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YES! It is the final installment of Scatterstone! I told you I'd get it up before the Sun became a red giant! I just barely made it!

It's been fun, it really has. I'm hoping to come back and revisit these little guys at some point, too, somewhere, somehow. But in the meantime, enjoy your closure!


So! Where did we leave off? )
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So yeah, we all cruised over to Lake Tahoe last weekend for a lovely, tiny wedding overlooking the lake. It was the groom's immediate family (including the aunt who thinks she isn't immediate family), and the bride's sister, who had flown up from Brazil. The poor sister doesn't speak much English, which means that it was a long, exhausting weekend for her as we blathered on around her and periodically tried to chat with her. But it was fun, and also now my brother is MARRIED, you guys.

I'm still trying to get used to it, but then it sounds like he is, too. His wife is pretty great, though. But linguistics nerd that I am, I am definitely gonna have to learn some Portuguese.

The trip itself was an adventure, too, but that might wind up in a different post. Until then, dude, my brother got married and it's weird. But congratulations to them both!
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Went to give Fern her breakfast the other morning and she was stone-dead. Like, cartoonishly so, head lolled to the side. I guess I shouldn't be surprised--she WAS an 18-year-old cat--but, y'know. Damn.

At least she seemed to have a nice last week. I brushed her and she liked that, and the spring days were making her happy. And she died in her bed. So hopefully she went peacefully. I worry that I didn't give her a nice enough life--I did relegate her to the garage because she hated the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee, and also because she had a tendency to miss the litterbox. But I made a lovely little canopy bed for her, and she had a space heater, and good food, and I snuggled her when I could. But. You always ask yourself those questions.

But I think it was okay.

Stupid cat.
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What I Learned Since The Winter Solstice

  • The Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage did not get along. Which the media is treating as a surprise, when really it seemed pretty apparent from the show. This is, of course, just the impression I get from watching it, but Jamie doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who gets along with ... most people. Not that he's not extremely cool. He just seems less than sociable.

  • Cat hormones are powerful stuff.

  • My sense of sci-fi was shaped rather strongly by the Star Wars "Tales" books. Which still hold up quite well--most of the stories are damn good.*

  • Also, I am apparently totally used to the unspecial editions of Original Flavor Star Wars--as evidenced by my watching my Special Edition DVDs and being extremely disoriented by them.

  • It is possible to not only do steampunk elves well, but amazingly well. Looking at you, Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor.

  • Self-cleaning litterboxes are pretty useful, but sometimes your cat might pick fights with the one you buy.

  • Contact lenses are better when you've got liquid to revitalize your eyes through the day

  • Mass Effect is a good game--which I knew--but it's also a really smart game.

  • Mormon temple interiors look surprisingly like assortments of vaguely-Victorian living rooms.

  • Lucy likes having her pin feathers scratched, unless they're still sensitive or blood feathers.

  • Female great horned owls sound slightly higher pitched than males, at least assuming that hooting owl in the cottonwood trees is one.

  • This particular brand of Fukitol supplement apparently doesn't keep me off the hypomania.

  • Sleep paralysis doesn't necessarily mean that you're half-awake; it can be a dream and still have all the symptoms.

  • I have discovered something shocking about myself, and I must confess it all to you: I am an axis-inverter. Not just the Y-axis; I intuitively invert the X-axis. At least in Xbox games. I AM SORRY, OKAY?

  • Astrology is horse shit, but I didn't realize how desperately complicated the horse shit was.


  • There might be nitrogen ice volcanoes on Pluto! No word on whether it is full of ice sharkanoes.

  • David Bowie did not have heterochromia; he had a permanently blown pupil (aka anisocoria), supposedly from a fight he was in.

  • Caroll Spinney and Jim Henson not only met in Salt Lake City; they specifically met in Kingsbury Hall! Which he realized when he made an appearance at Kingsbury Hall recently. He was pretty thrilled to realize he was back where he'd started.

  • Gravitational waves are detectable!

*Except Dannik Jerriko. It's a source of serious annoyance to me that the impressively well0put-together plot of Tales from Jabba's Palace hinges on the machinations of that self-impressed stuffed shirt of a snot vampire and his fucking prose poetry slams.
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It's a good thing I already knew what sleep paralysis was, because otherwise that ghoul who just slurked into my room would have scared the SHIT out of me. As it was, I spent the whole dream thinking, "Dude, this is totally sleep paralysis, whoa!" even while I panicked with deep Lovecraftian dread, and when the paralysis went away I (still in the dream) bolted upright and told that dang nightmare to GTFO because he was only a damn hypnopompic hallucination and I was trying to sleep, god dammit.

Yeah, that was an adventure.

Probably it would not be acceptable to call in to work because you got no sleep on account of the damn incubus in your room. Seriously, those things are almost as bad as mosquitos.

