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I wasn't planning to write this, mind you, but then this scene--set somewhere in the middle of The Force Awakens--showed up in a dream and then it WOULD NOT GO AWAY until I wrote it. So, you know. Blame the dream. And my current slight bout of hypomania, which is space-opera-themed. Y'all, I just finished the first Doctors! book's overhaul and I can already tell you that the sequel's gonna be EPIC.

But anyway. This had to come out first.


Spoilers! )
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GAH. So it appears I've run into my annual Manic Mind phase, where for a few weeks or so I have ALL OF THE IDEAS and no focus with which to do anything about it. Thoughts and scenarios bounce around in my skull like pinballs, many of them awesome, but I'm reduced to doing jigsaw puzzles or mindless app games or even straight up wall-staring while they crash around.

I want to do all the things at once--get to the end of Scatterstone (YES IT WILL HAPPEN), get to the end of Doctors!, work on OGYAFE sequels, write self-indulgent fairy tales, let my equally self-indulgent Playtime Universe frolic around for a while, build all the new worlds. I can't do any of them though, because if I focus on one the others all shriek for attention, so I get NOTHING done.

It's exhausting. And it comes with heightened anxiety, which just adds a layer of fun and games to it. Hopefully it won't last long, and maybe I'll have some good ideas at the end of it, but damn, I'm useless right now. It's kinda frustrating.
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The hypomanic idea storm of a couple of weeks ago has died down somewhat, to the point where I can actually focus on other stories besides ALL THE GOOD IDEAS. It's admittedly unpleasant to have those episodes, but the good part is that then I'm left with a year's worth of material to process when I'm in my less crazed state.

This time around it's left me with some supertangential characters in OGYAFEland. I don't know if they'll ever see the light of day beyond one short story that should work, because they're a little bit melodramatic. However, following my recent post on creative truths, I'm finding these characters interesting to work with because they really do follow the casual animism of OGYAFEland a little more literally than my main OGYAFE characters do.

The idea in OGYAFEland is that they proudly insist they don't have gods, but have a hugely extensive belief in spirits and fairies. The idiom reflects this, and a lot of people are willing to follow the traditions of leaving offerings to the spirits, but some are more attuned to it than others. And this is a somewhat modern society--kind of mid-20th-Century, give or take--which means that the fairies are willing to adapt to the changing nature of magic and technology. I like seeing how a belief that they have a lot of little personal, localized spirits hanging around affects these somewhat modernized characters' actions.

Plus, it's just fun to be able to have a character casually say something like "Sure, you can borrow my car, but beware of the bad fairies living in the transmission" and have others take them seriously. It's the little things.
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Just sent off my manuscript to an old friend who works in publishing. My sister has been talking me up to her. Who'd've thought it would turn out that my literary agent was my sister THE WHOLE TIME?

In other news, got smacked by one of those insane inspiration storms. Which is all very well, but it's honestly all stuff that would not be terribly useful except as self-gratification writing. The only thing it's really managing to do is make it harder to write things like Scatterstone or Doctors! Redux, since I'm trying to concentrate through a whirl of triply-tangential characters having LOUD CRAZY ADVENTURETIME. It's like drinking from a fire hose. Or trying to tell a story in the middle of a giant showstopping Vaudeville musical number, with showgirls and acrobats and sparklers and tap dancers and so forth, and they're all trying to get you to join in. Can't this wait, guys?
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The good news is that I am POSSESSED BY SCRIBBLEDEMONS and have been furiously stitching together one of the stories I've been kicking around for years, and every writer's block in the story's path is being obliterated in great blasts of inspiration.

The bad news is that this is the story with hobbits in it and it is not actually something I could publish.

Oh, well. Take inspiration where it comes, I suppose. Now if you'll excuse me, MUST WRITE OR THE SCRIBBLEDEMONS WILL EAT MY BRAIN
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Today's ridiculous Google search for the sake of a story: "How to kill a bear with a knife."

Damn, I love writing.

