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So not too long ago I sent off an application for grad school because why the hell not, and among my linguistics credentials I explained about my conlanging hobby and that I've learned a lot.

Only today does it occur to me that I should've SENT them an outline of one of my conlangs.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.


Nov. 13th, 2011 07:44 pm
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I tellya, it's been a weird week--especially with this chestburster* acting up. Since the Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board Scan results came back "fuck if we know," I am indeed going to a gastroenterologist next to see if they have a better idea. Till then, Waldo continues to restlessly chew on my liver.


OGYAFEland is my latest conlang project. And for once, I'm trying to make a language family by starting with the prototype language--which is way easier than starting with the modern language and going backwards. (Though I did manage to fake it pretty well with Rredŕa--I gave them a good earthy start, for aliens, and the Spacefuture Terms are often derivatives, compounds, or straight-up borrowings--you know, like languages do.) I've had a particular idea for a new language for some time now, and I'm excited to see if it works out.

Also, the morphophonemic system I'm working on means I can play with a really simple and completely superfluous method of word derivation using polyhedral dice. I could always sit down and just come up with words, but I've noticed that when I do that my synesthesia comes up with the same letters for specific meanings in each conlang, so that I usually wind up with some combination of p, n, r, and e for a word meaning "leaves" because those are the green letters, or the red/orange f, d, g, and o for fire words.** Randomizing it with the dice makes it easier to avoid that, and at this point, for this project, a word generator would not work.

Not to mention, I can finally justify buying polyhedral dice when I have never been a tabletop gamer. What? They're fun!


So one day in September I decided the hell with it, I should go to grad school, so I took the GRE.*** Somehow a bunch of grad schools found out about this, and dammit my inbox is flooded with academic spam invitations to various schools. At this point it's so obnoxious I am starting to seriously consider midwifery school again.


I was supposed to work yesterday. Unfortunately, somewhere between my house and the freeway, my front right tire went, and I quote, "splort." I am not car savvy, so I was in the turn lane for the freeway ramp trying to figure out why my car felt weird when a lady began honking wildly from a couple lanes over.

"Your tire is completely flat!" she yelled. "DON'T GET ON THE FREEWAY."

"That explains a lot," I said. "Thank you, good citizen!"

So instead of getting onto the ramp and therefore winding up with Car Problems On The Freeway, I pulled a U-turn and wound up with Car Problems In The High School Parking Lot--a much better option. I hung out there till Dad and a tiny AAA lady came to my rescue. Could've been a lot worse--although I am not looking forward to finding out how much new tires are going to cost.


The latest in Having A Body Is Weird: Did you know you can get charley horses in your eardrum? This time it was Mom who got to learn the hard way. Dude, having a body. It's weird.

*I named it Waldo. Although when I talk to it (who doesn't talk to their chestburster?), I generally address it as "you bastard."

**And don't get me started on how this this is related more to the letter than to the sound--that is a great source of irritation. On the other hand, synesthesia has its own ideas about what an onomatopoeia is, too--not just the colors, but the idea of what, say, a bottle sounds like in essence. It's not just similarly-colored things that wind up with false cognates across my disparate conlangs.

***My party trick is standardized tests. I have never needed to study for them and still have trouble remembering that other people do. This seems to really annoy people, but to be honest, for all their pomp and circumstance, standardized tests measure some very specific useless skills. I just happen to use the gravitas people assign them to my advantage.
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Hey, guys! Look what came for me in the mail today!


No, not that. That’s just my analog version of a time-wasting Flash game. YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE THAT.


This is what I’m talking about. It’s a physical copy of the first Torn World book, Family Ties & Torn Skies! I am all for the Digital Revolution,* but there’s still something about holding a physical bound copy—of a thing you helped get started—that is immensely satisfying. Plus, it’s a great book—it’s got stories, poems, and artwork, including some things not available on the website, and interspersed between that are really nifty bits of information about the world itself.

Also—says the conlanger with pride—the names are really fun to say. Affamarg, Akaalekirth, Duurludirj, Kalitelm, Itadesh.


It also comes with ACEOs! Oh, man, aren’t trading cards great? Screw your dang Magic: The Gathering, I’ve got the Rejoining Day Toasted Bug Onna Stick!

Next time I’ll have to gain enough confidence or whatever to actually write something for one o’ these, but for now I can be happy that I helped make the world this book details. But the best part is how Ellen Million’s excellent idea has gotten exponentially cooler as more people contribute.

Seriously, dudes, this is so cool! Check it out if you get a chance.

*Except when it comes to math puzzles, apparently.
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ME: I am doing college-style laundry today: clothes, washcloths, and pillow cover in the same batch.

