMODO FUCKING DRAGONS.”**

This time, though, they locked him in the sound booth while the cameramen went off to see what dragons eat when badass naturalists aren’t around to toss them goat carcasses. And what they found out was that the dragons feast upon DREAD AND DESPAIR.

So the crew finds a water buffalo and sits around waiting for shit to happen, and they’re like “There is a lizard right there, shit should be happening, it literally just poked that buffalo in the side with its tongue,” but the buffalo and lizard both just look sort of bored.

Then, a bit later, the dragon lunges and chomps a chunk out of the buffalo, and the cameramen are like “FINALLY.” But the buffalo is all “OW WHAT THE FUCK, DRAGON?” and kicks the dragon, and the dragon backs off like, “Sorry, sorry, I didn’t think you were using that chunk of flesh, my bad,” and then for a while nothing happens. The dragon goes back to staring intently at the buffalo, the buffalo goes about his business and bleeds a bit, and the camera guys are like “… That was it?”

And then they notice the other dragons.

As the day goes on, more and more dragons just sort of meander over to the buffalo’s vicinity. The buffalo continues to do whatever it is buffalo do, possibly muttering under its breath about asshole lizards, and the dragons make themselves comfortable. And just stare.

And the next day they are still there, staring at the buffalo.

They stay through the next day. And the next.

And this goes on for days, with the buffalo being like “Dragons, you are giving me the creeps,” but the dragons just KEEP STARING. Then the buffalo starts looking like it feels a bit under the weather, and moves less and less each day. And each day the dragons get closer and closer, all the time just WATCHING him, until finally THREE WEEKS LATER the buffalo keels over as the venom from that initial dragon bite finally knocks him down so hard he can’t get up.


And then, a couple hours after the buffalo falls, they’ve stripped him of all his flesh, and they transform from a ravening mass of scaly eating machines to a bunch of lizards that just kind of wander off into the jungle, looking as though the past three weeks of glaring at a buffalo until he died was no big deal.

All that is left are the cameramen, standing there questioning the beliefs they held that there was any goodness to be found in the universe.***

I was going to watch the next special on the DVD—probably about penguins, since it’s impossible to do any nature program without at least half an hour of penguins—but first I had to check my closet for Komodo dragons. Facehuggers I can handle, but Komodo dragons? They’re just SPOOKY.

*Alien fans probably know that the xenomorph's life cycle is loosely based on the life cycle of the family of Ichneumon wasps. Many of the species in this family lay their eggs inside of a spider so that when the larvae hatch, they can eat their way out. The myriad ways they do this, it turns out, are WAY GODDAMN SCARIER than getting assaulted by a facehugger and then having the resulting ugly critter slam through your ribcage like the Kool-Aid Man. The ways the wasps do it make John Hurt’s famous death scene look as peaceful as getting carried off by angels while you sleep.

**This was also the series boasting a scene with the message “I am David Attenborough, and I am standing next to a FUCKING VOLCANO, which is erupting, BECAUSE I CAN.” This was back when he was a spry middle-aged badass and could film on location with only moderate wheezing.

***No, seriously, they had a behind-the-scenes bit where clearly distraught cameramen are confessing that they feel like they have become the dark harbingers of death as they follow this buffalo around.
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Got my mushroom log up and running! It is so far a bit of an ugly sight, sittin’ on my desk next to my Klein bottle and my jewelry pile.* I am led to understand that they will look quite lovely when they grow, but for now it looks like I have a very weird shrine to nougat sitting near my window. We shall see how that unfolds.


Speaking of mushrooms, I’ve been learning “Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms” on the ocarina. Only trouble with video game songs is trying to end them. Perhaps this is why my cat has taken to punching me in the stomach when I play them. But it’s worth it—this song is ridiculously fun to play.

Anyway, while trying to find some sheet music for it I discovered that my weird love of Geno is shared by many other people who are probably equally weird. He is one of my favorite characters in the Mario franchise, despite Square’s refusal to let him come out and play anymore. (It’s okay! I made up for that prominently in my own extremely bad Super Mario stories, which I wrote obsessively in sixth grade before I even knew that anyone else in the entire world wrote fanfiction!) Good to know I'm not alone.


I love the way people who make TV shows are completely clueless about video games. They don’t even try. They’ll have some scene where two people are furiously button-mashing, and saying scripted things like “Aha you got me that time!” or “Let me get the next powerup!”, except that any gamer could tell you that these idiots have got the game on single player mode, and furthermore it’s the middle of a cutscene. It has the great effect of making any character with a controller look like the little kids at the arcade who are furiously toggling the joystick and cheering while the screen still says INSERT TOKEN TO PLAY.**


I have been craving pizza lately, but there is no good pizza place around here, frozen pizzas are nasty, and ready-made some-assembly-required pizza sauces and crusts all have about four cups of sugar dumped into them to appeal to the discerning consumer palate. But by god, it got bad, so I finally caved in and made my own damn pizza yesterday evening. IT TURNS OUT I SHOULD DO THAT MORE OFTEN.


