Apr. 30th, 2015 06:52 pm
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Probably I'd Better Call A Doctor

OFFICE MANAGER: Thank you for calling this doctor's office! How can I help you?
ME: Well, I've got a bunch of pneumonia symptoms, and an image of Jim Henson just scrolled past my Facebook feed. I think I'd better see a doctor.
OFFICE MANAGER: Okay. The next appointments I have are either 7:30 tomorrow morning or two weeks from today.
ME: Probably I'd better take the seven-thirty one. I'm not sure I'll be alive two weeks from today.

Seven-Fucking-Thirty A.M. the Next Day

ME: Right, I got this. Drive down to the hospital, get an assessment, stop by the grocery store, back home for some rest.
MEDICAL ASSISTANT: Okay, I'm going to get your blood oxygen and your blood pressure ...
ME: Okay, that's great, but I just ... I think I need to lie down on the exam table ...
ME: I'l just ... yeah. Down I go.
MEDICAL ASSISTANT: ... I guess you can stay there. Let me just take your temperature.
ME: *zzz*
DOCTOR: also in the hall And you said she DROVE HERE HERSELF?

Gettin' A Chest X-Ray

INTAKE NURSE: Have you had any contact with anyone who might have had ebola recently?
ME: What, any of the four of them? NO.

One Chest X-Ray And Some Tylenol Later

DOCTOR: So it's totally pneumonia.
ME: You don't say.
DOCTOR: Go home. DO NOT DRIVE YOURSELF. Sleep. Push fluids. Take these antibiotics. Call if you get worse.
ME: I guess I'm not going to the grocery store today.

Sickness Behavior

one hour later

ASPEN: Hey, I am at your door! I've brought you some cassoulet!
ME: Is ... is this an entire chicken?
ASPEN: And here is some grapefruit juice!
ME: ... I really did not expect that to work as well as it did.

Everyone Is A Helper

CAT: Hey, I'm feeling better! But I think I want to hang close to you. Like, really close. Like, I will accept nothing except sitting on your belabored chest.
ME: This is a ploy so that if you die you can take your food human to the afterlife with you, isn't it.

ME: *cough*
BIRD: *cough*
ME: *cough cough*
BIRD: *cough cough*
ME: Are you making fun of me?
BIRD: *cough snort cough*

ME: Hello, Aunt! I think I am dying. Can you come up and heat up this cassoulet for me? And feed the cat her prescription food? And maybe do some laundry for me?
AUNT: You bet!
ME: So far, you are the best helper.
AUNT: I like to think it's the RN training.

And now I'm feeling better, which means I went to get the car and I am watching David Attenborough's Life of Birds. I"m still planning to talk about the awesome Space Place Gala, but till then, let's hope I survive.
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I love that my sister is two states and a time zone away and yet I can still just be like, "Hey, wanna watch a movie tonight?" and then we can sit and eat popcorn and snark about it. The future is GREAT.

(Also, Frozen has broken us forever. Whether in person or on chat, every time we want to hang out together one of us'll start ad libbing lyrics to "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" We're pretty good at it, too.)
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Happy birthday, Dad! Life may change around us, but you'll always be one of my favorite people.
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We cook our turkey on the grill. Everyone who hears this greets it with skepticism, right up until they try the turkey. Then they start considering using/getting their own grill. Plus, an outdoor grill allows us to enjoy the winter weather, which this year decided, much like my sister, to show up exactly on Christmas Day. (My sister works retail and had to be at the bookstore on Christmas Eve. What's the weather's excuse?)

So on Christmas Day when I came up the stairs, my brother was manning the grill, and my parents had gone to get my sister from the airport.

ME: Boy! What day is it?
MY BROTHER: Why, it's Christmas Day!
ME: Then I haven't missed it!
MY BROTHER: You almost did. It's like 2:30.
ME: Hey, you keep Christmas in your way and let me keep it in mine.

The turkey was pretty much done, just gently smoking now, so my brother deemed it was time to collect the drippings. Armed with a saucepan, oven mitts, and shoes for the snow, I stepped out to help him.