MY SISTER: My roommate does that. All her whites are grey.

MOM: Isn’t that a song from the 60’s? *hums “California Dreamin’*

MY SISTER: Oh, yeah … “All my blacks are brown … and my whites are grey …”

ME: “I’d do a separate batch … but then I’d have to pay. Some freshman stole my dryer … next time I’ll have to stay.”


We haven’t gotten as far as the next verse, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with your local roommate who takes their dirty clothes to their parents every weekend in a garbage bag. Care to chime in?

And yeah, I know, appliances. Next thing you know we’ll be dancing around and singing about telephones and refrigerators like those crazy ladies in those bonkers MST3k shorts. But at least I got my laundry done.
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Been trying to find a good university that offers an online Library Science masters program. Given the dumb shit our Liberry administration is pulling right now, I will not be getting much in the way of promotions anytime soon anyway, so I might as well go ahead and become more qualified for any less dysfunctional libraries out there.

I’m still pretty damn sick of academia, but less so than I was when I graduated. And at least if I start doing school stuff I won’t have to feel quite so guilty about my continued existence—at least, that’s what I’m hoping, because right now THE GUILT IT BURNS US, and that is tiresome.

I considered doing an on-site school program, but Utah doesn’t have one, and, y’know, money. Unless someone knows of a full-time job I can get while going to the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, it’s pretty much online school for me.

And hey—maybe by the time I’m done with a Masters, the Liberry staff will have pulled their heads out of their asses and I can get a better job!* Anything is possible

*Although frankly, I would not object to being a full-time, benefits-packaged, high-paid book shelver.


Nov. 23rd, 2008 12:06 pm
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My sister may hate the hell out of her living situation, but on the other hand she's in one class that made both my brother and me seriously reevaluate our choice of college.

Muppet class.

Yes, scroll down past the Batmobile to see the GREATEST GUEST LECTURER EVER. My god. This term has not been wasted.
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Can somebody please tell me what I’m even good for?

I just realized what a loser I am )
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My sister’s photography is impressive!


Just don’t let on to any of the Lab Coat people about her plans for the Great Science Heist. Science is hard to come by, especially lately. Although hoarding some for any possible science droughts in the future may be advisable …
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So I’ve been finally going through the photos I took at the aquarium on our California trip, and it occurs to me that I never told y’all the tale of my sister and the Dump.


We had gone to California to get my sister set up in college at UC Santa Cruz.  So a couple of days, including my birthday, were spent moving her into her living quarters.


We knew a couple of things about it already: that it was a sort of apartment with about seven kids living together, and that it was COED.  When we arrived, we quickly learned one more thing about it: the place was a Dump.


Now, I realize that it is tradition for kids to live in Dumps during college.  I myself lived in a residence hall at the UO for two years, and it was pretty much a Dump, as evidenced by the cockroach I caught the week before I left the first year.* But aside from the one cockroach (and the proverbial hundred you don’t see), Carson had two things going over my sister’s apartment:


1. Janitors

2. Bathroom doors.


Yes. Apparently, this apartment was designed by some crazy ’70s commune architect with a lot of drugs and some concept of humans living naturally and harmoniously, by which I mean he put the bathroom in the hallway.  Or sort of, you know, made the hallway into the bathroom.  Or something. The point is, the bedrooms all open into what appears to be a miniature locker room, replete with two toilet stalls, sinks, and a shower stall.


And the housing people expect the students to keep this thing clean—when everybody knows that Freshmen Do Not Work That Way.


This was a bit of a shock to us all.** My sister is a neat freak, and she wasn’t thrilled with the state of the bathroom.  Nor was she happy about the fact that, since the toilet stalls were right next to her bedroom, she can hear everything going on in them, all the time.


So Mom graciously cleaned the hell out of the bathroom, and we tried to make the best of it, and left my sister in the Dump with the hope that she’d settle in.


Two weeks later, when she was still freaking out, we decided that we had underestimated her horror. After a bit of a trip round the College Resources, we settled on a housing dude who found her a nice, girls-only apartment with a bathroom that was actually, you know, a bathroom. And last weekend she moved in.


The change has been amazing.  She no longer sounds on the verge of a psychotic break.  She’s happy and actually concentrating on classes. Things are going well, and she’s doing a lot better.


Amazing how environment can make such a difference, can’t it?  And nobody deserves to live in a Dump, so I hereby tell you: if you don’t like a place, dammit get out.  It may be the place, and not you that’s the problem.


Now if only the economy doesn’t crash so bad we can’t afford to keep her there, I think she’ll do just fine.



