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So! Chicago was pretty fun to visit, I must say. I only spent a couple of days there, but they were pretty enjoyable even if god DAMN my feet hurt.

 photo 0Buildings_zpse31d1500.jpg

What is it with skyscrapers? I mean, they look awfully pretty, yes. But to someone who is used to a large sprawling suburban valley surrounded by mountains, they also look like an attempt to give some kind of shape to a flat place. Plus, I'm not used to buildings that take up whole blocks (even small, non-Salt Lake City blocks). But maybe it was just my TOO MANY HUMANS reaction kicking in.

And so many of them are named after companies. Which is just ... telling, I guess.

 photo 0GothicRocket_zpsa57f9643.jpg

I like this one just because it's some weird hybrid, and the older one on the left has the nickname of "The Gothic Rocket."

More Chicago Photos )

 photo 0FinallyMet_zpsff8e4f76.jpg

The best part of the trip, though, was getting to meet [ profile] childthursday and Jess! I have known [ profile] childthursday for quite a while online, and have gotten to watch her meet and form a relationship with Jess through her writing. It was wonderful to finally see her face-to-face, and to be able to celebrate their marriage with them!

(Whenever partygoers asked where I was from, I answered "The Internet!")

More Photos, Including The Most Magnificent Cake Ever )

Anyway! That's all for this time! Mini Addy's adventures turned out to be pretty photogenic, too, so they'll be up next! Stay tuned!


Jun. 27th, 2014 02:26 pm
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Hey, guys! Guess who got married?

What? No! No, it's not me. The correct answer is [ profile] childthursday, who was finally able to get married a few months ago--and now she's having her wedding bash, and I am TOTALLY going. I'm off to Chicago this weekend to toast the happy couple! I'm only spending a couple days, but I'm looking forward to meeting her* and her lovely lady and having a party and eating cake and maybe doing some tourism. And yes, I plan to take pictures.

Anyway, don't do anything nuts without me, y'all! See you after the weekend!

*I love how the internet works. "My friend of many years got married! I'm going to go meet her for the first time at the party!"
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I've mostly been quiet on the way the internet is eating itself over this whole Guy Says He Hates Women, Shoots Up Women, And Then We Have To Convince People That Misogyny Might Be A Problem thing, because I felt I had nothing useful to add. But then [ profile] gwalla pointed me to this excellent article, which makes a lot of good points. I'm not going to go over what he's saying because, y'know, he already wrote the article, but there is one small, stupid, petty thing right in the title that I realized has bothered me for years, which is a tiny symptom of the whole big mess, and as long as we're confessing things I want to get it off my chest.

Why the hell does everyone imply that Mario is saving the princess solely so that he can bang her?

Look, I get it. This is the internet. Rule 34, off-color jokes, Grimdark Mario, I-Can't-Unsee-It searches on DeviantArt. But here's the thing: I grew up with Mario. I was introduced to him as a kid--hell, Super Mario Bros. came out the same year I did. And while he doesn't talk much, he's got a pretty definite personality and characterization. And part of that characterization is that he is a Good Guy. Not a Nice Guy--I'm not talking about the term that disparages the very disparageable group of dudes mentioned in the above article. He's not just WAITING for the princess to notice how great he is. He is a fucking GOOD GUY. He is thrown into this world that has just been taken over by hostile dragons; the princess has been kidnapped and her subjects are suffering. This is bad.

So he goes to save her. Not because she's hot and he might get see her naked, but just because it's the right thing to do. Hell, he probably isn't even doing it for the completely nonmetaphorical and quite literal cake. He's doing it because somebody's gotta save the kingdom.*

So call me silly, but he's always been kind of my hero for that.

And so it pains me to think that something I saw as heroic--yes, it's a silly story, but it's still heroic--read to other people as doing something with a selfish ulterior motive.

I guess it's because we often project aspects of ourselves onto characters, and it's annoying when you're projecting the unselfish motives onto a character and somebody else projects a baser image. And because I rather like rescue narratives but get frustrated by how often the rescuee is considered a prize rather than a person being, y'know, RESCUED. I'd like to disentangle those two ideals. And for me, starting this game as a naive little kid, Mario was a good place to start.

