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Oh, man, y'all, Majora's Mask 3D comes out tomorrow.

If you don't hear from me for days, you'll know why.
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Thanks, y'all, for the nice pretend hugs last night. I'm feeling a lot better today. Better blood sugar, better outlook, and hey--a great bit of news! Majora's Mask is coming to the Nintendo 3DS!

I'm really pleased! I quite like the 3DS port of Ocarina of Time--the graphics are nicely updated, and I had this tendency to barge into every house and room just to check out the new set designs. And the gameplay was nicely put together, with the Ocarina no longer an item (I always kept it in an item slot anyway because I'm a little compulsive, doncha know) and some nice gyro stuff. I'm really hoping they do as well with this one, since--yes--it is my favorite Zelda title.

Also, people whose hands are so big they can't actually grip the N64 controller comfortably anymore (hi, brother!) can still play it! Hooray!
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Guys, guys!

[ profile] childthursday is now a doctor! With a PhD and everything!

Thought you ought to know, since she's worked hard on it, and her dissertation is what led us to meet. So! High-fives to her!
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My friend had a baby today. Today, I want you to know, is an AWESOME day to have a baby because HOLY SHIT IT'S MOON-LANDING DAY. This is the anniversary of the first time humans put their feet on a not-Earth. Because they were romping around on the god damn MOON.

Maybe this baby's birthday is an auspicious sign and she will help us get BACK to the Moon! Or even beyond!

Happy Moonday, baby!
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(That robot Martians one gives me chills. CHILLS.)

More Later

May. 21st, 2014 07:45 pm
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Same-sex marriages are happening in Illinois! MARRIAGES FOR EVERYONE!

My only regret is that I didn't get to be the flower girl for one very specific couple. But I do have a trip out that way tentatively planned for June, so I'll just have to pelt them with flowers a few months late.

Congratulations to all the newlyweds!
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Well, the beginning of the story isn't awesome: some dude kidnaps a little girl. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that meddling kid! That part--THAT part is awesome.
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Well, at least they struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. I've never been entirely clear on just how an act limiting who can get married is supposed to defend marriage, anyway.
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Congratulations, [ profile] acrossthelake and [ profile] i_blaze_the! I love weddings!
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There's nothing quite like having such a good idea to solve a problem in your story that you spend the rest of the day thinking "God damn, I am a genius!"
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Hyperbole and a Half is back!

It's possible not-depressed people won't get this new post at all, and depressed people may not want to do any reliving, but god DAMN, I have been in that place and felt those not-feelings and let me tell you when I read this post I laughed my ASS off. I have never seen What Depression Is Like communicated so well. Allie is a GENIUS. A depressed, anhedonic genius.
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And now, to make up for that last entry, have some good news! Malala Yousufzai is awake and showing no signs of brain damage!

Dang, that's nice to hear.
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When you show your sister and aunt this adorable video while it's embedded in this article, and your aunt decides that everyone at the nursing home she works at should see it. "What was the name of that Web Site? 'Cracked,' you say? I need to tell my supervisor!"

Sister and I headed her off at the pass there. At least, I hope we did. That could be awkward otherwise.

Go read the article. It is all warm fuzzies. There is a photo of Ron Perlman in full Hellboy mode sharing burgers with a six-year-old Make-A-Wish kid, and it will make your day.
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Happy 30th, Mom'n'Dad! Not bad for a couple who got married on their lunch break.

I promise we'll send you to France or something one of these years. But for now, at least weknow how to party at home.
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Went out to dinner tonight to celebrate my sister's college graduation. Next week she'll be off on her college victory lap through England. After that--she'll probably write all the great TV shows. But for now, dang!--made it through college. Good job, [ profile] sunshine_shaman!
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The good news is that the chestburster is neutralized! The doctor gave me some awesome magic purple stuff that apparently puts chestbursters into a deep sleep. The purple stuff is expensive, but it’s not as expensive as surgery, so hey, that’s good!

Unfortunately, probably due to one of our gross patrons at the Liberry, I seem to have picked up some sort of waltzing pneumonia.* Or something, anyway. Whatever it is, it’s making my voice entertainingly husky. I’d sing a mean blues if I didn’t dissolve into coughing fits every minute or so.

But hey, the chestburster’s even sleeping through all that noise! I take what I can get.

*It’s like walking pneumonia, but in 3/4 time.
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In other great news, guess what? Torn World is starting up contests again! Here’s the LJ entry detailing the current one—Fashions and Fads.

… And now I suddenly want to make a Torn World doll. But there are so many options! I could do a Northerner with a fatastic winter coat, a Tifijimi fashionista in tropical print,* a modern-day Mayaloi living in the empire wearing science robes—the list goes on. I am, dare I say it, TORN.

Anyway, even if you’re not a doll nerd like me, check out the contest. You can still design some nifty stuff. Let your imagination run wild!

*I would love to do a normal-size Duurludirj, but I have no idea how to find or make an achondroplasic doll.
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I want to say more on this, but it pretty much all boils down to: Awesome. You go, Nicole. And you go, Nicole’s family. If Wayne can come around, and talk about his issues, then there’s hope for others!
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Off to Disneyland I go! See y'all next week!


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