Though mosquitos are still worse. I have never gotten malaria from an incubus, after all.
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Because the first Star Wars Thing needed company. Star wars are hard, you guys.

EDIT: I just had this moment of BLAH, SHIT, THIS DOESN'T WORK AT ALL because I forgot how I figured out just when the hell Finn would tell Rey the real story. But by damn it DOES work and I had just forgotten. So if it confuses ME, I'd better put it in.


Also because I wanted to write Rey. )
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Okay, okay. I think the hypomania is settling down. I had a spectacular anxiety attack the day my parents arrived for their visit this week, and then things seemed to get a little more stable. Though I do have like twelve outlines (well, crazed scribbles) for Super Awesome Action Scenes from the Doctors!verse and one for another Star Wars Thing. Maybe now that I can concentrate I will turn them into actual prose words of sense.

But dang, y'all. Hypomania is exhausting. I want to help my parents with their office closedown project, but the supreme effort of not screaming about how awesome is space opera for a week has left me drained. Dad can haul those boxes on his own.

Also, this is another reason miss LJ: I think it was really helpful in these episodes back when it was a community of actual people I could yell to. Writing it down now is okay, but it doesn't quite give me the ability to let off steam like Ye Olden Dayes.

Anyway. Good to have Mom'n'Dad back, even if they have to put up with me flailing a bit. Sorry, parents. It's probably your own genes' fault.
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Bah. So the powerful medicine does not seem to be working. I'm gonna just spend the next few days staring at the wall while the idea fire hose just BLASTS AWAY.

And then I'm gonna call my psychiatrist and get some DIFFERENT powerful medicine.
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I wasn't planning to write this, mind you, but then this scene--set somewhere in the middle of The Force Awakens--showed up in a dream and then it WOULD NOT GO AWAY until I wrote it. So, you know. Blame the dream. And my current slight bout of hypomania, which is space-opera-themed. Y'all, I just finished the first Doctors! book's overhaul and I can already tell you that the sequel's gonna be EPIC.

But anyway. This had to come out first.


Spoilers! )
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At some point over the last few months it occurred to me that keeping up this blog with entries every few days was no longer fun, but rather a chore. Obviously this is largely because LiveJournal has been a ghost town for years--oh, for the fun of uploading silly icons, when comment threads were long and Metaquotes was king!--but it's also because my enthusiasm for this form of writing seems to have waned. It might wax again, and I'll of course do periodic posts (for example, I SWEAR TO GOD I'm getting Scatterstone's finale up here eventually, but I'm spending my time with hopefully salable stories right now), but in the meantime I'm just not thinking in Blog right now. Perhaps I will again, but at this point I seem to think better in strings of tweets.

And thus, if you want to keep up with me, your best bet is to follow my Twitter. And if you're not on Twitter but want to stay in touch, send me a note. A lot of the people I met on here have moved on to other platforms, too, but we can still hang out online!

Though not on Tumblr. I don't care how ironic it is for an LJer to look down on Tumblr culture, because god dammit I just can't bring myself to like Tumblr. I think I'll skip that generation of social media.

See you in the Twitter feed!
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"Welcome, all, to the Space Place's dome theater! Here we can show you a myriad of whirling suns, the grandeur and majesty of the cosmos! We can gaze upon stars a thousand times bigger than the sun, circle the galaxy, or examine our own precious, tiny point of life within the universe. We can gaze into nebulae, skim black holes, or view mighty supernovae and know that, small though we are, we are kin to those stars, for the very elements in our bodies were forged within them! We can wonder about the planets around other stars, and if they host others like us, star-cousins. Who will go with me on this voyage? What say you?"

And out of the audience a voice rings out: "I'm a Sagittarius!"

The life of a Space Placer is rough, you guys.
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So, I'm a little late, but hey, I got it in before 2016, right?

What I Learned Since The Autumn Equinox:

  • Startle the parrot on your shoulder and you might get a fat lip.

  • Kittens can just suddenly show up in your life. It's up to you to figure out what to do with them.

  • The possible habitable zone for UY Scuti, one of the biggest stars we know of, would be only about 4-5 AU from its surface (though its "surface" is debatable), which means it would be fucking HUGE in our skies.

  • You can make ricotta cheese in the microwave! HOW HANDY IS THAT?

  • If you want to make mochi, though, you'd better be willing to get your hands sticky. Or just go to the local Asian market and buy it.

  • There's a reason the Jo-Ann store I go to always looks kind of rundown. They are as short-staffed as it is possible to be.

  • If the telescope you've set up isn't on a level surface it won't compensate for the rotation of the Earth and you have to do it manually--and the Earth moves fast.

  • Some mood stabilizers can give you rashes the likes of which they sing songs about.