*Liz and I named him Ned. We wanted to keep him, but that seemed unwise, so we gave him to our RA Elizabeth.  She promised to set him free far from any buildings.  We have it on good authority that she flushed him down the toilet immediately after we left.  Sorry, Ned.


**Especially my dear auntie, who went to visit my sister a week later and came back on the verge of hysteria.  “SHE NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO LOCK HERSELF IN WHEN SHE IS TAKING A SHOWER,” she opined.  “BECAUSE IF SHE IS SHOWERING AND THESE BOYS COME HOME FROM THEIR SPORTS, SINCE THIS IS A COED APARTMENT, WHAT IS TO STOP THEM JUMPING INTO THE SHOWER WITH HER? OR THE GIRLS.  THEY COULD BE LESBIANS, YOU KNOW, AND THEY WILL TRY SOMETHING.”  My aunt has an interesting definition of “coed.” It’s like she got it from softcore porn, except that she would not be caught dead viewing porn.

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Feast of Saint Augustine
Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day
Right, so, no more ASL class this semester.
Apparently when you register for a Tuesday/Thursday class, you are expected to also go on Mondays and Wednesdays.
I am glad they let me know this so promptly.
On the plus side, this clears up my schedule nicely for that great job I may or may not get.
In light of my ill humor and my crazyass limbo status right now, I declare that today will be a mental health day consist of some combination of the following activities:
  • Going back to bed
  • Taking a shower
  • Finishing writing that cool scene in the Obligatory Giant Fantasy Epic with the bat-winged maniac and the schoolchildren
  • Plowing further into Doctors!
  • Playing dolls, including more work on Super Secret Awesome Doll Project FTW. Thank you, [profile] lycheetwist, for the suggestions on the modification—you shoulda seen the look on the craft store people’s faces when I walked in with the doll and explained what I needed
  • Possibly shopping with the aunt (dear fantastic hat at Haroon’s: I am coming for you)
  • Writing an actually interesting blog entry (I used to do that, you know)
That’s right, my life is a never-ending roller coaster of excitement.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to cross Item #1 oft that list.
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AHAHA. I got a B- in the class where I disagreed with the (tremendously stupid) teacher. Apparently my well-thought-out essays reached the wrong conclusions—namely, not the ones she was trying to feed me. (The essay before I got bold got an A- ...)
Interesting, since the other classes were solid A’s.
And yes, one of those A’s had to do with my pirates/ninjas paper, so I have all of you to thank. The paper should be up soon, once I have obsessively run through it once more.  Just in case, y’know.
This has been your last grade report until madness seizes me and I decide to go to, say, grad school. Until then, savor these!
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For my folklore project this term, I am studying the Great Pirates vs. Ninjas Debate. I’m looking for information on how people hear about it, where the debate plays out, where the idea of Pirates v. Ninjas is expressed, what makes each group an icon, and why these icons have been pitted against each other. If you can take a minute and fill this survey out in my comments section, it would be a great help to me. Tell your friends! I’m sure they’d like to give their opinions, too! You are the expert.
Important: Unless you indicate otherwise, I am going to assume that your comment here indicates that you consent to let me use your responses in my paper. If you do not want your comments used, please let me know.
The Survey
1.  Tell me about pirates.
2.  Tell me about ninjas.
3.  Tell me about “pirates vs. ninjas.”
4.  Where did you first hear about the debate?
5.  When did you first hear about the debate?
6.  Do you ever engage in the debate yourself?

7. Can you give me examples of people debating, invoking, or parodying Pirates v. Ninjas that you have seen?
8.  Can you give me examples of people debating, invoking, or parodying Pirates v. Ninjas that you have participated in?
9.  So … pirates or ninjas?
10.  Why?
Thanks again, everyone! I will post the paper on here when it is finished—say around mid-June. It’s only fair you get to see it, after all.


