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Oh, hey, I almost forgot! Look what I made myself for my birthday!

 photo 0SleepyEyed_zpsfd2b4843.jpg
Somebody needs a haircut.

It's a fall-colors triple Byzantine chain with a leaf clasp. I was really happy to find the clasp, because it can be worn on the front as a centerpiece if I want.

 photo 0Elven_zpsa1531a99.jpg
The lighting in my house: still bad.

I do want!

 photo 0FullNecklace_zpsd551026b.jpg

Here's some better lighting. The colors are all my favorites--I'm a fall colors kinda person, if you didn't know. (You totally knew.) I had a bit of a stretch in cognition to make the colors alternate properly, since my brain takes a minute with some of those tasks. But I worked it out!

 photo 0Byzantine_zpsc9052b18.jpg

Up close. I rather enjoy working with chainmaille, but it does cramp up the hands after a while. However, I am trying to build up a bit of an inventory of this plus my friendship bracelets; the goal is to start a fairly well-stocked Etsy store by January. We'll see if that works. For now, though, at least I get to enjoy the making and the wearing!
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Well, it took 17 years,* but Molly finally has herself a tennis partner.

 photo DSC09528_zps21c5b4b3.jpg
I did actually learn how to weave nets somewhere along the way, if I ever want to set them up properly.

Summer got herself a tennis outfit, too! Now it'll be a battle between old …

 photo DSC09530_zpsc0de29b2.jpg
Yes, Molly is left-handed.

… and new!

 photo DSC09531_zpsc4937fcf.jpg
How do I get them to hold these things? MAGIC! Also, invisible hair ties.

Yeah, yeah, you don't care, but I'm ridiculously pleased. And really, that's what counts, right?

*I've had Molly since '93, but her tennis set was a 1997 special edition. THANKS AMELIA BUT SERIOUSLY NOBODY CARES.
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Hey, what time is it? It's time for Mini Addy's adventure photos! Welcome to Chicago! Mini Addy was excited to get sightseeing right away, but we got there late at night. So instead we went straight to the hotel.

 photo 0Addy-SkywalkView_zpse4da6add.jpg

The next day, though, it was time to get going. Addy was impressed by the view from the hotel's skyway.

 photo 0Addy-Friends_zps073c5566.jpg

She made a few friends up there, too!

 photo 0AGPlace_zps8546902c.jpg

Then we hit the Magnificent Mile. Mia was here once before, on a tour during a high school orchestra trip. It's gotten a lot fancier since then. Let's take a look.

 photo 0AddyandRegularAddy_zps0674f76e.jpg

Hey, who's that?

 photo 0Addy-Gazebo_zpsed65f500.jpg

There was a cute little park after all the shops that, for some reason, absolutely nobody was in even though people were all over the place. It was nice at the gazebo; Addy was glad to be away from the crowd for a moment.

 photo 0Addy-GazeboUpClose_zpsa7b95f6b.jpg

Come on, Addy! We have sightseeing to do! )

 photo 0Addy-Skyline_zpsbfb674f8.jpg

It was so nice to spend a couple of days in Chicago! Mini Addy was thrilled with the trip, and sorry to say goodbye so quickly. She'll have to come back sometime and check out more!
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So! Chicago was pretty fun to visit, I must say. I only spent a couple of days there, but they were pretty enjoyable even if god DAMN my feet hurt.

 photo 0Buildings_zpse31d1500.jpg

What is it with skyscrapers? I mean, they look awfully pretty, yes. But to someone who is used to a large sprawling suburban valley surrounded by mountains, they also look like an attempt to give some kind of shape to a flat place. Plus, I'm not used to buildings that take up whole blocks (even small, non-Salt Lake City blocks). But maybe it was just my TOO MANY HUMANS reaction kicking in.

And so many of them are named after companies. Which is just ... telling, I guess.

 photo 0GothicRocket_zpsa57f9643.jpg

I like this one just because it's some weird hybrid, and the older one on the left has the nickname of "The Gothic Rocket."

More Chicago Photos )

 photo 0FinallyMet_zpsff8e4f76.jpg

The best part of the trip, though, was getting to meet [ profile] childthursday and Jess! I have known [ profile] childthursday for quite a while online, and have gotten to watch her meet and form a relationship with Jess through her writing. It was wonderful to finally see her face-to-face, and to be able to celebrate their marriage with them!