BONUS THOUGHTS: It occurs to me that I also have an image of Princess Peach that is slightly skewed from the normal perception of her as a Dumbass In Distress, due largely to a couple of factors. One, of course, is the greatest game in the world, Super Mario RPG, wherein she DOES start out as a Dumbass In Distress but then joins your party to wallop everyone with parasols and frying pans. The other is the Super Mario Adventures comic by Kentaro Takekuma (the one that ran in Nintendo Power back in the day). If you can track this comic down, DO IT. It is weird and funny and colorful and action-packed, and also possibly where the Marioverse's obsession with cake started, and more to the point Princess Peach/Toadstool is kind of a badass in it. She does get captured--while LEADING AN ARMY to battle Bowser. And she winds up ninja-ing her way out of prison, dressing as Luigi to rescue Mario (don't ask), and obliterating Wendy O. Koopa's tower in the process. Also, she's the one who uses the cape power-up. It ... may have colored my perception of her a bit.

*And also because he seems to be having a really good time despite the peril. You probably know my alternate theory, which actually seems to fit the whole franchise's tone better, is that Bowser, at least, and possibly everyone else, thinks that the princess-saving obstacle courses are just another form of weekend recreation with his buddies, like the tennis and golf and go-kart racing they do on other weekends. One weekend they're at the racetrack; the next one the game is Capture-The-Princess. Bowser isn't so much a villain as he is a game designer. I strongly suspect Mario enjoys these weekends, too. And Peach never seems particularly put out by them, either. Maybe they all just think it's a super-fun elaborate game.

(Also, when Mario stomps on Goombas or whatever they don't die, they just teleport to the Goomba-Reinflation Center. That's why Bowser doesn't just flatten Mario by sending a hundred thousand Goombas at him at once. There are only about 50-100 Goombas total in the Koopa Kingdom. I HAVE THOUGHT THIS THROUGH.)


Apr. 24th, 2014 02:55 am
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*checks off "Quenya" box*

*hopes someone will actually sing it this way*

*has absolutely no shame*
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Can I just tell you how much I still love the Amazon Customer Review Comedy Troupe? Especially the Q&A section.
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Reading reports from various friends about the SNOWPOCALYPSE when it is chilly but relentlessly sunny outside. Total cognitive dissonance.

I could do without this smog, though. Dear Utah, can we fix that?
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Got me a twitter. I'm @AmeliaRoseWrite.

Mostly at this point it seems to be an excellent platform for shouting random one-liners into the void, or nominally directing them at certain demi-celebrities.* But it's probably a better option than standing on my back porch yelling every thought that comes into my head at the valley below me. And it's equally effective!

So, anyway, if anyone's interested in my bite-size thoughts, there they are.

*Who I care about much more than straight up celebrities. I could not care less what the strange shiny aliens in the waiting room magazines are doing, but it is a fact that [ profile] ursulav has been responsible for my migrations to more social media than is probably healthy.

**Mom apparently doesn't like it when I use the naughty word I originally used in the subject line. I'd scoff and use it anyway, but, y'know, it's my MOM.
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Blast. You mean my half-assed acknowledgement of a lesser bastard is not enough?

I still want to acknowledge the existence of a less-evil Spaniard, though. I was so traumatized by the unbelievable assholishness of all the Spaniards that it's a disproportionate relief to find one who was less so.

But I like the idea of Indigenous People's Day even better. So I'm spreading the word on it, because I had no idea it was a thing until [ profile] gwalla mentioned it, and if I didn't then it's entirely possible that others didn't, either, and Bartolome was the best we could come up with. It's a holiday I can actually get behind, rather than just being neutral toward!
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Finally got around to getting Fringe's last season on DVD.* You know what that means--Mom and I are going on a Fringe binge!

Speaking of crazy Fringe stuff, I kind of want to see the other types of reactions from the unsuspecting coffee shop customers who got Carrie'd. I expect quite a few were like "YIKES--waitaminute this is a stunt, right?"

Also, I wish somebody'd had the presence of mind to play along--"Oh, it's just another psych. Don't worry, folks. I got this." (Or, as [ profile] nobleplatypus put it, "Dammit, this was supposed to be my day off." *pulls out futuristic weapon with a resigned sigh*) This is why I always carry a magic wand and an Ocarina of Time around. I'd better add a cartoonish space ray gun to my inventory, too.

