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So what's that? Mom left early for Thanksgiving in California, leaving Dad and me to follow her later? You know what that means! Time for Adventures With Dad!


DAD: Well, shall we watch a movie together? We've got some science fiction ones here. Like that Tom Cruise one. Or Transformers 4!
ME: Ooh, I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy!
DAD: Or we could watch Transformers!
ME: And I can't stand Tom Cruise, but yeah, Emily Blunt is pretty great. And I like the idea of being stuck in a video game.
DAD: Let's just watch the Transformers trailer.
ME: I rather want--

Hour 427 of Transformers 4

DAD: I have no idea what is going on.
ME: God this movie is a mess but Optimus Christ just punched Grimlock into an alliance and is riding him like Yoshi so everything's cool I guess.

And then I was useless for weeks, because even terrible Transformers movies* leave me on a giant robot high that only subsides after a month or two.


DAD: Tonight, you want to go to Interstellar?
DAD: No, but your sister's been on a movie high from that one. We could go see it!
ME: For the record, it's three hours long and we can't pause for bathroom breaks in the theater.
DAD: OR we could stay in and watch this Live/Die/Repeat one.
DAD: Just make the popcorn.

It Was Like Being In A Video Game

DAD: Well, I'll admit that was a much better movie than our previous selection.
ME: Yeah, but it could have used more Optimus Prime.
DAD: You say that about everything.
ME: Look, you're the one who insisted we watch Transformers last night.

Then, We Struck Out For California )
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Well, off to Sacramento for Thanksgiving with Mom's family. Try not to descend into apocalyptic dystopia while I'm gone.

Home Again

Sep. 8th, 2014 05:56 pm
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I'm back!

What's that? You didn't know I was gone? Well, fair enough. That's what I get for not keeping you up to date. But yeah, since my brother and sister are both visiting, the family went to Moab, and the only internet I bothered with was the kind that announces new Ph.Doctors.

I was hoping to get some writing done while I was down there--I am ever the optimist about how these vacations are gonna go--but when I wasn't swimming in the pool or hiking and climbing around desert formations,* I was having truly murderous allergy attacks. Even the DESERT wants to kill me.

But it was good times! I took pictures! I will post them eventually! In the meantime, anything interesting happen to you guys while I was gone?

*Okay, even when I was doing the hiking.
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So! Chicago was pretty fun to visit, I must say. I only spent a couple of days there, but they were pretty enjoyable even if god DAMN my feet hurt.

 photo 0Buildings_zpse31d1500.jpg

What is it with skyscrapers? I mean, they look awfully pretty, yes. But to someone who is used to a large sprawling suburban valley surrounded by mountains, they also look like an attempt to give some kind of shape to a flat place. Plus, I'm not used to buildings that take up whole blocks (even small, non-Salt Lake City blocks). But maybe it was just my TOO MANY HUMANS reaction kicking in.

And so many of them are named after companies. Which is just ... telling, I guess.

 photo 0GothicRocket_zpsa57f9643.jpg

I like this one just because it's some weird hybrid, and the older one on the left has the nickname of "The Gothic Rocket."

More Chicago Photos )

 photo 0FinallyMet_zpsff8e4f76.jpg

The best part of the trip, though, was getting to meet [ profile] childthursday and Jess! I have known [ profile] childthursday for quite a while online, and have gotten to watch her meet and form a relationship with Jess through her writing. It was wonderful to finally see her face-to-face, and to be able to celebrate their marriage with them!

(Whenever partygoers asked where I was from, I answered "The Internet!")

More Photos, Including The Most Magnificent Cake Ever )

Anyway! That's all for this time! Mini Addy's adventures turned out to be pretty photogenic, too, so they'll be up next! Stay tuned!

I'm Back!

Jun. 30th, 2014 08:44 pm
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... But I'm running on very little sleep, so y'all will have to wait for me to elaborate on my adventures. It included wedding parties, weird museums, a zoo, the American Girl Store, a boat, and lots and lots of absurdly tall buildings. The best part was meeting a longtime friend in person, too!

And yes, Mini Addy was with me, so you will get more of her adventures. But right now, I've got to go soak my aching feet and enjoy a cup of tea.


Jun. 27th, 2014 02:26 pm
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Hey, guys! Guess who got married?