(Whenever partygoers asked where I was from, I answered "The Internet!")

More Photos, Including The Most Magnificent Cake Ever )

Anyway! That's all for this time! Mini Addy's adventures turned out to be pretty photogenic, too, so they'll be up next! Stay tuned!
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Oh, hey, almost forgot! Check out what I made:

 photo AroundtheNeck_zpsffd75d85.jpg

Lisa Frank may have been a coked-up maniac, but her sense of color burned its way into the impressionable aesthetic centers of my young brain long ago. Bright goddamn rainbows are encoded into me the same way the Super Mario Bros. song is. So when I decided to learn the box chain for serious this time and found that you could get multicolor packs of anodized aluminum jump rings, well, there was no stopping me.

 photo WithToggles_zpsa867c39d.jpg
Camera playing again. Turns out the artificial light in this picture is noticeably different from the natural light in the other. Someday I will get this "photography" thing figured out.

Full thing, with toggle clasp. By the way, did you know that chainmaille weaving is hard on your back as well as your arms? I gotta work my muscles up to this. But hey, if my carpal tunnels give me trouble, I can always have dad refer me to a good neurosurgeon.

Next up I plan to do other colors of box chains, because you can never have too many colors, and learn some other weaves. I always rather liked the Persian star, too.

In other necklace news, yes, I did succeed in making a Fairy-Inna-Bottle necklace. I am still working out the best way to photograph the darn thing. I'm getting closer, in that it no longer looks quite like a tiny UFO, but it still doesn't look great. But it looks pretty cool in person, I assure you!
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So about five years ago I got this quilt kit for Xmas. I've been poking at it off and on ever since, and a few weeks ago I finally poked at enough that it turned into an actual quilt!


 photo Space_zpsfe5c0ebe.jpg
This is not my bed; I sleep on a hobbity little twin bed. But the lighting on this one is much better.

That right there is an awesome space-themed quilt. It was billed as a wall hanging, but I added enough exra fabric to it to make it into an actual people-sized (well, hobbit-sized) blanket. It's got a blue flannel back to it and is wonderfully comfortable.

 photo Borders_zpsf54cd7de.jpg
What the hell happened to the lighting in this photo? I don't know how to camera.

Plus, it's got rocketships all up on it.

 photo Panel_zps144fdc5c.jpg

The center panel is a rather haphazardly-arranged collection of constellations whose placement would probably appall Neil DeGrasse Tyson. But hey, at least the constellations themselves look right. And it's got both Northern- and Southern-hemisphere patterns, so I can learn some unusual ones, like "The Toucan," "The Telescope," and "The Poop."*

To quilt it, among other things I traced the constellations. I have no idea if I managed to learn them better, but it was kind of fun tracing them.

But of course, you're all just dying to know the big question, the most important thing about this quilt. You will not be satisfied until I answer the burning demand: Does it glow in the dark? And I am here to tell you that yes. Yes, it does.

The stars and the planet outlines do. I have yet to get a good photo of it because, again, I am bad at camera, but it's a lot of fun. I'e taken to turning on my big overhead fluorescent lights before going to sleep, just so I'll have the constellations glowing happily at me when I do. It's glorious.

I should really make quilts more often than every seven or eight years, But at least I feel super special when I do get them made.

*Yes, really. A lot of the Southern constellations were officially named during the Age of Exploration, and so explorers gave them more modern names, defined as "whatever junk was lying around in their immediate view at the time." So you have a lot of constellations named after navigation instruments. There were also a lot of ship parts--including the "poop deck." Which leads me to a follow-up. Dear Astronomers: please quit coming up with names that make it incredibly difficult to have conversations about astronomy without having to at least acknowledge awkward double-meanings. It's just getting ridiculous now.
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Mini Addy seems to have gotten the travel bug. When I went to California back in November (shut up I told you I'd get to this eventually), she came with me, because who doesn't like checking out new places? And California has so many interesting places to check out!

 photo GettingontheTrain_zps240cb073.jpg

This time we're taking the train. Addy's been on road trips, plane trips, and even boat trips, but never on a train trip. And it's doubly exciting to board at 11:30 pm.

 photo BunkBed_zps94e0ae97.jpg

In the roomette Addy wanted the top bunk at first ...

 photo OuttheWindow_zpsadcfc072.jpg

... but then she realized it was more fun on the bottom because she could watch the lights go by through the window.

 photo HangingWithGram_zps3c51e7e0.jpg

We made it to Sacramento! This was where Addy would meet my grandmother--and they got along very well. I knew they would!

