Dec. 17th, 2010

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Hey, my camera is full! You know what that means, right? CAMERA DUMP!


A dramatization of what the weather was like yesterday. This was actually taken a few weeks ago, but same principle. I love it when it’s so cold the clouds fall completely out of the sky, leaving you with frigid sunny days and a layer of sparkling snow. I am rather sad that my camera did not capture the sparkles, though.


Mom made this wall hanging a few years ago, minus sleigh and decorated tree. We were surprised at how much we liked adding the Christmas effects.


Daja gets her Longnight tunic!

Longnight is what the people of Emelan call the longest night of the year, although just how it got a name like that is anybody’s guess. People stay up all night to greet the sun in the morning. It’s also the birthday of one of Daja’s foster parents!

I am hoping this tunic is a good imitation of the men’s “over-robe” style that Tamora Pierce often refers to in the Circle books. Daja tends to wear men’s clothes more than women’s, so this seemed natural.


And Loke gets a dress, as well!

I did not make this dress. It was part of the iDolls line (yes, really) from Kid Galaxy 10 years ago. I tried to make a dress based on something like these, and it mostly turned out pretty damn good even though satin can kiss my ass, but when I sewed the skirt to the bodice it gathered wrong or something, and now it’s all wonky. Plus, after a while that site gives me the heebie-jeebies.* Hooray for eBay!

I also want to make her a uniquely Hawaiian-type Xmas dress (I have an image saved from a site I can't remember: sleeveless dress with matching sarong), but I'd have to find the right fabric for it. Maybe next year.


Hey, look, I made another Magpie Necklace! This time our scavenger seems to be a mermaid, who has found quite a few pearls to hang on a woven cord, accenting some of the other things she’s scavenged. (That starfish’ll get good and tarnished in the sea water, but hey, so it goes.)

At this point I’m still just making them for myself, but I am still waffling over whether to sell them. It seems like a lot of extra work to do it, but, well, I dunno. I’ve never been very good at selling things. I always feel rather dishonest, and I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just not cut out for Business.

I may take shots of the doll display later, but right now it is Reading Time, so y’all will just have to back off whilst I go read. Good day to you.

*It’s the Purity Balls. You read one article about dads taking their daughters out and promising to guard her virginity until he hands her over to her husband, and you wind up conditioned to have an adverse response to girls’ party dresses forever.


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