What? No! No, it's not me. The correct answer is [ profile] childthursday, who was finally able to get married a few months ago--and now she's having her wedding bash, and I am TOTALLY going. I'm off to Chicago this weekend to toast the happy couple! I'm only spending a couple days, but I'm looking forward to meeting her* and her lovely lady and having a party and eating cake and maybe doing some tourism. And yes, I plan to take pictures.

Anyway, don't do anything nuts without me, y'all! See you after the weekend!

*I love how the internet works. "My friend of many years got married! I'm going to go meet her for the first time at the party!"
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Mini Addy seems to have gotten the travel bug. When I went to California back in November (shut up I told you I'd get to this eventually), she came with me, because who doesn't like checking out new places? And California has so many interesting places to check out!

 photo GettingontheTrain_zps240cb073.jpg

This time we're taking the train. Addy's been on road trips, plane trips, and even boat trips, but never on a train trip. And it's doubly exciting to board at 11:30 pm.

 photo BunkBed_zps94e0ae97.jpg

In the roomette Addy wanted the top bunk at first ...

 photo OuttheWindow_zpsadcfc072.jpg

... but then she realized it was more fun on the bottom because she could watch the lights go by through the window.

 photo HangingWithGram_zps3c51e7e0.jpg

We made it to Sacramento! This was where Addy would meet my grandmother--and they got along very well. I knew they would!

But THEN What Did We Do? )
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My siblings' apartment is a nice setup , with an open kitchen/living area and an airy hallway. They've been gathering furniture for it, and it's getting pretty comfy. The one strange thing, though, was the drifted piles of plasticky and papery and feathery little ditzels and greebles in odd corners.

MY SISTER: Oh, those. Yeah, just be glad there aren't any Starbursts or grapes. All will become clear in time. Anyway, here's the air mattress. Tomorrow we'll go pick up Harley.

Meeting the Kitty

It's been a while since I've had a tiny kitty around. My cat is old and tired, and outdoorsy, able to gallivant around outside if she's bored. I'd been assured by my siblings that little Harley* is in no way an old lady cat. And when we went to pick her up from the friend's house where she was staying, I quickly saw it for myself.

FRIEND: It was great to have Harley back with the other cats! Back when we were fostering her, before you adopted her, the other cats were a little annoyed with her. She's settled down a lot since then!
HARLEY: *streaks by chasing one of the other cats*
MY BROTHER: Thanks again for taking her in again. And for dinner! You guys are great.
FRIEND: No problem! We love you guys! And it's nice to see your sister again.
ME: I am glad to see you, as well!
FRIEND: Indeed! Let's enjoy some dinner!
HARLEY: *zooms by again* MEEP MEEP!

She didn't even slow down after we'd left their excellent dinner and went home. The moment we arrived at the apartment, she launched herself into the nearest pile of the debris drifted in the corners of the house. The ditzels and thingies were her toys. And by god, she liked them. She selected one and brought it to me.

ME: Well, hey, little buddy!
HARLEY: Look! This is my favorite toy! That plastic seal-and-ring thing that seals an orange juice carton! It is the best thing ever! MAKE IT GO!
ME: ... Uh, okay. *toss*

First cat I've ever met who plays fetch.

More things! Not ALL of them are cat-related! )
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So you might remember, a few weeks ago I took a trip to see some California family!

I figured I'd try trains because I hate plane travel, so if nothing else this would at least open up a different set of inconveniences and annoyances for me. But it was actually fun!


MOM: ... and don't forget to pack underwear and say thank you and don't follow strangers into windowless vans and ...
AUNT: I brought you a travel kit of trail mix and handiwipes!
DAD: If any outlying family members offer you drugs, don't take them!
ME: Why is everyone so dang nervous about this?
MOM: What are you talking about? You're a ball of anxiety, yourself.
ME: Well, yes, but I get this way when I'm going to the grocery store. It's pretty much my default state. It's new with you guys.

So I hopped on the sleeper train, trailing a few more Momisms in my wake, and enjoyed a nice nighttime ride in my own little roomette, which was only occasionally interrupted by the car's tendency to lurch just enough to send me rolling into the wall. But this was still more tolerable when lying in the little bunk than when, say, trying to use the bathroom. But I could live with that sort of thing, because at least I didn't have PLANE NOISE crushing my skull. Did I mention I hate planes?