MY BROTHER: Ooh, that's a gorgeous pan full of drippings.
ME: Did you see how well I managed to pour it from this floppy pan into the saucepan?

But unbeknownst to me, a chunk of icy snow had stuck to my shoe.

The sad thing is, I even thought about slipping out of my shoes upon entering the house. But , ironically as it will turn out in a minute, I wanted to get the drippings to safety before getting distracted, and I did not.

So I stepped on the kitchen linoleum and was promptly mugged by physics. My right foot shot out in front of me, I came down hard on my left knee, and almost a pint of turkey juice sloshed spectacularly out to coat the kitchen like a greasy tsunami.

MY BROTHER: (from out on the deck) Well, that didn't sound good.
ME: I ... may have just ruined Christmas, dude.

So when the rest of the family came home, they found my brother working on Christmas dinner, very gingerly stepping around the kitchen as I tried to clean up the grease. Several Swiffer diapers, a million paper towels, quite a few rags, and a change of greasy pants later, we were back in business.

ME: I want to point out that I managed to keep the pan upright, so even though most of it sloshed out, we still have almost a cup left.
MY MOM: That will totally go far enough.
ME: IT IS A CHRISTMAS MIR--wait, isn't there another holiday that talks about oil lasting longer than--
MY SISTER: *cough*culturalappropriation*cough*

So yes, we still got our gravy. And Christmas dinner was great, and then we went into the master bedroom (that will soon be MINE HAHAHAHAHAHA) and wrapped all our presents, and then we went downstairs and unwrapped them. And we watched Arthur Christmas, which is hilarious and fun and you should all check it out, and overall it was a pretty dang successful Christmas.

And then I woke up the next day and found out just which muscles I had pulled and how much I'd bruised my knee. But hey, if family Christmas comedies have taught us anything, it's that it's not Christmas without a hilarious bit of food-on-the-floor slapstick. And really, as far as disasters go, I'll take it over the Annual Christmas Plumbing Disaster any day.
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So what's that? Mom left early for Thanksgiving in California, leaving Dad and me to follow her later? You know what that means! Time for Adventures With Dad!


DAD: Well, shall we watch a movie together? We've got some science fiction ones here. Like that Tom Cruise one. Or Transformers 4!
ME: Ooh, I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy!
DAD: Or we could watch Transformers!
ME: And I can't stand Tom Cruise, but yeah, Emily Blunt is pretty great. And I like the idea of being stuck in a video game.
DAD: Let's just watch the Transformers trailer.
ME: I rather want--

Hour 427 of Transformers 4

DAD: I have no idea what is going on.
ME: God this movie is a mess but Optimus Christ just punched Grimlock into an alliance and is riding him like Yoshi so everything's cool I guess.

And then I was useless for weeks, because even terrible Transformers movies* leave me on a giant robot high that only subsides after a month or two.


DAD: Tonight, you want to go to Interstellar?
DAD: No, but your sister's been on a movie high from that one. We could go see it!
ME: For the record, it's three hours long and we can't pause for bathroom breaks in the theater.
DAD: OR we could stay in and watch this Live/Die/Repeat one.
DAD: Just make the popcorn.

It Was Like Being In A Video Game

DAD: Well, I'll admit that was a much better movie than our previous selection.
ME: Yeah, but it could have used more Optimus Prime.
DAD: You say that about everything.
ME: Look, you're the one who insisted we watch Transformers last night.

Then, We Struck Out For California )
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Well, off to Sacramento for Thanksgiving with Mom's family. Try not to descend into apocalyptic dystopia while I'm gone.
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For some years now the administrators at the hospital where Dad works have been boldly leading the way to the future, except that the future they're envisioning appears to be of the corporate-run bottom-line-obsessed 80s-movie dystopia variety. It's been rather rough on any of the doctors who, like Dad, believe that the point of medicine is healing.