(Unfortunately, it turns out you can't kill a bear with a knife. Bears without knives have enough of an unfair advantage against hobbits. Bears WITH knives ... don't even try.)
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Okay, okay, the ginger Klingon is less irritating now.

I could have done without the ginger-Klingon sex, though.

The idea of introducing Pilot to Gypsy, however, has given me an excellent twist for an upcoming Doctors!verse novel. When I return to a sci-fi ruining state of mind,* the medical saga of Shipmonster G. Space!Kraken,** already inspired by an aspect of Gypsy, gets an upgrade. It hasn't made me cackle before now. I love it when I cackle.

Speaking of medical drama, I can't stop writing it even in high fantasy, it would seem. You rarely hear, "There will be a slight delay in our world-saving Quest on account of our hero's recovery from open-heart surgery" in these stories. I'd like to see the Houses of Healing deal with a character whose heart has just exploded. THAT'S RIGHT, YO, MY NOT!ELVES ARE WAY COOLER THAN YOUR ELVES.

Damn, I love this hobby. You wish yours was half so much fun.

*I oscillate between sci-fi and fantasy moods pretty regularly.

**Another placeholder name. It takes me YEARS sometimes to come up with good names.

For the record, the G stands for Gamera.
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Hurk. Feeling rather dull and listless lately, perhaps on account of allergies, or possibly as the aftermath of August/September’s MANIC IDEAS spike, or that whole downer of a death in the family. Whatever the cause, I’ve gone from crazed energetic output to plodding through a few basic projects. My necklace stuff, quilt, dolls, cookbooks, and even my blog are sitting patiently and twiddling their thumbs while they wait for me to start up again. Although I will note that Super Mario has not had to wait; last night I collected the final Star Coin and am now officially a Super Player.*

This lethargy isn’t all bad, though—my brain has left to it one useful process, and that is Composing. I can finally write down all those great ideas that were bombarding me. Don’t get me wrong, the HAVING IDEAS phase of My Writing Process is exciting and electrifying, and also frustrating as all hell because I can only scribble down generalities and outlines until they all shut up for a while. It’s hard to really write a detailed bit of dialogue or description when your brain keeps shrieking “AND! The pygmies get a bus and they drive all the way to Hollywood! … FLORIDA!” ** or whatever at you.

And dang, y’all, now that I’ve got some of it written, I am thinking that maybe I am not the only one who would get a kick out of the stuff written in my Playtime Funiverse.*** I make no promises, but if I am satisfied enough with it I may start posting it here.

The OGYAFE stays under wraps for now, though. You will have to buy that one when it becomes an actual book. I assure you, though, it will be worth the wait!

*I also declare World 9-7 the Fucking Impossible World for this game. It actually wasn’t so hard to beat, but getting the second and third coins took some serious thumb-fu.

**2:00 in.

***So named because it’s written for me, and not for me-plus-others, you see. It’s a big bloated silly collection of universes. I used to refer to it as the universe where my fanfiction goes to die, but at this point any source materials are no longer really relevant to what’s evolved, except in the general “This person reads way too much fantasy” way. Pretty much the only serial number I’d have to file off is the hobbits, and I make no apologies for loving the hell out of hobbits.
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Ah, buggrit. Here it is less than a week before my birthday and six weeks before Halloween, and now I realized what I want to do for both of them. Seems that my current creaton* bombardment doesn’t just include the four or so entire fantasy sagas demanding to be written by last week SEND HELP; it’s also about art projects—such as pirate and Halloween costumes.

Unfortunately, I can’t just do one of these things, because I have dolls. I’d have to make ten costumes for each occasion, and I don’t have the time or the money to do that right now.

So the upshot of all this is that, unless I drink way too much PowerThirst over the next month, there will probably be no doll Halloween album this year. On the plus side, I have tons of ideas written down** to do for next year! And don’t even ask me about next year’s Talk Like A Pirate Day. I will try to make it epic.

*Creatons are particles of creativity. Not to be confused with croutons, which are particles of salad.