It’s a mite cloudy these last few nights, but I did manage to identify Betelgeuse as Betelgeuse and not just “one of the stars in Orion.”*** I’d never bothered to pay attention to star colors before, but it really is orange. I’ll be damned.


Had to do this the night after a raccoon-and-skunk skirmish in the yard so’s I didn’t pass out from skunk fallout. That must have been some battle, because it involved a raccoon disguising itself as our cat, possibly replete with papers forged by Donald Pleasence. Mom opened the door and called for the cat, and lo a big furry thing with a stripey tail responded instantly by bounding toward her. No hesitation, no wild animal wariness, just “You’re inviting me in? THANK GOODNESS. THERE ARE SKUNKS OUT HERE!” We literally had to slam the door on it when we realized it was an imposter. And yes, we kept the real cat in for the rest of the evening.

*I try to keep my jewelry in boxes, but it always outgrows ’em. It’s like pasta from Strega Nona’s magical pot, only with more shiny bits.

**Or like your little sister back when she was really tiny and wanted to play video games so you gave her your other controller, which was not even hooked to the console, and told her she could “help” you, not that I ever did this.

***I know the four stars are supposed to frame his tunic, but frankly Orion always looks more like a guy doing a jumping jack to me. But at least it’s one of the few constellations I can recognize by gestalt!
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Dude, a raccoon just tried to JIMMY THE LOCK on our back door.

Zombie Apocalypse = old meme. Raccoon Apocalypse = IMMEDIATE DANGER.

At least the cat is on red alert now. THAT'LL make me sleep better.
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Hey, cool! We just saw an owl in the cottonwood stand! I’m not sure what kind it was because it was silhouetted by the valley lights,* but I am going to guess great horned owl, because it had little tufts and because they’re apparently the most common kind of owl around here.

Nifty moment there. I see various raptors circling around here in the daytime, but seeing an owl out the window is a bit rarer.

I can’t help but think that the poor bugger must be freezing, too. Hope it finds a mouse or something to keep that energy up.

*Hell, for a bit we wondered if we might be seeing a raccoon, because there were two confused but very recognizable raccoons in the trees as well, and our eyes are bad. So I got my opera glass and noted that it was probably not a raccoon unless raccoons spread out their tail feathers for preening. The part where it flew away was also a hint.
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What I Learned Since The Autumn Equinox

  • The song played at Bilbo’s birthday in Fellowship of the Ring has a name: “Flaming Red Hair”
  • The Sea Organ is a concrete construction on the beach in Zadar, Croatia, as a way to mitigate mess made on the coast during World War II. It’s got a resonance chamber under its marble steps and a Series Of Tubes. Thus, when the wind and the waves move through it, it makes music!
  • While I kew about the tragic story of Judith Barsi, the voice of Duckie in The Land Before Time, I did not know she had a marker saying “Yep, Yep, Yep!” That makes me feel slightly better.
  • There is a nifty food co-op in Salt Lake City!
  • The best kind of pie is cheese-and-mushroom.
  • Verjuice, an acidic juice made by pressing unripe green grapes, was a condiment widely used in the Middle Ages.
  • You no longer need assistance for red paint at those pottery-painting studios.
  • Anything is possible when you smell like a monster and know the word “on.”
  • My synesthesia still applies to music notation. Not to musical notes themselves, but to reading music—the notes are the same colors as their corresponding letters.
  • Wearing a wrist brace actually can make your whole arm feel better.
  • The Na’vi language nerds are doing double-time to catch up to the Klingon language nerds. Paul Frommer has a blog and a posse!
  • People have a tough time keeping promises when those promises go against obsessive thoughts.
  • The Australian sleepy lizard is monogamous, and will return to its mate every year for 20+ years. It will also hold several-day vigils if their mate dies.
  • When you drain blisters, you’re better off inserting the needle along the side.
  • Satin is evil when you’re sewing. There’s a reason it’s only one letter away from “Satan.”
  • Ringo Starr has a Christmas album!
  • It takes a while for agents to respond when they’re reading a sample chapter of your novel.  And the suspense is No Fun At All.

Tough Call

Dec. 6th, 2010 02:37 am
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Now THERE'S something to make me feel better. Which is more adorable: BAAAAAABY PLATYPUS, or David Attenborough wearing waders and giggling as Mama Platypus nibbles the remote camera he's controlling?
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This morning I woke up to someone banging on my window. BAM BAM BAM. BAM BAM BAM.

Once I figured out it was coming from the window—not easy, as the whole place was rattling—it was time to narrow it down further. Confused burglar? Lovesick lad? No, couldn’t see anyone … Um, cold ghost?


Finally I gave up and went around to see what all the noise was.

It was a northern flicker who’d decided to take up residence in our house, bashin’ his head against our deck.