But THEN What Did We Do? )
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I actually hate the term "selfie," purely for aesthetic reasons. It just sounds dumb, y'know? But as far as being put into the OED, I really don't see any reason to object.

The only possible reason I can think of for objecting, actually, is the idea that since it's a newly-added word, the selfie must be a new concept. You get all sorts of people hollering about how this just goes to show how narcissistic we all are nowadays, or that it's a sign of tragic insecurity. (Or, somehow, both at the same time, which is impressive.)

I hereby want to point out that this is total bullshit.

The strange thing is, the Narcissism and the Attention Whore arguments seem to be exclusively used as arguments against social media. "Nobody wants to hear about what you had for lunch!" I hear. "Nobody cares what you're doing right now!" Which, aside from being totally untrue--I, for one, love hearing/reading the everyday thoughts that wander through people's brains--is exactly the opposite of what a whole lot of frustrated grownups kept trying to grind into my asocial possibly-spectrumy little head when I was an uncommunicative kid who had no idea why I was supposed to listen to other kids talking about whatever stupid shit they were interested in. Why am I supposed to show interest in conversation about What I Did This Morning in person, but when I'm online I'm supposed to just scoff at the same thing?

Social media is just conversation, chatting, socializing, and small talk in a different medium.

Same goes for selfies--it seems to be their existence on the internet that infuriates people.* It's on the internet! Therefore this interest in looking at oneself must be NEW!

To which I say, check this out.

That right there is a link to an interesting study done on those weirdly disproportionate, bizarrely lumpy Upper-Paleolithic Venus figurines. The theory the author, LeRoy McDermott, is putting forward is that their strange proportions make total sense when you assume that they are self-portraits, done by women who don't have access to mirrors--when viewed at the same angles as you might use to look down at yourself, they do fit the proportions.

So according to that theory, some of the oldest art in the world is SELFIES.

It makes me regard the argument that selfies are a product of this latest generation of degenerate self-obsessed narcissists with a little bit of skepticism.

Honestly, I just think that selfies are the latest expression of a very old human fascination with themselves. It's not necessarily narcissism. It's just that, dang, y'all, here we are, we are humans, we're on this Earth, and look at us! We're doing things! And we can watch ourselves doing things, and remember those things we did, and analyze them, and philosophize about them! It's INTERESTING, dangit! It is one of the things that humans just do, because dude, we're humans!

Of course, another thing that humans seem to do with a lot of enthusiasm is bitch about how language is changing, so I suppose I can't be too hard on the people lamenting the new words. After all, the author of one of those articles I linked to above sarcastically pointed out that the OED is "the publisher of the venerable record of the language of Shakespeare and George Orwell," and yet seemed completely unaware of the irony of citing two authors separated by radically different eras of English as an example of why changes to the language now are to be lamented. Consistency has never been our strong suit, anyway.

And speaking of which, I'd better end this article. I've defended the selfie as best I can, but dammit I still hate that word. I hereby am done using it.

 photo LittleSelfie_zpse072bfaa.jpg
That's right, y'all! Mirror Amelia and her Buford T-shirt endorse the selfie! OKAY NOW I AM DONE USING IT.

*And that they are often done by GIRLS, who have all sorts of standards to live up to, set both by The Patriarchy and, dare I say it, from the asshole breed of feminists who have very set ideas about what Girl Power has to be.
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Remember when I said I brought my Roaming Addy along to the Tetons? Well, I didn't forget!