**God help me, y’all, I have started a CRAFT NOTEBOOK.
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[ profile] agenttrojie had a meme going a few days ago: What Fictional Character Are You Most Like? I like open-ended memes!

My answer? No doubt. I am Bilbo Baggins.


-We are both mostly content to be invisible
-But we periodically get wanderlust,
-And go off on crazy adventures.
-On these adventures, we are resourceful when we have to be.
-Although we complain about it a lot.
-Both of us have a certain natural immunity to things that others can get addicted to—the Ring for him, alcohol and such for me.
-Not that we’re entirely immune! And we are not exactly virtuous. We do not always do the right thing, but we try.
-We both love soup food.
-We both like to write.
-Both of us are short, round, curly brunet(te), and hairy

Pretty much covers it, no?

A timely question, because I’m feeling rather hobbity lately—watchin’ Lord of the Rings again, trying to find a good fantasy saga. (Anybody got a recommendation?)

Both of these are a result of something that happens at times: my own little headhobbits are getting noisy as part of my brain’s decision to have ALL THE GOOD IDEAS EVER. When this happens, it’s impossible to get them to line up in an orderly fashion. All I can do is alternate between furious scribbling in flurries of ink and paper and pixels, and wandering around in a daze while the hobbitses, wizards, pirates, shapeshifters, sprites, final bosses,* dragons, arhods,** snowy-riders, licensers, and trolls all carry on madly in my head. This is making me even more absentminded than usual. It is hard to hear you jerks over all these jerks.

Being creative is hard, yo.

But damn, it’s also fun. This is one of the best parts of being a writer. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a bit more typing up I can get done before I go to sleep.

*I have awesome final bosses going. Y’all will just about fall down when you get to the OGYAFE’s final boss.

**I’m mostly in a fantasy mood in this manic phase, but my big fluffy aliens get to join the fun because they’re big damn fans of CAPSLOCK FANTASY SAGAS in their own right. Someday I’ll write one of their sagas, but for now they do seem to be liking the Lord of the Rings.
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AMELIA: All right, Amuddya*! Goddamn, I dunno what we’ve been doing the past few days, but this is getting fuckin’ ridiculous. You’ll never be a Real Author if you can’t even get your shit together to finish off the last episode of your book. We need Motivation! Anyone seen her?

SELF-ANALYSIS: She’s been missing for days. I think she’s dead.

AMELIA: What the hell do you mean, dead? Well, all right, we can sally forth without her. I’ll have another cup of tea.


AMELIA: … Well, anyway. Yessir, we don’t need Motivation to do the final push for this chapter! I can do it myself! I’ll just sit down and force the scene!



AMELIA: … Perhaps a writing exercise will help.

(AMELIA writes out an imaginary dialogue. She then scribbles random words on a sheet of notebook paper. She does a logic puzzle.)

SELF-ANALYSIS: It’s not working.

AMELIA: Quiet. I’m going to play Set Solitaire. Or perhaps some Flash games. That will definitely do the trick.

SELF-ANALYSIS: I’ll be crying in the corner if you need me.

AMELIA goes back to her game; she has just found another set when MOTIVATION bursts in, waving a stack of papers covered in scribbles.

AMELIA: Where the hell have you been? The Doctors! are all stuck in limbo while I try to figure out how to make this ending look ingenious and not like a pile of—


AMELIA: (eyeing papers) Have you been conferring with Creativity?


AMELIA: That’s great! What have you got for me?


AMELIA: … That’s really not what I asked you to do …


AMELIA: I’m trying to write stories I can publish! With original characters and everything! Now get over here and help me with these damn Doctors!


AMELIA: Well, we aren’t going to. I’m tired of Doctors! too, but if we just work together—


MOTIVATION storms into her room and slams the door

AMELIA: Goddamn, this is not going to help me get my story done at all.

BLADDER: I mean, seriously, and she blames me when she has to go every fifteen minutes after two cups of assam. Is that fair, I ask you?