*Yes, I know it's been on Netflix for a while, but dangit I have all the other seasons on DVD; might as well round it out. Plus, if we didn't have Finishing Off The Disc, Mom and I would never know when to stop watching for the evening.
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My facebook ads seem to have come down with amnesia. Suddenly they've forgotten all the helpful demographic information I've provided and are just flinging random pitches at me and hoping I'll be the target for one of them. "Are you getting married soon? Redecorating your bedroom? Do you need a pair of socks? 9 days for complete detox! Waste your time with games on Flash? Or were you in a big car crash? Christian singles want to date! Try 1 weird trick to lose some weight! Make money sitting on your ass! Sign up for a new online class! If you're a geek, well here's a shirt! Please WORK with us! Give us the dirt! What interests can we utilize when jamming ads into your eyes?"

"My info? That you've always had! Just check my profile, Sam-I-Ad!"
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Hey, dudes!

My friend the English teacher is trying to figure out what kind of science fiction books to teach to her 9th graders. She is not well-versed in science fiction herself, so she was wondering about my ideas. I came up with the list below. However, as you can probably guess from the list, I'm not really good at gauging age-appropriateness (or, equally important around here, Mormon-appropriateness, which explains a lot of my "dude, there's swear words here" warnings)--I figured I'd give her some broad outlines and she could take it from there. I also am not sure how Classic or Literary she wants them to be, so I included a few just plain fun pieces. I also tried to steer clear of the somewhat more obscure like CJ Cherryh's Chanur Saga or Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars books or Poul Anderson's anything--I'd have read them in 9th grade, but probably they wouldn't work for a class. And I know there have got to be more. So! Care to help?

I've got to say, giving brief outlines of books is surprisingly difficult. I wonder how those back-of-the-book writers do it.

Also, I totally forgot to steer her toward Edgar Rice Burroughs and Douglas Adams. God DAMMIT.

Amelia's Sci-Fi For 9th Graders, As Emailed To Her Buddy )

So! That's my list! Anyone want to add any?

ETA: Dammit, also forgot Ringworld! I have no idea how 9th graders would react to that one.
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Mom and I went to see Phil Plait give a guest lecture at the planetarium this evening!*

His topic was asteroids, since, you know, they keep trying to slam into us, and that is unsafe. He's an entertaining lecturer. His critiques on Deep Impact vs Armageddon always make me happy. And then he passed out a big chunk of iron meteor for us to take a look at, which was awfully brave of him.

The Q&A was brief--blessedly so, because Utah audiences are ASSHOLES. The first dude was a wise guy who as far as I could tell was trying to wedge in a plug for Budweiser. The second guy got hold of the microphone and immediately went stark raving Time Cube Guy:

GUY: My question is about how important it is that everyone read my website.
PLAIT: Uh huh ... ?
GUY: For example, homeopathy. It's a thing. You address it, and I have problems with something about the way you do. Have a tortured metaphor about Big Gulps! There are people being KILLED!
PLAIT: Um ...
GUY: Also, I don't want to be offensive, but let's start dissing Mormons!
PLAIT: *recovering* These are complex issues that I can't address in such a short time frame and thank you for coming good-bye ...
PLANETARIUM DIRECTOR: Phil Plait, everyone! Now get the hell out of this theater, there's a movie showing in fifteen minutes.

At that point the audience burst into Crazy Guy Drowning Applause, and I dashed down to the front to act as a diversion. I had a legitimate reason--since I was in the very last seat in the nosebleed section, I was now Keeper Of The Meteor. So I jumped on the dais, handed it back to him ("Here's your meteor! It smells like money now!" "I know, right? Weird, huh?"), then went out to wait for him to sign my book.

It is funny to meet and chat with someone with whom you have a celebrity relationship. After all, you feel you know that person quite well, since you read their blog and books and things. It's easy to forget that they are unaware of you. You're all like HI PALBERT LET US GO OUT FOR BURGERS AND THEN WATCH MST3K LIKE WE ALWAYS DO IN MY HEAD and they're thinking, Damn I wonder how long till I can go to bed. I hope Wharrgarbl Guy doesn't corner me again. Next!

So instead of launching into a discussion of GAMMA RAY BURSTS AMIRITE BUDDY? I just asked him what the correct pronunciation of "Pleiades" is and a quick question about a moon for one of my stories.