Welcome to the Grand Tetons! Addy got to hang out with us there for a few days. She did have a few adventures of her own while we were doing our own thing. Check it out!

 photo RoamingAddyatJacksonLakeLodge_zps1ccd45f5.jpg

Addy stayed with us at Jackson Lake Lodge. It's a beautiful inn with an unbelievable view. With binoculars, you could see some pretty interesting wildlife while sitting on that patio. And Addy was especially impressed by the mountains themselves.

 photo RoamingDollandTree_zpsf747637b.jpg

Time to check out Jenny Lake! Addy found a nice spot to chill out before hitting the trail.

 photo RoamingAddy-TrailClosed_zps421585d2.jpg

... But not that trail.

 photo RoamingAddyClimbingSagebrush_zps96bed739.jpg

At least there are great opportunities to explore! Addy could identify some plants and birdwatch.

 photo RoamingAddybytheLake_zps50edd410.jpg

And the lake was nice.

 photo RoamingAddysMushroomRavioli_zps2a1b16c9.jpg

Afterward, Addy relaxed with some good food in the Pioneer Room. Mushroom ravioli is really good ...

 photo RoamingAddyScalingMtOwens_zpseaa75a82.jpg

... but scaling the delicious cookie-and-ice-cream Mount Owens dessert is way more exciting.

 photo RoamingAddyEnjoystheView_zps6741e6e1.jpg

The trip was over too soon. Addy was sorry to be leaving the magnificent place, but she knew that it's one of our favorite spots--so, most likely, she'd be visiting it again in the future. In the meantime, she has the memories!
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So a couple weeks ago, my family and I went to Grand Teton National Park. And, this being Modern Times, we all brought cameras. So now, you lucky dogs you, you get to see my vacation slides!

 photo Botanizing_zps42d1a9ce.jpg

Coming at you, Jackson--and I am all ready for Nature Science. In the back pocket of that vest (damn I love that vest*) are about eight more little pamphlets on identifying plants, animals, rocks, etc..

That hat, by the way, is one I bought earlier this summer. It came with a veritable NOVEL of helpful instructions and other ephemera. Thing deserves its own entry, frankly.

Hey, who's that down in my pocket? Is that Mini Addy? Do you suppose she had adventures of her own in the Tetons? FORESHADOWING!)

 photo Pose_zpsb9de1f48.jpg

Wilderness disco party! WOO!

More under here! WOO! )

While my family was having adventures, Mini Addy had a few of her own. I'll put those together in the next few days!

*Dad was not sure about it because of the size issue: I was getting it from the men's section, which did not take into account some aspects of my topography. It's tough to find a women's vest with even five thousand pockets, though. For all that, I am really pleased with how it fits!

Doll Update

Mar. 2nd, 2013 11:56 pm
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I've always had a few accessories I've really wanted for Daja. Her staff, for one, and her suraku--that is, her survival kit. Those were pretty important, and I managed to put them together pretty well.

But I also really wanted her skates. They play a pretty big role in Cold Fire, and I think as a doll she's maybe 14, which is right at the time she'd be using them. But while I could make a staff and I could find a good little chest online to work as the suraku, making doll-size strap-on ice skates was a bit more of a challenge.

Fortunately, I don't have to. American Girl heard me!

 photo DajasSkates_zpsb331806d.jpg

No, seriously, they came out with a pair of strap-on skates for their new historical, Caroline, that were EXACTLY what I was wanting to get Daja. It's a damn lucky coincidence for me.

 photo SkateCloseup_zps2b80b2be.jpg

Okay, they're a bit of a cheat--Daja's got long feet (although the pointy toe of the boot doesn't help). But I am not going to be terribly picky about my 1/3-scale historically accurate non-boot ice skates.

 photo Jumpsuit_zpsfa25cff7.jpg

In other news, I also made a jumpsuit for Rocket! She can totally hang out at the shipyard, or perhaps any satellites of love that happen by, and she'll fit right in.

 photo StarWars_zpsd0e2db8f.jpg

And while her universe isn't QUITE the Star Wars universe, it still makes for a pretty good flightsuit for her piloting ventures. Or any Jedi-ing she might feel like doing.

 photo RocketRainbow_zpsaf8ebcb3.jpg

Rocket has the most fun hair ever. I love finding new colors to add to it, but I think the pink-and-rainbow look is my favorite.
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Apparently around here it's mug-smashing season. Over the past month we've managed to smash a whole bunch of mugs around here, including, tragically, my two favorite mugs. Dangit, I really liked that grey stoneware mug.

So as a consolation prize, and also showing my foolhardy optimism when it is uncertain whether mug-smashing season is over, I've ordered a couple new things to drink out of.