Experience the EXPERIENCE! )

I'm Back!

Dec. 4th, 2013 10:41 am
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Okay, I was supposed to get back yesterday morning, but I hopped on the wrong train* and briefly wound up on Mars and had to sort that out. (My grandmother was thrilled to have an extra day with me, though.)

So I got in at 3 a.m. this morning. And let me tell you, sleeper trains are fun, but they aren't conducive to, y'know, actual SLEEPING, what with the way you have to constantly brace yourself to avoid falling off your cute little bunk. Plus, I think a Benny Hill sketch was going on outside my room--lots of running and doors slamming and possibly a fancy lady whose dress got knocked off and a guy in a bear suit, and who can sleep during THAT?

And then Mom wanted me to come to work today. I'd tell her hell no, except she drove 10 miles through the ice and snow to get me at 3 a.m. and also I need the money.

But by god I am not going to strain my brain. You guys will just have to wait to hear about Train Quest and Adventures With One Hundred Thousand Relatives and Siblings Using Secret Codes and Fun With BART and San Francisco and One Ridiculous Baby Kitty. I am sure you're dying to get the whole story, but dangit I can't even think straight right now. But it'll be forthcoming!

*Don't laugh! They all look alike, dammit!
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I am in the Bay Area, y'all!

So the train journey went fine, so I guess all those train shenanigans I learned from various murder mysteries was slightly inaccurate. Not one person was murdered. Probably that's a plus.

Then there were a couple days at my 96-year-old grandmother's, hanging with my 47 million aunts and uncles and cousins and miscellaneous probable relations.* And now here I am spending the rest of the weekend with my brother and sister! I'll be checking out their hometown and meeting their Tasmanian Devil of a kitty. So once again, I may stay a little less communicative this weekend. But so far I am still alive!

Hope all y'all are having a good weekend too!

Oh, and if any of my internet pals are around, drop me a note and I'll try to see if we can hang out!

*I am related to EVERYBODY. Had a cousin mention that her daughter had a sister, then hasten to clarify how that worked when said cousin had only one kid, and I was like "at this point I don't even question that. She could have eight sisters with different backstories, and they all would count."
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On Tuesday I'll be traveling to California for to visit my siblings and some extended family for Thanksgiving! Haven't seen my 96-year-old grandmother since she was, like, 92. I'm taking along my ocarina and one of the dolls to start conversations.

And I'll be taking the train! See, I really fucking hate air travel, because do I really need to finish this sentence? So I figure that taking a train instead will at least afford me new and different ways to be stressed out and inconvenienced.

Anyway, also gonna be in the Bay Area for a couple days. I know I've got a few LJ folks in that vicinity, too. Perhaps I'll see y'all there! Anything is possible when you're riding a train!
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Remember when I said I brought my Roaming Addy along to the Tetons? Well, I didn't forget!

Welcome to the Grand Tetons! Addy got to hang out with us there for a few days. She did have a few adventures of her own while we were doing our own thing. Check it out!

 photo RoamingAddyatJacksonLakeLodge_zps1ccd45f5.jpg

Addy stayed with us at Jackson Lake Lodge. It's a beautiful inn with an unbelievable view. With binoculars, you could see some pretty interesting wildlife while sitting on that patio. And Addy was especially impressed by the mountains themselves.

 photo RoamingDollandTree_zpsf747637b.jpg

Time to check out Jenny Lake! Addy found a nice spot to chill out before hitting the trail.

 photo RoamingAddy-TrailClosed_zps421585d2.jpg

... But not that trail.

 photo RoamingAddyClimbingSagebrush_zps96bed739.jpg

At least there are great opportunities to explore! Addy could identify some plants and birdwatch.

 photo RoamingAddybytheLake_zps50edd410.jpg

And the lake was nice.

 photo RoamingAddysMushroomRavioli_zps2a1b16c9.jpg

Afterward, Addy relaxed with some good food in the Pioneer Room. Mushroom ravioli is really good ...

 photo RoamingAddyScalingMtOwens_zpseaa75a82.jpg

... but scaling the delicious cookie-and-ice-cream Mount Owens dessert is way more exciting.