He did like that my name was Amelia, though. I forgot that there's an Amelia in Doctor Who. No matter how awkward the setting, man, nerds can always bond.

*Once we had straightened out that the Bad Astronomer is not, in fact, a bad astronomer and would be quite fun to listen to.
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Just came across this post by RJ Anderson. As the kind of person who groans when a story stops dead to have another damn sex scene, it is nice to be assured that won’t happen.

On the other hand, though, I can’t escape the feeling that she’s REALLY overthinking it.

I dunno. I’m asexual, I suppose, in the sense that I have no interest in having the sex with anyone, which seems like a top qualification, really,* but there seems to be all sorts of bells and whistles and Community and Identity associated with it that I just do not bother with. I have asexual characters—one of the two main characters in the OGYAFE is asexual. My previous Doctors! narrator is asexual.** It never struck me as something I’d announce with a big fanfare; it's just how they are. (Actually, I am stupidly pleased when I remember to give a character a romantic interest. It doesn't always occur to me.)

This probably speaks more to my own ignorance than anything. I do tend to take my own weirdnesses for granted until someone else points them out. But it does feel … I don’t know, overdone.

It’s very nice of her to think of different sorts, though. And I did like the one book I read of hers, so I may have to look into this. It is nice not to have to worry about overwrought sex scenes, after all.

*As a teenager I used to dread the day that I would have sex, because everyone just assumes that day will come for all people. At some point it occurred to me that if I wasn’t interested, there was no point in anticipating it. Load off my mind, let me tell you.

**The currect Doctors! narrator is rather hilariously NOT asexual. It becomes a plot point.
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Have spent the evening trying to work out how to incorporate a particular feature of Twitter hashtags into a spoken conlang. I'm not even ON Twitter, and yet the unofficial use of hashtags as self-commentary, editorializing, metadata, references, and stupid jokes FASCINATES me. Makes me almost want to go to grad school just so's I could do a thesis on it, but barring that, it's an interesting conlang exercise. Yes, it's very much a product of its medium--text-based and part of hyperlinks--but it does present some interesting ideas.

Not sure it'll work out, but it'll be fun to try. Perhaps I will call it Hipsterese.
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I keep telling myself not to make fun of candidates for bad turns of phrase during extemporaneous speaking,* but I must say the Amazon customer review comedy troupe got me laughing with the reviews for this binder.

Also, the fact that all the internet comedians have decided to make their homes on Amazon ... probably requires further study.

*Though despicable things are totally okay to make fun of.
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When you show your sister and aunt this adorable video while it's embedded in this article, and your aunt decides that everyone at the nursing home she works at should see it. "What was the name of that Web Site? 'Cracked,' you say? I need to tell my supervisor!"

Sister and I headed her off at the pass there. At least, I hope we did. That could be awkward otherwise.

Go read the article. It is all warm fuzzies. There is a photo of Ron Perlman in full Hellboy mode sharing burgers with a six-year-old Make-A-Wish kid, and it will make your day.


Jun. 9th, 2012 02:13 am
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The cat would like to rescind her earlier assertion that carpet cleaning is the worst thing in the world. She now realizes that the worst thing in the world is skunks.

Honestly, I can see her point on the matter.

On a related note, THANK GOD for the internet hive mind. I can't remember the de-skunking recipe offhand. Thanks, internet!
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Anybody else want to read the current draft of Obligatory Giant Young Adult Fantasy Epic, Book 1? I could use a few more readers.
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Dang, y’all are seriously knowledgeable about obnoxious earworms—but then, I guess the whole point of them is to be memorable. Now I’ve got all of these going through my head, right along with my own brain’s suggestions.* If I have a brain aneurysm, you’ll know why.

For the record, I needed an obnoxious jingle to make a ridiculous songto for a story I’m writing. It may have come at the cost of my sanity, but we writers can’t have everything, I guess.

*Banana Man, “Mama’s got the magic of Clorox 2!” from when I was, like, 4, “Down in Fraggle Rock,” The King of 8, “Yakko’s World,” and the DuckTales theme.** Which for the most part aren’t jingles, but are definitely earworms.

**Wait, the DuckTales singer was a dude?! My entire understanding of reality has just shattered.
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Hey, guys!

What's the most obnoxious earwormy jingle you can think of? I need to know for ... science. Yes. Science.


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