Oct. 8th, 2010


Oct. 8th, 2010 11:35 pm
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I think I’m getting better at New Super Mario Bros. Wii! I feel a lot better now. After eighteen years playing Super Mario World, I can pretty much beat the whole thing with my eyes closed, so I take it for granted that I am a Mario whiz. It was a bit of a blow to the ego to play another Mario game and SUCK at it. But now that is behind me.

I'm chucking the next helpless Toad into boiling lava, though. Little bastards need to use their own legs. Their blue- and yellow-spotted pals can do it! Why can't they?


Got a battlefield promotion on Sunday, following the executive decision of the one coworker who showed up to work. Sundays are ridiculous at the library, and one person handling everything going on in circulation is Unacceptable.

Which is why, when I came in just as we opened, she informed me that I was now qualified to work circulation.

So I wound up leaving the books to sit on their carts in favor of answering patron questions. Given that this is October, the questions were mostly along the lines of “DO YOU HAVE CHUCKY?” and “DO YOU HAVE FREDDY KRUEGER?”,* although I did get to bond with one patron over how awesome Star Trek TNG is. Still, I am afraid to work circulation at Christmas time. (“DO YOU HAVE SANTA?”)

My manager is hinting that this will look even better when they promote me, which she thinks will happen as soon as the Liberry acquires some money. I am not holding my breath, but it was fun to learn some of the new system.


Went to The Mall today. You know you’re turning into a grownup when the acquisition of bras, underpants, and pajamas is almost as exciting as acquiring Super Mario Galaxy 2.

The bra ladies sure thought it was. Apparently, there’s not much happening in Braland down in the depths of the department store, so when somebody comes in and purchases their new bright red bra that somehow makes you aware of breast cancer,** it is an event. “She bought the red one!” the ladies kept saying to each other. “I have sold my first red bra!”

I bought it largely because it holds my boobs up, something that my current bras are not doing, but I admit it was also red, which is fun. Who doesn’t like festive underwear?

And who doesn’t like new jammies and Super Mario? I am going to wear the first while playing the second. It is a good night.

*Answer: No. For some reason, people always steal the slasher movies. I checked for Child’s Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and every other horror movie they could think of. We theoretically have several copies of each, but given that not one copy of any of them had a due date past 2009, I’m thinking these folks’ll have to get some Netflix.

**I don’t know, perhaps it is a scare tactic: you wear it with a white shirt and people see it and think “MY GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER BREASTS UNDER THERE? They look like they’re about to explode! Could it be … CANCER?”


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