So Dad, who has also spent a decade studying an awesome state-of-the-edge cutting-art method of surgery that uses better equipment, makes smaller incisions, and offers faster healing times, is underappreciated and shunned because he feels that surgery is supposed to help optimize a patient's healing, rather than to make piles of money for him and all the hospital people around him. It's made for a pretty oppressive atmosphere, and Dad was getting to the point where he wasn't sure how he could keep this up--but he wasn't sure how he could quit, either, because there wasn't much in the retirement jar.

And then in August his best buddy from way back in residency called him and was all, "Hey, wanna job?"

Good GOD, y'all. THIS JOB. The hospital is GREAT and all the doctors like Dad a lot and he wouldn't be running his own business and maybe now we can pay off our loans and they actually are excited about his amazing Jetsonian Spacefuture surgery techniques. I mean, like, REALLY excited. He went out to kind of look things over and every time he blinked they'd throw more perks at him. He was about half an hour away from owning everyone's firstborn child.

It looks almost perfect. There's only one downside.

It's in Illinois.

Yeah, we're Westerners. It's difficult to imagine living anywhere else than Out West somewhere. But hey, everything else is awesome, and the hospital here is sinking fast, so by god, Dad's taking the job. He and Mom are moving to Illinois in the spring. They'll be there anywhere from two to ten years.

And I'm staying here.

So this is gonna be extremely weird. We're keeping the house, and I'm staying in it. Probably my brother will be moving in with me, too, since he's trying to get a job out thisaway.* And it's especially weird to think that I'll be emerging from my Bat Cave to become the one running the house. Fun, but weird.

We've been putting off announcing it until everything was all put together, but we've been preparing since August. Mom's gone all manic about moving, and Dad's kind of in a daze, and our employees are figuring out their next steps, and all the patients are wailing and moaning. (Dad is not popular with the administration, but god damn his patients love him. And the hospital staff all go to him if they have problems, so there's that.) And I'm plotting to steal the master bedroom (to Dad's horror) and wondering how I'll buy groceries with the twelve pennies or so I make a week at the Space Place.

Life, man. You never know what it's gonna throw at you next. We'll see where this takes us.

*Which is going to be interesting when he brings his silly cat with him. Harley is a lot like the late sister of our current old geezer cat, Fern, and though said sister Charlotte got ate by a mountain lion a while back, Fern still seems paranoid that she will return someday. If Harley shows up, it'll only confirm that she was right all along.

Book Club

Oct. 29th, 2014 10:09 pm
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Back in January, my brother decided to make himself a resolution.

MY BROTHER: I am finally going to read The Lord of the Rings by the end of this year!

So he took a dive into the beloved fantasy series. In February, I asked him how it was going.

MY BROTHER: I have amended it somewhat! I am going to read The Fellowship of the Ring by the end of the year!
ME: That boring, huh?

Okay, yeah, Fellowship starts out pretty slow, what with half a book of dicking around and musical numbers. But even so, my brother's managing to exceed his new goal and called me not too long ago.

MY BROTHER: I finished The Two Towers!
ME: Whadja think?
MY BROTHER: Okay, you were right. Those last chapters in Shelob's lair?
ME: When Sam goes bugfuck?

Yes. I'm still willing to argue that overall the Peter Jackson movies told a way better story than the books and made the scenes much more interesting and exciting. But the book version of Shelob's Lair--and, god, The Choices of Master Samwise--blows the movie version out of the water. I like the movie's GET AWAY FROM HIM YOU BITCH moment, but it was in the book when I got into the fight and was all "Fuckin GET HER! YEAH!!!" when Sam just launches himself at Shelob.

Also, I'm curious to see what my brother thinks of that cliffhanger at the end of Book 1 of Return of the King. It was not really possible with the movies because the stories were told parallel to each other, but it is pretty effective when the last you hear of Frodo is "Frodo was alive but taken by the Enemy" and then suddenly the Mouth of Sauron shows up with Frodo's stuff to destroy everyone's morale.* That's pretty good.

We'll have to see if my brother makes it through his original goal. Nothing quite tops Shelob, but there's some fun stuff with Return of the King nonetheless. And I want his comparison of Movie vs. Book Denethor & Sons. Those changes could keep me talking all night.

