Dec. 16th, 2015 11:27 pm
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DANG, it's been busy around here!

-Last week I was heading along to work when my right front tire decided it couldn't take life anymore and blew itself to shrapnel. I was going slowly, though--I was suspicious because I'd heard a BLAM on the freeway the day before, and even though things seemed okay when I got home the car started listing when I was going down the mountain again.

So I wound up getting new tires on the car. Which turned out to be a good thing, because ...

-For once, the predicted Snow Apocalypse OMG was, in fact, actually pretty apocalyptic.

Yeah, I had to miss work on Monday and Tuesday. But on the plus side, if this keeps up I'll be SUPER muscly. I managed to get an entire channel of the driveway cleared with nothing but a shovel until one of my neighbors helped me level up enough to be able to equip the Snowblower. Which STILL takes a lot of muscle, dangit.

 photo Do You Wanna Build A Snowman_zpskfumkyvs.jpg
Do you wanna build a snowman?

Also, Midna is very helpful in clearing the driveway.

 photo Come on Lets Go And Play_zps1qavdzwu.jpg

-Man, prepping for Xmas is EXHAUSTING. I've got the family and a Very Special Guest coming to visit, so I gotta get this place spiffed up. Got the carpets cleaned, having a fleet of maids come to visit (both courtesy of my parents' credit card), and this weekend I have to get a tree. With that and hauling groceries, seriously, MUSCLES FOR XMAS.

-The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee seems to be getting along with the Itty Bittiest member. They've only had to bop her a few times when she pounces on their tails too often. But usually even Starbuck is willing to play tag and groom her. Although I did find her stuck in one of the drawers the sisters like to frolic around in. I am assuming this was an accident and not a case of kitty bullies doing their equivalent of locker-stuffing, but you never know.

-I have made fizzy wassail soda! It is quite good, like a less powdered version of that weirdass "Russian tea" my family likes. However, the bottles are starting to gush, so I don't think they'll be around for my family. I may have to make more.

-I also have my first non-school live dome show tomorrow. I feel like a kid with an oral report due. I know all the material, but figuring out how to remotely control the dome requires different software and [EDITED FOR BORING DETAILS]. But I think I'm pretty ready! AND, when I finish with that, I get to go see ...


How great is it that Rifftrax's encore of Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny was only the SECOND-most-anticipated theater event I was going to this week?

Okay, yeah, seriously, I bought a couple of tickets two months ago. I got an extra just in case my friend didn't have one, but since she did, I wound up offering it to a buddy at work who helped me put together the live show. I suppose I could've scalped the ticket for a few hundred bucks, but I am a light side Jedi and the puppy eyes of a geek who was not going to see it for several days got to me. STAR WARS, YOU GUYS.

-It's not too late to get stocking stuffers! [/obligatory plug]
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