Darn nature. I’d tell it to get off my lawn, but then I wouldn’t have a lawn.
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What I Learned Since The Summer Solstice
  • Flash photography really does damage exhibits.
  • I knew about the state dinosaur, but I had no idea Utah had an official state cookware. Upon learning this, however, I did correctly guess what it was: the Dutch oven.
  • The story of Marco Polo bringing noodles to Europe from China is a myth.
  • Every year in Teton National Park at least one family assumes that “bear spray” works like bug spray. So before going on a hike they line their kids up, and … well, I hear the park’s clinic is very good.
  • Never try to do a road trip after missing a day of Zoloft.
  • There are petroglyphs like EIGHT FEET off the road to Moab. Why have I never seen them before?
  • Grendel was a velociraptor!
  • Okay, maybe not.
  • In the study of prehistoric animals and so-called “transitional fossils,”* the question of whether an animal was reptile or mammal is settled by checking the jaw and inner ear apparatus.
  • Psittacosaurus was a great dinosaur—basically a badass parrot.
  • Those Wheel of Morality bumps at the ends of kids’ TV shows—Knowing Is Half The Battle, And Now A Message From The POWER RANGERS!—have a distant ancestor in medieval theater, when people would perform stupid farces in churches and conclude with a sudden random promo for Christianity. “And so the shepherds found out their friend had stolen the sheep and pretended it was his son, and they all had a good laugh, in conclusion Christ Child.”
  • Speaking of Power Rangers and tolerance, David Yost left the show one day when the homophobic taunts of the crew, who apparently never watched those bumps, got to be too much for him. AND UPON LEARNING THIS, ALL THE PIECES OF MY SHATTERED CHILDHOOD SUDDENLY FIT TOGETHER. All I had known of those dark times was that suddenly Billy was no longer on the show, and so I was no longer watching it.
  • Ear drops are more trouble than they’re worth.
  • Pets don’t always live their full life span.
  • Neither do people.
  • Even when you know it’s coming, death is a shock.
  • Losing a twin is more traumatic than losing a non-twin sibling.
  • Dad is a Led Zeppelin fan.
  • Magnetic clasps for necklaces are expensive, but totally worth it.
  • Ngila Dickson is my new hero: she designed the costumes for Lord of the Rings, and thus had to figure out what each culture would wear. Also, she had to have each costume made around forty times—and in the case of the hobbits, she had to weave the fabrics twice so they’d fit the same on both the actors and their smaller doubles.**
  • Quad-ruled notebooks are the best kind for clear thinking.
  • The Hawaiian Islands were, in fact, plagued by wild cattle after Captain Cook introduced them as an ill-advised gift to King Kamehameha I.
  • Major depressive disorder is insurable, but PCOS isn't.
  • Glass stovetops can be hazardous additions to any kitchen.
  • Mint is a thug. Never plant it in your container garden. And thanks to the Awesome Power Of The Internet, not to mention [ profile] kitmf , I didn’t even have to learn this the hard way!
  • The Northern and Southern Air Temples were run by monks, while the Eastern and Western Temples were run by nuns. Just as I suspected!
*This phrase always bugs me.  All fossils are transitional fossils, really.  But it does make sense for the transition of our nomenclature.

**She also gets bonus points for something I noticed a while back: she does the same thing to differentiate Rosie Cotton that they do in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to set Belle apart from the villagers. Notice how both Belle and Rosie are the only ones in their villages to wear blue.
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Nearly smashed a bunny this evening on the way up the hill. Dumb bastard had elected the middle of the street as a good place to be a sentinel, and it wasn’t going to move just because some damn car was lumbering toward it.

I braked when I saw the thing ahead, and when my headlights fell on it I had to come to a full stop. The bunny eyed me boredly, with no sign of that frozen-in-the-headlights emptiness you normally get with roadbunnies.

I rolled down the window. “GET OUT OF THE ROAD, YOU DUMB BUNNY!” I suggested.

The bunny began to wash its face.*

“Honk,” said my car.

“THUMP,” went the bunny, without leaving its post.**

I sighed and drove around the bunny. You just can’t beat stubbornness like that.

*This is possibly one of the cutest sights in the world. I advise you to watch a bunny wash its face if you ever get the chance.

**I admit, the idea of thumping on asphalt makes me wince. That’s gotta hurt, bro.
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It’s Monday, dudes! I do, in fact, hate Mondays—I have to get up at a reasonable hour and work at both my jobs. So I offer you a few minutes of zen on this particular Monday, in the form of happy bunnies!

When bunnies are happy, they may have an almost literal spastic moment—launching into the air and maybe twisting and running around in circles. I refer to it as the Happy Bunny Dance, but it’s formally known as a “binky.”* It’s the cutest dang thing in the world.

Truth be told, after having owned a mini lop, I’ve got to say that the normal kind of bunny ears look very strange to me. The default rabbit, in my head, has droopy long ears that may hit the floor, leaving plenty of room on top for a bunny fauxhawk. Plus, mini lops are the greatest kind of rabbit because they are laid-back, amiable, and inquisitive, and also they are fluffy. And when they lope along their ears kind of flop with every step.

And if anything can get me smiling on a Monday, it’s the thought of rabbits. Embrace the zen of the happy bunny. You won’t regret it.

*Look, it’s hard to be formal about a move like that. It’s actually just hard to be formal about an animal that routinely has to eat its food twice because it didn’t digest it enough the first time.


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