*I call myself Amuddya when I talk to myself. My self-pep talks are always done in the voice of my old Tae Kwon Do master, who had no idea what my name was and would just sort of garble random syllables when he addressed me. I just answered to it, but my friend tried to teach him how to pronounce my name, and the closest he ever got with his heavy accent was "Amuddya." This is why sometimes, if you listen closely while I'm doing something, you may hear me mutter "You needing to p'ocus, Amuddya." (He couldn't quite keep his f's from becoming aspirated p's, either.)
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The problem with insomnia is, of course, the lack of sleep and the resulting bleak outlook on life and of course the health issues, but hey: sometimes while tossing and turning and hating the universe, you have REALLY AWESOME IDEAS.

Take me, for example. I just figured out how to finish the OGYAFE.

Granted, that's four books away, but goddamn I had to jump up and write down the epic climax at six in the morning. It's not like I was sleeping, anyway.

I am working on the OGYAFE because this past couple of weeks I've been so sick of Doctors! I can't even look at it. But it has just occurred to me that I'm one episode of editing away from having a REAL MANUSCRIPT OMG, and I think I'm dragging my feet because once I get that done I'll have to actually submit it for publishing, and that is scary. I just have to remember two things about it:

1. Dude, wait, that was the whole idea, and

So! Back to the writings--just as soon as I get some sleep. Goddamn, sleep. What a glorious idea ...


Mar. 27th, 2010 03:14 am
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- I tell you, there is nothing like the pointless futzing of Wind Waker to put one in a pleasant stupor. I think some game designer went mad with power and made a game composed entirely of side quests, and somebody forcibly injected a couple of temples in there just so gamers could get their bearings. You can spend hours just wandering around on the ocean dredging up treasure boxes. And every time you get a New Item you gotta make the round of islands again to see if it'll do anything. It's GREAT.

- I finally got my hands on a copy of The Lando Calrissian Adventures. I never understood quite why Lando was the forgotten character. I was always kind of impressed with the way he behaved when pushed into a corner in Empire—it’s not particularly savory, but selling out some guy you’ve never heard of to protect your entire city is a pragmatic call, the lesser of two evils. And when Vader starts to make the lesser of two evils just as evil as the greater one, he tries diplomacy, and when that fails him, he takes the gonzo option.

Also, he destroyed the second Death Star. Yes, I realize that Luke had already done one, but I don’t think the destroyed planets would have cared if the Death Star was old meme.

- Speaking of crazy space adventures, I have figured out another reason writers make series—they have too damn many plots to fit into one book. So even though I plan to concentrate on the OGYAFE after Doctors! gets squared around, I may have to scribble a few things about Dweiji and the Princess, since we have achieved a Plot, and maybe even a Sequel. Hell, that might be more marketable than Doctors!, because even though it’s in the same universe, it’s your basic garden variety Crazy Space Adventure. (People wonder why I love space opera—it’s because this genre's “garden variety” garden contains shit like crystal plants and Grovebacks and such.)

- One more thing on science fiction, and it’s definitely a Bad Sign: I also have picked up the urge to actually write some of those alien-written paperbacks Dweiji keeps in her ship. Yes. I now want to write AU fic—not fic in an alternate universe, but stuff that counts as fiction in my alternate universe. YES I AM CRAZY.

- In Making Stuff News, I think I’ve worked out a way to make Kuen’s tablet—basically, a computer for someone with different aesthetics. And I am hoping the sewmonster bites me again soon, because I have a boatload of projects to do. I’m going to try at least to get something done for Daja before her birthday.

- I have found another good fall-asleep thing in my iPod: language tapes. The weird thing is, I hate listening to people talking on the radio when I'm awake. It's distracting and somehow unsettling. But when I'm not trying to do anything and have the voices on low, it's nice. Background noise or something.

- I’m wondering if my recent lethargy is related to a lack of proper food. I seem to get this regularly. I’ll see if once again recalibrating my diet so that it isn’t mostly pizza bagels and Girl Scout cookies helps.

And now to quit procrastinating and get my ass back into Doctors! I should be done by now, dammit.


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