  • After the death of Barry Allen in the DC universe, in which he ran so fast he disintegrated Marvel Comics straight up stole him in the form of an amnesiac character who suddenly materializes out of pure speed. Barry Allen ran so fast he transcended license rights.

  • Calculating orbital resonances for constructed worlds is really complicated, but I think the saving grace is that they're self-correcting.

  • Tiny kittens don't always have super great hygiene.

  • Raising an unhygienic kitten does not actually cure one's coprophobia through desensitization. It merely makes life a nightmarish hellscape until the kitten learns better grooming.

  • You need to be careful about laser safety when doing laser shows in the dome.

  • Sometimes lasers decide they don't feel like lasing at all and at that point you just have to shine some pretty lights out into the dome and hope nobody noticed that the visual accompaniment to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a few swirly triangles.

  • Breaking bad news is difficult.

  • MST3k miracles CAN happen!

  • Illinois is FLAT, y'all.

  • In retrospect Dad probably should have been in the ICU this summer. At least he's feeling better NOW.

  • I have no idea how to cook at low altitudes. How did I do it in Oregon?

  • The reason operating the snowblower during the WINTER APOCALYPSE was so difficult is because its transmission was shot. At least Dad got me a new one!

  • Christmas is DIFFICULT.

  • It never pays to forget about altitude sickness.

  • People stop selling Xmas trees TOO EARLY.

  • Star Wars is still goddamn great.

  • I have no idea to react when my brother gets engaged.

  • My brother's fiancee is pretty great, though.


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Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about my quarterly What I Learned post. But I'm darn busy, so it's going to have to wait. Meanwhile happy holidays to you all!
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I've been saying for years that the second-biggest disappointment of the prequels is that there is an absolutely AMAZING story embedded in the piles of stupid shit. But this article says it much better.

Like the author here, my brother manages to put together a really great concept of what the prequels could have been. And while he and I have talked about many of the points listed in this article (seriously, fuck the Jedi), I particularly like his insight into Padme, which isn't echoed in the article. I was bitching at one point about how her big failure was when he comes back after the death of his mother and announced that he just SLAUGHTERED A VILLAGE OF SAND PEOPLE and she doesn't, you know, seem to notice that this is not so much a red flag as what the red flags are leading up to. And my brother said, "But she's a politician. She wants power. In that moment she sees he has power, and she's going to use it." And suddenly it's an ideological custody battle between her and Palpatine, and that's kind of awesome.

And a lot of other factors, with a bit of tweaking, could be made awesome instead of terrible. Even the goddamn midichlorians could have been a useful point.* That's the real problem. It was so close to being amazing.

And yes, I did say that was the second-biggest disappointment. The first? That the prequels exist at all. The more I think about it the less they need to exist. Vader needs to be shrouded in myth, dammit. I don't want to see his backstory!

*Basically, the Jedi have come to bureaucratically rely on counts of these particles that correlate with Force-sensitivity, rather than paying attention to the person--so they become the Stanford-Binet test of the Force, missing a whole lot of context in favor of one mindless number.


Dec. 19th, 2015 02:32 am
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STAR WARS WAS PRETTY GREAT, YOU GUYS. I pretty much spent the movie with a big dumb grin on my face the whole time. And I wasn't the only one. A crowd willing to go see it on opening day (or, technically, BEFORE) is one that will cheer when old characters show up, or when a new character does something awesome, or when that first goddam bombastic note hits. Good times.


I know a guy who doesn't even like to be spoiled for a movies Rotten Tomato score, so I'm cutting for these much more spoilery spoilers. )

And, lastly and not spoiler-ly:

-The early-90s Expanded Universe, up through the Young Jedi Knights, will always hold a special place in my heart even with some of its total bullshit. But I am entirely fine with having a split timeline. More story for everyone!

-MY BROTHER: Did you notice the Lucas wipes?

Hope you guys like it as much as I did!


Dec. 17th, 2015 08:55 pm
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Dec. 16th, 2015 11:27 pm
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DANG, it's been busy around here!

-Last week I was heading along to work when my right front tire decided it couldn't take life anymore and blew itself to shrapnel. I was going slowly, though--I was suspicious because I'd heard a BLAM on the freeway the day before, and even though things seemed okay when I got home the car started listing when I was going down the mountain again.

So I wound up getting new tires on the car. Which turned out to be a good thing, because ...

-For once, the predicted Snow Apocalypse OMG was, in fact, actually pretty apocalyptic.

Yeah, I had to miss work on Monday and Tuesday. But on the plus side, if this keeps up I'll be SUPER muscly. I managed to get an entire channel of the driveway cleared with nothing but a shovel until one of my neighbors helped me level up enough to be able to equip the Snowblower. Which STILL takes a lot of muscle, dangit.

 photo Do You Wanna Build A Snowman_zpskfumkyvs.jpg
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Also, Midna is very helpful in clearing the driveway.

 photo Come on Lets Go And Play_zps1qavdzwu.jpg

-Man, prepping for Xmas is EXHAUSTING. I've got the family and a Very Special Guest coming to visit, so I gotta get this place spiffed up. Got the carpets cleaned, having a fleet of maids come to visit (both courtesy of my parents' credit card), and this weekend I have to get a tree. With that and hauling groceries, seriously, MUSCLES FOR XMAS.