*First time I read the books I remember really picking apart his dialogue and deciding, "This guy is totally bluffing. 'He was dear to you or maybe his mission was important'? Yeah, he doesn't know shit about what Frodo was up to or he'd taunt them with that failure." I suppose Sauron could have kept it from his loyal servant, but even so you'd think he'd still say something like "Make sure to tell this little ragtag group that nyah nyah, their ploy has failed."
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Happy birthday to my favorite sister! To answer your question: Yes, I do wanna build a snowman!

Home Again

Sep. 8th, 2014 05:56 pm
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I'm back!

What's that? You didn't know I was gone? Well, fair enough. That's what I get for not keeping you up to date. But yeah, since my brother and sister are both visiting, the family went to Moab, and the only internet I bothered with was the kind that announces new Ph.Doctors.

I was hoping to get some writing done while I was down there--I am ever the optimist about how these vacations are gonna go--but when I wasn't swimming in the pool or hiking and climbing around desert formations,* I was having truly murderous allergy attacks. Even the DESERT wants to kill me.

But it was good times! I took pictures! I will post them eventually! In the meantime, anything interesting happen to you guys while I was gone?

*Okay, even when I was doing the hiking.
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My sister is here! Hooray!

Dang, I love it when she visits. Who else can I go from discussing the publishing industry to gleefully squealing at a Let's Play of Five Nights at Freddy's* to contemplating the attributes of fairy jail in the Disney Fairyverse** with?

It's good to have people who get me.

*If you haven't seen it, I warn you that even with Markiplier's delightful self-comfort chatter in that video, that video and the game itself is fucking TERRIFYING. I haven't had so much fun watching most actual horror MOVIES as I have watching that LP.

**Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Disney Fairies? Especially the movie versions. For one thing, Peter Pan has been thoroughly bussed from the movies (I think it's technically before Tinker Bell meets him, which I'm fine with), and Tink has a much more likable personality. More importantly, though, they're girly as unicorns in a meadow full of rainbow glitter, and yet Tinker Bell is also an ENGINEER. You can totally be a girly mechanical engineer! The Fairies say so, god dammit! (And the latest movie, The Pirate Fairy, has a SCIENCE FAIRY who does experiments and alchemy and stuff! IT'S GREAT.
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I still think it's a great story that my parents got married over a lunch break one day 32 years ago. Happy anniversary to them.
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So I (FINALLY!) watched The LEGO Movie last night. Loved it. And I gotta say, you know how there's all this pearl-clutching* about how the very end joke is HORRIBLY SEXIST? I wonder how many of those people actually have younger siblings. Because I'm a big sister, and let me tell you, that ending KILLED me. Plus, it offered spoilers, and aren't I nice cutting these? )

If I were to point out any sexist problems with this movie, it'd be the bizarrely common trope wherein no matter how incredibly talented, hardworking, and all-around qualified a female character is, she'll always be eclipsed by some talentless doofus who is supposed to be indefinably Special.** Yeah, I know part of the movie's message is that everyone is special, but come on, maybe we can give shout-outs to actual hard work and skill for a change? Let's retire that particular plot device. Both in movies and in real life, if possible.

Don't get me wrong, that didn't ruin the movie for me. It was just the soap-flavored cilantro in this movie's otherwise delicious pico de gallo. I need to watch it about 20 more times just to see what all is going on in those action scenes.

FAVORITE LINE: "Do you think zeppelins are a bad investment?"

FAVORITE VISUAL GAG: President Lord Business's evil flowing necktie cape.

*Inaccurate pearl-clutching, at that--I believe Unikitty was SPOILER ) and furthermore, ALSO A SPOILER ).