 photo RoamingAddyEnjoystheView_zps6741e6e1.jpg

The trip was over too soon. Addy was sorry to be leaving the magnificent place, but she knew that it's one of our favorite spots--so, most likely, she'd be visiting it again in the future. In the meantime, she has the memories!
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So a couple weeks ago, my family and I went to Grand Teton National Park. And, this being Modern Times, we all brought cameras. So now, you lucky dogs you, you get to see my vacation slides!

 photo Botanizing_zps42d1a9ce.jpg

Coming at you, Jackson--and I am all ready for Nature Science. In the back pocket of that vest (damn I love that vest*) are about eight more little pamphlets on identifying plants, animals, rocks, etc..

That hat, by the way, is one I bought earlier this summer. It came with a veritable NOVEL of helpful instructions and other ephemera. Thing deserves its own entry, frankly.

Hey, who's that down in my pocket? Is that Mini Addy? Do you suppose she had adventures of her own in the Tetons? FORESHADOWING!)

 photo Pose_zpsb9de1f48.jpg

Wilderness disco party! WOO!

More under here! WOO! )

While my family was having adventures, Mini Addy had a few of her own. I'll put those together in the next few days!

*Dad was not sure about it because of the size issue: I was getting it from the men's section, which did not take into account some aspects of my topography. It's tough to find a women's vest with even five thousand pockets, though. For all that, I am really pleased with how it fits!


Aug. 9th, 2013 01:15 am
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Off to Jackson Hole for a few days! The siblings are around, so we're going off to enjoy ourselves. Internet will be spotty there, so if I don't say anything for a few days, you'll know why!
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The first thing I found out about Disneyland was possibly the weirdest, too: I have never been there, and yet I knew my way around. No, it’s not some eerie “I’ve been here before” feeling, neither. It’s because I’ve freaking played Epic Mickey. Turns out the areas in that game weren’t just kind of inspired by Disneyland—they actually matched the layout of Main Street, New Orleans Square, Tomorrowland, etc.. It was … kinda strange, frankly.

ME: I have this overwhelming urge to squirt paint everywhere.

MY BROTHER: Me too. At least we aren’t trying to use thinner.

ME: Unless we get ambushed by that rocking Phineas and Ferb truck again. I am totally willing to melt them.


My Favorite Spot, Unsuprisingly, Was Tomorrowland

ME: Innoventions! Dream House! I AM SO THERE!

MY BROTHER: Engineering stuff!

MY SISTER: *sad puppy eyes* Rides?


*we explore the carousel Dream House, brought to you by innovative companies of THE FUTURE buy their stuff!*

ME: Dig! Bedrooms! Of THE FUTURE!

MY BROTHER: Kitchen! Of THE FUTURE! … But where are the cake-baking robot hands?

ME: Impractical computer screen dining room table! Of THE FUTURE!

EXASPERATED CAST MEMBER: You guys realize that all this technology is available now, right?

ME: And you realize this means we’re LIVING in The Future, right?

Cast Guy was not amused. Fortunately, later we found an enthusiastic Cast Girl who was all over Living In THE FUTURE, so that’s okay.



I kept getting drawn toward this thing. Not to ride it, just because it’s pretty. Hundertwassery, even!


Now, since LucasArts and Disney are BFFs, there’s a harsh truth one must accept about the park: at some point, your ass WILL get whacked with a lightsaber. )


Halloween At Dizney: Beware Of Orange Thing )


The Haunted Mansion Manic Holiday )



My sister wore this previously-acquired hat all week, making her darn easy to spot. There’s a sticker on the front with Peter Pan on it, which she touched up with a ballpoint pen at some point. The painstakingly written “FUCK YEAH” on it became a problem when we discovered that everyone in the universe wanted her hat. Guess they don’t make them anymore. They’d ask to examine it, and she always swept it off with a flourish so that her hand covered the sticker.



My linguist powers tell me this is a pretty straightforward cipher. Hell, if you cross your eyes, you can read it.

This was part of the Indiana Jones ride, which my sister's buddy insisted we go on. Turns out she had good reason. Dang what a fun ride.


ME: Say, what have we here? Looks like somebody went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

SMALL PRINCESS: I did! And my fairy godmother helped me with my hair!

ME: That explains the sparkles, all right. Say, Dude, why don’t you go to the Boutique?