Apr. 30th, 2008 05:53 pm
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Beltane (Wiccan)
Hairstylist Appreciation Day
International School Spirit Season (04/30-09/30)
Louisiana Purchase Day
National Honesty Day
Spank Out Day USA
Walpurgis Night
Admission Day (Louisiana)
The votes are in! For my folklore project, I will be studying the tremendous popularity of the pirate/ninja faceoff.
And thus, I will need your help again in the near future.  In the next week or two I’ll be putting together a survey that I’ll post up here, which will ask things about the Great Millenial Debate.  Want to help Amelia earn her folklore certificate? Then keep an eye out for the survey, and fill it out!
Aside from the help on here—thanks, dudes!—I was encouraged by a conversation with my professor, who I also asked because I honestly could not decide.
AMELIA: So, I really can’t decide, and want to do both of these.  What do you think of MST3k fandom?
PROFESSOR: Kinda cool, but you’d have to be careful that you studied the fans and not the show itself.
AMELIA: That’s a given. And my second possible topic is Pirates Versus Ninjas.
AMELIA: You know, the big debate that’s been going around for years?
PROFESSOR: Really? This is a big thing? People talk about this?
SOME GIRL #1: (suddenly zeroing in on us) Are you kidding?!  It’s huge! It’s a Facebook thing!
AMELIA: Among other things.
SOME GIRL #2: My sister’s in the pirate group at her school!
SOME GIRL #1: You’ve got to pick a side, you know.
PROFESSOR: (getting that manic gleam in his eye) What’s the debate, then?
AMELIA: You know, which is cooler …
SOME GIRL #1: Or who would win in a fight!
PROFESSOR: If you can find enough information on it, then go for it.
AMELIA: If I can find enough information?  Dude, just you wait.
Now I must make good on my promise! Keep an eye out for that entry.
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National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day
National Cubicle Day
Workers Memorial Day
Birthday - President James Monroe (5th President)
National Day of Mourning (Canada)
I find myself with a dilemma, here.  I have to do a project on folklore and popular culture this term, and must submit my proposal on Wednesday.  But I can’t for the life of me decide between two very cool topics—and so, as is traditional when one finds oneself in a dilemma, I submit the decision to you:
Which topic should Amelia cover in her anthropological project?
            A. MST3k fan culture
            B. The Great Pirate vs. Ninja Debate
            C. Those are both awesome ideas!  You should totally blow your professor’s mind and do two projects!
Today our lecture was about zombies and the Zombie Apocalypse.  I love this class.
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Administrative Professionals Day
St. George Feast Day
UN World Book and Copyright Day
Birthday - President James Buchanan (15th President)
Birthday - William Shakespeare (poet/playwright)
Book Day and Lover's Day (Spain)
Children's Day/ National Sovereignty Day (Turkey)
Hobbes: What does your teacher object to about dinosaurs?
Calvin: Mostly my drawing them during math.
One of the laws of academia: it’s always the professor with the most useless lectures who takes roll. Coincidence? I think not. Lousy lecturers have to take roll, or no one would show up. I know I wouldn’t.
So today I worked out a climate chart for Kalkupu during class, which is nice because it looked like I was studiously taking notes on whatever the hell it was the teacher was carrying on about. Dangit, why I gotta make such a complicated planet? I’ve been having to invent climate zones—nowhere on Earth is there the possibility of a tundra/savannah. And I’ve never been very good at meteorology, so it’s taking a while. But hey—time well-spent, I think, given what the rest of the class was up to. (I did seriously confuse the girl next to me, though, who glanced up from her own doodle-encrusted notebook to see a complicated map next to my previous job, which was calculating the really fucking weird phases of the moon.)
I also got a few more paragraphs into my Runaway Squid story.* I’m starting to get restless with this spate of Doctors! stories … after I get to a sort of logical breakoff point with some of these stories, I think I’m going to switch points of view to Loke. (Book 2, I guess. Or Season 2.  Or I don’t know.)  She has a pretty strong personality; I want to hand her the reins for a while. But for now, I am still having a good time abusing poor Dreedo, with his time bomb Sea Monkeys that are set to turn into people if he can’t somehow get rid of them. He made it so I could still enjoy class, even if I paid no attention to the teacher.
Also! Non-sequitur moment: pictures of my badass and badly made Tom Servo earrings will be going up sometime with in the next few days. Like I said, don’t look too closely at them, and they’re awesome.
*This wasn’t actually the premise for the story.  It was going to be sort of soap operatic Law’n’Order: Moon Unit** stuff, but then the darn squid all this was going to center around up and took off, leaving me and my main character in a bit of a sticky wicket, whatever that is.
**[profile] sunshine_shamanwill get that.
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Orthodox Palm Sunday
Passover / Pesach
Pink Moon
Taurus Begins
Nothing like writing a paper for a teacher you know will grade you down and/or argue with you if you present any opinion contrary to hers. Sure, the content of this medical anthropology class is fascinating, but there’s got to be a better pedagogical format than posing a rhetorical question, waiting for someone to answer with the expected narrowminded viewpoint, and then expansively informing that person that they’re wrong. Especially if a student answers with an open viewpoint and she waves them aside. If you’re going to convey the message “Hang on, I want somebody to be wrong on this before we move on,” then you’re probably not going to get a lot of responses to your questions. And those long pauses while people fail to volunteer to offer themselves up for the slaughter? We call those “wastes of time.”  The other possible ways we could be using that time?  We call those “useful ways.”
Of course, this is the class that started out with a dreaded Group Project. Not a good way to set the tone with me.
Anyway, this long ranty gripe is just my way of telling you that the tale of How I, Along With One Other Quick Thinker, Casually Saved Almost All Of My Friends From A Burning Building By Stopping The Building From Being A Burning One* will be slightly delayed while I write an essay on How Taking Into Account What People Think About Their Own Illness Is Sort Of Important, Even If You Know The Scientific Cause Of The Illness Already.** Rest assured, we will get to it.
It’s days like these I remember why I’m graduating the hell out of here.