**Seriously, FUCK YOU, Kung Fu Panda.
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Whenever Mom starts to explain really obvious things like how to make toast or something, I remind myself that she was around when I actually WASN'T able to, say, navigate using the bathroom without some backup, and I can't get too annoyed that she thinks I'm completely incompetent.
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Mini Addy seems to have gotten the travel bug. When I went to California back in November (shut up I told you I'd get to this eventually), she came with me, because who doesn't like checking out new places? And California has so many interesting places to check out!

 photo GettingontheTrain_zps240cb073.jpg

This time we're taking the train. Addy's been on road trips, plane trips, and even boat trips, but never on a train trip. And it's doubly exciting to board at 11:30 pm.

 photo BunkBed_zps94e0ae97.jpg

In the roomette Addy wanted the top bunk at first ...

 photo OuttheWindow_zpsadcfc072.jpg

... but then she realized it was more fun on the bottom because she could watch the lights go by through the window.

 photo HangingWithGram_zps3c51e7e0.jpg

We made it to Sacramento! This was where Addy would meet my grandmother--and they got along very well. I knew they would!

But THEN What Did We Do? )
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My siblings' apartment is a nice setup , with an open kitchen/living area and an airy hallway. They've been gathering furniture for it, and it's getting pretty comfy. The one strange thing, though, was the drifted piles of plasticky and papery and feathery little ditzels and greebles in odd corners.

MY SISTER: Oh, those. Yeah, just be glad there aren't any Starbursts or grapes. All will become clear in time. Anyway, here's the air mattress. Tomorrow we'll go pick up Harley.

Meeting the Kitty

It's been a while since I've had a tiny kitty around. My cat is old and tired, and outdoorsy, able to gallivant around outside if she's bored. I'd been assured by my siblings that little Harley* is in no way an old lady cat. And when we went to pick her up from the friend's house where she was staying, I quickly saw it for myself.

FRIEND: It was great to have Harley back with the other cats! Back when we were fostering her, before you adopted her, the other cats were a little annoyed with her. She's settled down a lot since then!
HARLEY: *streaks by chasing one of the other cats*
MY BROTHER: Thanks again for taking her in again. And for dinner! You guys are great.
FRIEND: No problem! We love you guys! And it's nice to see your sister again.
ME: I am glad to see you, as well!
FRIEND: Indeed! Let's enjoy some dinner!
HARLEY: *zooms by again* MEEP MEEP!

She didn't even slow down after we'd left their excellent dinner and went home. The moment we arrived at the apartment, she launched herself into the nearest pile of the debris drifted in the corners of the house. The ditzels and thingies were her toys. And by god, she liked them. She selected one and brought it to me.

ME: Well, hey, little buddy!
HARLEY: Look! This is my favorite toy! That plastic seal-and-ring thing that seals an orange juice carton! It is the best thing ever! MAKE IT GO!
ME: ... Uh, okay. *toss*

First cat I've ever met who plays fetch.

More things! Not ALL of them are cat-related! )
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So you might remember, a few weeks ago I took a trip to see some California family!

I figured I'd try trains because I hate plane travel, so if nothing else this would at least open up a different set of inconveniences and annoyances for me. But it was actually fun!


MOM: ... and don't forget to pack underwear and say thank you and don't follow strangers into windowless vans and ...
AUNT: I brought you a travel kit of trail mix and handiwipes!
DAD: If any outlying family members offer you drugs, don't take them!
ME: Why is everyone so dang nervous about this?
MOM: What are you talking about? You're a ball of anxiety, yourself.
ME: Well, yes, but I get this way when I'm going to the grocery store. It's pretty much my default state. It's new with you guys.

So I hopped on the sleeper train, trailing a few more Momisms in my wake, and enjoyed a nice nighttime ride in my own little roomette, which was only occasionally interrupted by the car's tendency to lurch just enough to send me rolling into the wall. But this was still more tolerable when lying in the little bunk than when, say, trying to use the bathroom. But I could live with that sort of thing, because at least I didn't have PLANE NOISE crushing my skull. Did I mention I hate planes?

Experience the EXPERIENCE! )
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I am in the Bay Area, y'all!

So the train journey went fine, so I guess all those train shenanigans I learned from various murder mysteries was slightly inaccurate. Not one person was murdered. Probably that's a plus.

Then there were a couple days at my 96-year-old grandmother's, hanging with my 47 million aunts and uncles and cousins and miscellaneous probable relations.* And now here I am spending the rest of the weekend with my brother and sister! I'll be checking out their hometown and meeting their Tasmanian Devil of a kitty. So once again, I may stay a little less communicative this weekend. But so far I am still alive!