-The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee seems to be getting along with the Itty Bittiest member. They've only had to bop her a few times when she pounces on their tails too often. But usually even Starbuck is willing to play tag and groom her. Although I did find her stuck in one of the drawers the sisters like to frolic around in. I am assuming this was an accident and not a case of kitty bullies doing their equivalent of locker-stuffing, but you never know.

-I have made fizzy wassail soda! It is quite good, like a less powdered version of that weirdass "Russian tea" my family likes. However, the bottles are starting to gush, so I don't think they'll be around for my family. I may have to make more.

-I also have my first non-school live dome show tomorrow. I feel like a kid with an oral report due. I know all the material, but figuring out how to remotely control the dome requires different software and [EDITED FOR BORING DETAILS]. But I think I'm pretty ready! AND, when I finish with that, I get to go see ...


How great is it that Rifftrax's encore of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny was only the SECOND-most-anticipated theater event I was going to this week?

Okay, yeah, seriously, I bought a couple of tickets two months ago. I got an extra just in case my friend didn't have one, but since she did, I wound up offering it to a buddy at work who helped me put together the live show. I suppose I could've scalped the ticket for a few hundred bucks, but I am a light side Jedi and the puppy eyes of a geek who was not going to see it for several days got to me. STAR WARS, YOU GUYS.

-It's not too late to get stocking stuffers! [/obligatory plug]
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You'll pardon me if I stay away from the balloon drop. But hell YES I will watch the shit out of this new incarnation!
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There's this one guy at work who categorically refuses to believe anything I say. He's a nice enough fellow and I actually suspect that he sort of respects me because we do have interesting conversations, but he suffers from the kind of know-it-allism that makes him unwilling to talk about things where he doesn't have the conversational advantage, so he just outright denies it.

So about a year ago the subject of linguistics came up,* and he made a bunch of sweepingly uninformed statements about how sound change works. I tried to gently correct him and share some cool information--based on my being a hobby linguist since I was a tween and, y'know, the degree I have in it--chatting about the ways historical linguistics can reconstruct protolanguages. Unfortunately, everything I said got dismissed with "That sounds like a THEORY to me,"** along with demands that I cite my sources and questioning "how they know" what languages used to be like and then ignoring my answers. I made a brief attempt at engaging him Man-Style in order to gain the upper hand, but he simply REFUSED to believe that historical linguistics was a possible realm of study, and then it occurred to me that I didn't care and so I decided to stick with talking horror movies with him.*** I think he felt bad because he apologized for being obnoxious, but still remained skeptical of my "generalizations" while ignoring the fact that he'd just made a bunch himself.

Anyway today he casually mentioned that he's now trying to reconstruct Proto-Indo-European for a story he's writing.

I considered rubbing in that he's just obliquely admitted that he now was patently following all the stuff he'd been "skeptical" about when I'd said it. Maybe I should have. But while he seems to view conversation as a friendly competition, I don't, so instead I just gave him a couple of resources that might help him out, because I am a HELPER. I'm curious to see what he comes up with, but I also am going to have to remind myself that conversations with him will be kind of combative, so I'm prepared next time.

*I don't know if I've mentioned this once or twice before, but we at the Space Place are a bunch of nerds.

**Which is an extra kind of maddening for someone working in a science museum. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT "THEORY" MEANS, DAMMIT.

***I also remembered that he had previously been bizarrely skeptical when I OFFERED him several fucking sources off the top of my head about synesthesia being, y'know, a thing.
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Okay, guys, this has driven me nuts for forever. Maybe it's patently obvious to other people, but this burning question is one that I must find the answer to:

How the hell is "Puff the Magic Dragon" supposed to be about drugs?

I mean, yes, the name is "Puff," which is a thing you do with marijuana, and I suppose you COULD suggest that "Jackie Paper" refers to rolling papers, but ... if you want to suggest that it's a metaphor, well, it's a really SHITTY metaphor. This isn't like "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," where the nonsense John Lennon is blathering on about could easily be an acid trip. "Puff" has a completely obvious story about a whimsical imaginary friend who is left behind when a child grows up.* I just--well, try as I might, I just CAN'T make the idea of "Hurr hurr drugs" fit into the song.

But I've always been shit at poetry analysis, and all the drugs I take are from the pharmacy, so maybe I'm missing something. Can someone enlighten me as to this myster? It has tormented me for YEARS.

*Though Pixar does that better than anybody, and does it at LEAST twice.


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