MY BROTHER: Because I’m wearing a hat.

ME: Nonsense. I for one completely support your transformation into Princess Sparklebeard.

MY BROTHER: Well, I would look good in a tiara.


These Are Definitely For Holding Toothpicks )

STORE GUY: You have a point. … I see you also bought a Mickey shirt.

ME: I couldn’t find an Oswald one.


And, alas, that was my one regret for the trip. An Oswald shirt is even more elusive than a happy Donald shirt. But if that’s the one tragedy of the trip, then I’d say it was darn successful!
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Off to Disneyland I go! See y'all next week!
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To my own bewilderment, I have never, not once, been to Disneyland. Oh, I've been to DisneyWORLD, at the age of nine, and in my conservative opinion it was the GREATEST THING EVER,* but I've never been to the California one.

So my sister has taken it upon herself to fix this sorry situation. Over her fall break next month she and her friend are dragging me to LA, where we will meet my brother for a few days of Disney shenanigans. The bad news is that we have to drive there (I wanted to take the train), but hey, the good news? I'm going to DISNEYLAND.

*Especially since my parents, who at that point had a large chunk of cash to spend, bought into something called the "Grand Plan," an ill-conceived promotional program where you'd spend an exorbitant flat rate for every goddamned thing the entire park had to offer, then spent a week trying to earn a return on it by cramming every amenity, show, character breakfast, parade, and ride in between collecting souvenirs with the fervor of a character in a 90s Rareware game. It was AWESOME.
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Okay, no more silly posts, now that I can type on a real keyboard. I like my Nook, but I have a certain distaste for touch screens. I like to have a bit of resistance. I can see my oldness from here: in the future when we all have BrainPal implants, I’ll still get a keyboard instead of just typing WITH MY MIND like a normal person.


Anyway. It’s also surprisingly nice not to wind up getting up-to-the-minute news. Hope all y’all East Coasters are picking up the pieces of your shattered lives, or at least the pencil cups that fell off your desks. Other than that, I hope I don’t need to catch up on anything. It’s nice not to have the weight of the world on my shoulders.


Good grief, American Girl, who is picking your illustrators? Cécile and Marie-Grace are adorable and will definitely fill the fancy richness void left by Samantha, but what is with the illustrations that look like cut-and-paste? It’s not even like it’s the same illustrators who did the bad cutout drawings for Rebecca or Chrissa* either. Find someone who can do texture right, dangit.

On the other hand, those outfits just make me want to play Doll Dressup Time. Especially Cécile’s Meet Outfit. IT’S SHIIIINY.


I managed to get away to Grand Teton National Park for a few days. I know it’s got a stupid name, but don’t knock a place that looks like this:


We go here a lot to get away, but this time it was a weird dynamic: me, Mom, Dad, and Dad’s younger sister and her husband. It was … weird. I’ve been coming here since I was three years old, and I’m pretty sure when I get into that context everyone assumes I’m three again. The good news is that, since I’m technically not three anymore, I could wander off if I started feeling that way. At night I could look at the stars, and in the day I could hike around and look around, see if I could spot wildlife.


And yes, I used an opera glass to observe stars and moose, because I am a classy motherfucker.

Oh, and there was a show about raptors on the deck one day. My favorite was a completely adorable great horned owl.


The owl’s handler was standing there to give the owl some shade. She’d try to move when someone wanted a picture, but every time she did the owl would get completely confounded and watch her wildly, like “WHERE YOU GOIN? WHAT HAPPEN?”, so the sunlight pictures are all of her blurry head.

I did pretty much nothing else while I was there. Wrote and read, in the view of some awesome majesty. Except for one day when I was all comfy in the cabin and reading, and I had the door open because it was a nice day, and a little marmoty thing** just strolled in and started inspecting my luggage. I tried to get a picture, but before I could he completed his inspection and strolled back out. Probably for the best, as otherwise I’d’ve had to punt him out the door, and I am pretty sure that is against park rules.


Got back home and immediately got lost in the Tomato Jungle that is my garden. The pumpkins may be having issues, and somebody may have eaten my strawberries (I’m looking at you, birds), but WE WILL NOT LACK FOR TOMATOES.


My sister started school this week. Ye gods, she’s a senior. No word on whether she has any excellent classes, but one can always hope.