Like this:

 photo DSC08702_zpsab8b6ac8.jpg

BUT HEY WHAT IS THAT? It's not a mug, and also it has holes in it. What gives?

Dudes, you are looking at my very own musical teacup, a Teacarina.

Yes, the thing is totally musical, and a mouthpiece is set in the rim. It's a four-hole ocarina that plays one octave in the key of C.

 photo DSC08703_zps624e7680.jpg

Also, you can put tea in it.

 photo DSC08704_zpsad5bc724.jpg

A shot of the interior, because it is pretty.

It's not as big as my late lamented Favorite Mug, but by god it makes music, and it's kind of fun to see how the music changes when you actually have tea in it and the temperature does things to the resonating chamber. Though I wouldn't recommend playing too vigorously that way. Seems like a good way to get tea up your nose.

Let's hope teacups are exempt from mug-smashing season, because this thing's going to provide me hours of entertainment.
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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit makes for the cutest goddamn plushie in the known universe.



I think Oswald's done a pretty good job getting used to all the modern stuff that's sprung up in the near-century since he's been around. He does seem to have taken to video games pretty readily.


For instance, he and Yoshi are totally bros. I think Oswald will do well here in the 21st Century.

(I'm not kidding, this is the most adorable plushie I've ever seen. Lookitis little asymmetrical face. D'AWW)

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] kittikattie for the heads-up on the availability of Oswald merchandise.


Jan. 11th, 2013 06:57 pm
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American Girl might have dropped the ball once again with another white Girl of the Year, but I will admit that lately they've made a few other rather impressive attempts to be inclusive. Along with the orthodontia set that I still find to be utterly hilarious, and their longstanding wheelchair option (I think I even have one of the early models around here somewhere), this year they've added options like a doll-sized epi-pen, dolls without hair, and--most relevant to my interests--a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

I considered getting one of these official hearing aids for Summer, since the ones I made for her got lost a while back. But that would require sending her in to the Doll Hospital, and I am far too lazy. That's why God gave us Sculpey and product packages that include 30 million twist ties apiece.


So I made her a new set of hearing aids. The earmold is straight purple Sculpey; the case is white Sculpey with green nail polish. The connector is a twist tie.


Hair out of the way.


I did take an idea from the AG aid, though. I've been trying to find a good way to keep the aids in her ears, and the piercing they do seemed like a good idea. So both the earmold and the bottom of the case are attached with headpins.

I'm also glad I got to pick my own colors for these. Pink is nice, but Summer just doesn't seem like the type who would pick pink for her hearing aids. Fortunately, do-it-yerself gives me far more options. Thank goodness for Sculpey.
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Ah, memories.

I had to take this picture while standing between Dad and an HD football game. It was pretty difficult, actually.

Mom and The Neighbor Kid got out our old Playmobil electric train to put around the tree. We have a lot of old Playmobil stuff.* Aside from the usual playin' in the basement, where I'd spend hours making up stupid stories with which to entertain my siblings,** we'd also set out a lot of the playsets on the summer solstice for the fairies to use during their Midsummer parties. Because they were the perfect size, you know.

Anyway, so the train brought back memories.

Unfortunately, it also had the unforeseen consequence of completely shattering the mental health of the cat. One look at the little thing trundling around on its track and that was it.


US: Look, cat, it's okay! It just goes in circles. And it can't move unless we turn it on.


US: Uh, perhaps she'll get used to it.

*four hours later*


ME: Jesus, cat. Here, I'll even CARRY you upstairs.


ME: Here, sit on your teddy bear.


We keep thinking she'll get used to it. So far, no good. Even upstairs, she keeps glancing toward the basement, as though it'll come roaring up at her any minute. Which is also bringing back memories--specifically, memories of being a very small child full of primal terror that there was a SKELETON in the basement and it would get me if I went down alone. And that experience tells me: even if she could understand my words, any explanation that the train was not about to get her would fail.

She did give it a nose poke last night, though, before fleeing. That might be a good sign. It's such a darn cute train, it'd be a shame to take it down on account of a panicking cat.

*Although not the circus stuff. I always really wanted the circus stuff. There were colors and feathers and elephants, for God's sake.

