Sep. 16th, 2010

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Have been experiencing another bout of what I think of as Sleep Creep—a phase where I get to my normal sleeping time* and my body decides that it is not tired and will not go to sleep. Whenever this phase hits, I come out with a bedtime about an hour beyond what it was before.

This is getting annoying. Much as I insist that I am not the weird one, everyone else is,** it still makes it difficult to interact with all such messed up yahoos.

So I am trying something new this time. My body wants to stay up all night? By god, I will LET it stay up all night. I am now in the middle of a self-prescribed week of chronotherapy. Bedtimes are now three hours later every day, with normal eight-hour sleep periods, until I have worked around to an acceptable bedtime.*** I will actually have a few hours of functionality in the daytime! It will be a new beginning, at least until my next bout of Sleep Creep!

Of course, until I have gotten this darn issue fixed, I am going to be slightly crazy, so y’all will just have to bear with me. I am sure that once this week is over, it will drastically cut down on my tendency to sit around doodling hobbits in Cosby sweaters, pirates battling plate tectonics, and my idea of a space!kraken. Till then, well, I’m gonna have another cup of tea and read up on maritime warfare. Sleep tight, you diurnal yahoos!

*4 a.m. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is a joy forever, no?

**This will also give alert readers insight into one of my alien species, the arhods, who live on a planet with day-night cycles wonky enough that their circadian rhythms are completely separate from light/dark periods. They’re all on different schedules, and that is an integral part of their society. WRITING PROVIDES ME WITH AN OUTLET.

***Okay, a realistic acceptable bedtime. Optimistic estimates would be around 1:30 a.m.


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