*MOM: This one doesn't look so bad!
ME: Yes, it does.
MOM: Okay, yes, it does. I was just trying to put a positive spin on things.

**I am not sure what kind; the closest I could come was what the guidebook told me was a “Uinta ground ssquirrel,” but I have no idea if that is accurate. Also, I had no idea you spelled “ssquirrel” with two s’s.
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Alas, my brother’s visit was too short all around. I wanted more time to hang out and chat with himm. I know he wants to move back out this way at some point—I am just hoping it’ll be soon, since we both suck at telephones and IM. I keep trying to convince him to get an LJ, but that’ll never happen.


The biggest thing we did this week was take his girlfriend down to Moab, largely because it was an excuse to go to Moab. It’s always different down there—this time it was a bit cooler and rainier, like everything in the world right now, and the Colorado was flooded. Also, tragically, the bookstore that sells books you’d actually want to read went out of business, leaving the rest of its merchandise to be assimilated by the pretentious desert bookstore it had merged with last year.

ME: Hey, dude! You should totally get The Way of Kings! Look, it’s right here, and I believe it is exactly your type of thing.

MY BROTHER: Good god, I am not buying that monstrosity here! Do you want me to have to check a whole new piece of luggage?

(I wander over to a display where a tender picture book entitled Go The Fuck To Sleep sits cheerfully mocking anyone who thinks loving one’s kids means never being exasperated by them)

ME: Hey, I heard about this book on the radio! Is it any good?

BOOK STORE LADY: If you have a sense of humor.

ME: That was the conclusion of the radio people, too.


ME: This condo is a bit overfurnished. How am I supposed to get anywhere with all these chairs and coffee tables everywhere? Should I just parkour my way to my teacup over there?



Somehow this became the running (har) gag of the trip, since we all find parkour to be a punchline in and of itself. Need to get out of the back seat of the car? Parkour! Need to get your windstolen hat out of a canyon? Parkour on down! Condo pool locked? Parkour! Hear about another Batman ally? Parkour, motherfucker!


I spent a lot of time editing. The OGYAFE is coming together, and I’m in that wonderful stage where it all looks GREAT. I’ve started to think I should’ve written it first, since Doctors! is not really marketable for a first novel, but hey, after I get the OGYAFE sold it might be easier to sell the crazy one about alien medical drama.


Meanwhile, while we were all hiking around the desert checking out breathtaking natural rock formations, my seeds sprouted! The corn and squash and beans are looking good, and the nasturtiums always make me happy. I am especially amused that I found the spot where I dropped my packet of marigold seeds. I’ll have to buy some started tomatoes, and once that happens I am going to have an awesome garden this summer. Unless it snows.


The last thing we did with brother and his girlfriend was go see the Green Lantern. And we were baffled. How do you take a story about superheroing and aliens, one where the hero can construct any goddamn awesome evil-battling thing he can think of, and make it completely boring? You would think it would be a visual extravaganza. My sister and I are starting to suspect that the writers had no idea they were writing an action movie. They seemed to think it was a pilot for a low-budget sitcom with a sci-fi premise.

Also, I have to admit, I am getting just a little sick of having completely useless women in these fucking superhero films. I am at the point where I’d rather have NO female lead than have a female lead whose only purpose is to be the love interest and offer vague advice about how Mr. Hero has to feel his feelings and commit to responsibility and other such psychobabbly bullshit. C’mon, you even decided to put Amanda Freaking Waller in the movie and there was still no sign of a formidable female. I am half-suspecting that a great sequel twist would be finding out that this "Amanda Waller" is in fact a pod person.*

At least the "green" part meant they scrapped the dreaded Teal And Orange Filter. Small favors there.


Anyway. That’s the week in highlights. Anything interesting happen to you guys while I was off gallivanting?

*Obviously, that will be the B-plot, since the credits set up the sequel's A-plot already. Even though this movie stinks, I will still be courteous and not spoil it for those of you who are a) not aware of the Green Lantern canon already and b) absolute dumbfuck morons who can't see exactly who the sequel villain is going to be by about five minutes into the film (he has never been particularly subtly rendered). Although to be fair, if you're like me you were waiting for him to be the villain in this film, if it had ever gotten its shit together.


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