**A constant form of play for us--I'd get hold of Playmobil or LEGOs or miscellaneous Ninja Turtles and Barbies and run them through all sorts of dumb shit while my siblings giggled helplessly. Although I never really built with the LEGOs. I have a magic force field that causes LEGOs to fall apart.
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Neighbor Cat. Yes, I’m still taking care of her—Neighbor Lady has had some complications arise with recovery. And now the cat herself has been having trouble—she’s keeping one eye closed and it’s goopy. Fortunately, Neighbor Lady’s Son is in charge of taking the cat to the vet, so I don’t have to worry about that—although I have the sneaking suspicion I will get to do the medication.

I’ve considered just taking her home to live with us till Neighbor Lady comes home, but for two things. First, I don’t want Neighbor Lady to worry that I’m stealing her cat. Second, Neighbor Cat is declawed—and we have a most emphatically clawed cat at home. That would not be a fair match. So she gets to stay down the street.


Neighbor Cat is also impossible to photograph. She closes her eyes whenever the flash goes off, and even without flash she rarely looks at the camera for more than a second. This was the best shot I could get of her while we were hanging out reading together one day. But she’s still a pretty little cat, isn’t she?
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Hey, everyone! Check out what Ed the Hairbender did to my hair!


It's hard to dye it when it's Real Short like that, so what we do is let my hair grow out for a few months till it's all curly and fluffy. Then Ed dyes the sections with foil, lets the dye set, and washes it out. Finally, he cuts the hair.

The bad news is that it's been less than a week and already it's growing out. The good news is that I've found that it matches my hair color enough that it doesn't look ridiculous when it does grow out.

Only problem is, now my head is cold. And it just seems a shame to wear a hat when I can't show off my patchwork head.
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Not all my birthday gifts were pants and underwear, though! I got pajamas, too My brother flew in to bestow this upon me:


That right there is a freaking map of the Mushroom Kingdom, my friends. A "Super Mario World," if you will. And it's done in loving detail:


The frame is surrounded by artistic renditions of sprites from various games. I always liked Dino Torch.

How awesome is that? (Answer: So awesome it's getting framed and going on my wall, right across from a breathtakingly painted pair of jeans my friend gave me in high school about six pant sizes ago.)


My sister got the map of Hyrule for her birthday. And let me just say, I think it's pretty cool that Nintendo Power has a section for fanmade works of art now.*


This would make a hell of a tattoo.

So yeah, it wasn't all Boring Useful Things for the birthday. Even the pajamas from my sister had Buford Van Stomm's shirt design! Not totally grown up yet.

Seriously, though, this new underwear is GREAT. What a terrific thing to get.

*Also, rather hilarious how many crafting nerds realized that pixellation lends itself well to things like beading and cross-stitch.


Aug. 13th, 2012 11:05 am
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Hey, look! I have a pet bunny!

My dandelion crop over by the fence is doing almost as well as the calendulas!

And by “pet bunny” I mean “wild bunny who thinks my garden is delicious.” Which is entirely correct: My garden is delicious.

If I were really depending on this garden, I would take steps to protect it—chicken wire, rabbit deterrent, chasing varmints around with a pitchfork, etc..* But as it is, I am thrilled that somebody’s getting some use out of it. I have considered asking it not to go after the beans like a pair of furry little hedge clippers, but I think I’ll let that be, too. It’s always good to do one’s part for the food chain.

*Probably I'd also weed it more thoroughly, but I like dandelions. They get their own place to the side.


Jun. 29th, 2012 03:26 am
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Aw, yeah, I know how to make a damn fine pizza.


I am finding that good pizza takes a lot of practice. I keep trying different recipes--but the most successful one I've found for thin crust, like the one up there, is snagged from the back of one of those bullshit cozy mystery books I periodically shelve.* I did hit a bit of a snag when the recipe suggested that I use my portable brick pizza oven for best results. Uh, yeah. Look, I'm surprised I have a pizza stone.** But even with the recipes, it takes a lot of work.***

On the plus side, if my appetite for pizza continues, all this kneading is going to give me some serious Popeye forearms. Who'd have thought pizza could make you a badass? The Ninja Turtles were right all along.

*But didn't actually read, because cozy mysteries are Not My Thing.

**Also I have this, thanks to my brother. That's all I really need.

***Getting the darn thing from the paddle onto the stone, for example. Which is why I had the fight with the oven.


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