Hope all y'all are having a good weekend too!

Oh, and if any of my internet pals are around, drop me a note and I'll try to see if we can hang out!

*I am related to EVERYBODY. Had a cousin mention that her daughter had a sister, then hasten to clarify how that worked when said cousin had only one kid, and I was like "at this point I don't even question that. She could have eight sisters with different backstories, and they all would count."
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I harbor a lot of resentment for Peter Pan.

It’s not an out-and-out hatred. I mean, I was willing to see the Disney movie, and the movie version of Mary Martin as Mr. B Natural as Peter Pan, and I read the book version that my aunt had around the house, and I wasn't exactly furiously chucking the book across the room or anything. But I did always leave feeling ... rather put off.*

It took me a long time to articulate why. There were a lot of reasons. For one, Neverland seemed to be made up of a bunch of random elements that JM Barrie vaguely remembered finding appealing as a kid--the old-timey equivalent of something that nowadays would cram robots, aliens, superheroes, princesses, ponies, zombies, ninjas, and okay yeah pirates into a world without any logic or reason.** It was clearly a nostalgia’s-eye view of pretend time, and it was grating.

For another, Peter Pan was a schmuck. I could never tell if he was supposed to be endearingly self-centered and egomaniacal--like kids can be--or if it was meant as a slightly darker commentary on those same characteristics.*** No matter what, though, he seemed far too self-centered. Kids aren’t all that one-note shitty.

But mostly, it was the ladies.

I could not stand the female characters in Neverland. They were all written with such malice. Their automatic hostility toward Wendy was inexplicable and pointless--especially if it really was centered around the fact that they all wanted Peter’s attention, because the hell with him. Not a single character was likable, but the females got some extra attention paid to detailing their unlikability. And Wendy herself was an obnoxious load--whiny, helpless, codependent, and prone to forget that, you know, SHE COULD FUCKING FLY.

Which is still true in most adaptations. I stand by the fact that Wendy is a terrible character as originally written. However, I tend to run all the permutations of her together, so I missed something kind of excellent about Disney Wendy until my brother pointed it out: unlike with the other Wendys, Disney Wendy’s main character arc is the dawning realization that Neverland is bullshit.

And my brother is right.

When you watch it with that in mind, it's actually pretty great. In the beginning of the movie Wendy’s all for going to Neverland, and she’s clearly crushing on Peter. And then every single experience she has is a miserable disappointment. Woo, mermaids! Oh, hang on, mermaids are bratty and cliqueish. Woo, fairies! Oh, wait, they’re bratty too. Woo, Lost Boys! Holy shit never mind they just straight up tried to murder me. Woo, Indians! Oh GOD they are racist stereotypes and also they won’t let me join the party but keep making me gather firewood. Woo, pirates! Oh, right, they’re FUCKING PIRATES. Woo, Peter Pan! Oh, wait, this kid is a god damn SOCIOPATH. Everyone else acts stupid and childish, and finally she just can’t TAKE it anymore. So when she goes back to the real world--with, might I add, no implication that she’s gonna be trapped in some stupid one-sided relationship where Peter flies back to collect her for “spring cleaning” each year—she’s pretty much like “GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THIS NURSERY; I AM SO READY TO BE A GROWNUP.”

And suddenly the reason I still had a soft spot for Disney Wendy (well, that and the fact that I’m in love with Kathryn Beaumont’s voice work) was clear to me.

So yes, I still very much dislike Peter Pan. But it’s rather heartening to realize that Disney Wendy feels kind of the same way.

*Especially by the Mr. B Natural one, because I know stage rules are different, but man, they weren’t even TRYING to make the illusion work.

**I’m not saying these things can’t be awesome together, but you’ve got to WORK on it.

***Yes, I know they touched on that in the more recent live action movie, but it still didn’t quite fully grasp it.
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I just spent like an hour geeking out with my brother about the history of animation.

I think he might have even radically changed my view regarding Disney's version of Peter Pan.

Y'all just WISH you had my siblings.


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