ETA: The best part is that while this teacher is going to spend ten weeks trying vainly to convince me that You Scientists With Your Modern Medicine Ain't So Great, in another class a guest lecturer waltzed right in and totally sold me on the validity of midwifery and the problems of childbirth attitudes in the US.  Dude, it's all about the attitude; I am a fickle, spiteful thing.
*Accounts of this may vary, but I can assure you that no alcohol was involved. Or, at least, not in the way you expect. I’m not sure if this defends or damns us.
**For example, I can cite this very paper as a cause of the headache I am currently suffering.
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International Moment of Laughter Day
National Stress Awareness Day
National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
Birthday - Charley Chaplin's Birthday (comedian)

… is a folklore professor who just found out about one feature on the Volvo S80—the infamous “heartbeat detector.” And who listened to his students describing the commercial where a woman is walking in an empty parking lot toward her car, and looks at her key fob and sees a little light, and she runs the hell away because someone is in her car LYING IN WAIT FOR HER.

He seems to find the fact that the urban legends of The Guy In The Backseat* and the Guy Under The Car Waiting To Hamstring You have become the basis for a car’s safety feature absolutely fantastic.**

Granted, he also got excited when I told him the story of Redshirts, and how I’ve met a couple of Star Trek fans who warn against wearing a red shirt in various circumstances.

Doesn’t take much to make this guy happy, I guess.

*My favorite version of this was in the really bad slasher movie Urban Legend when the would-be heroic but freakish gas station guy is played by Brad Dourif, King Of Serial Killer Typecasts,*** and instead of just being alarmed the woman actually beats the living shit out of him and gets away, and leaves Brad lying in the mud yelling after her. Then the guy in the backseat beheads her with an axe. I’m impressed he managed to get a swing like that going in the constricted space of a car.

**I also like the underlying message of the ad. Broken down to its barest components, it seems to boil down to “Buy this feature or you will get RAPED and then DISMEMBERED.” I am often darkly amused by antics reflecting the pure greed of capitalism (just ask [profile] _wastrel), and the outright threats used to sell items is getting funnier and funnier. 
***I will watch almost anything containing this dude, except the Chucky garbage. He's my number one CREEPY crush.
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Birthday of the Buddha (Buddhist)
Children's Day (Florida)
Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival - Japan)

Once again, it has come to my attention that as far as educating her kids goes, my mom is a crazy hippie.
See, it turns out that explaining menstruation to your daughter before she menstruates, or explaining it to your son at all, is something crazy hippies do, and not ordinary sane parents.
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“We do not offer a folklore degree at this university.  However, we do offer a folklore certificate!  You can get it and impress people! People in marketing for MTV and Viacom.  You can show them your certificate and get a job in market research!  Then you will be a sellout. You will be scum! Please send some of the money you make back to our folklore department.”
Today’s quote brought to you by my maniacally hyperactive folklore professor.  I like this class already.
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Saint Joseph's Day
Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day
Anniversary - Iraqi Freedom
National Day of Oil (Iran)
*dusts off hands*
There, goddammit. Got them papers done.
I love it when you get into Paper Producing Mode and you tell your friends, “I just wrote TWO PAPERS!” and they’re like “Really?  On what?” and you pause and go, “… I have no idea.”
Anyway, that should just about do it for my sporadic updates. With one exception, I should be back up and good to go for a while.
Once I wake my brain up, that is. The poor dear has wandered off to bed before me.  It doesn’t do a very good job at heating up the blankets.  I have a little rice pack that would do a better job, if I didn’t have a BROKE ASS MICROWAVE.* So my brain and I will just have to lie around and be cold for a while.
We aren’t going to do it without Advil, though. I’m not insane.
*Oh, it looks not broke ass.  It goes ping and whrrr and lights up and the little tray spins around, and then you open it up after it dings at you and the thing is colder than it was a minute ago.  The internet tells me that it must have blown an Important Fuse.  Not that I could fix it. From the warnings I got, it seems that microwave repair is for people who don’t think their life on the Bomb Squad is interesting or exciting enough.  I am taking it to an expert so I don’t get exploded.


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