Nov. 28th, 2010

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WOO SNOW DAY! I will spend the day reading.

Y’know, I hate yogurt. The taste is nasty and the texture makes me gag. And yet every time I go to the store, I see it in the dairy section and think “Ooh! Yogurt!” and buy some. Then I get home and have myself a spoonful and think, “Damn, I HATE yogurt! Why am I eating this?”

I do that with books, too. I keep picking up books by Michael Stackpole and Mercedes Lackey, despite numerous failed attempts in the past to read them. “Ooh,” I think, “Mercedes Lackey!” Then I take it home and start to read and think, “Damn, this is boring! Why am I reading this?”*

Fortunately, I’ve got a whole STACK of books sitting here waiting for me to look at them—fiction books for good times, and Important Research Books that will help me with Important Research.** I am all set. Let’s have snow days every day!

*Answer: because rumor has it things actually HAPPEN in her books at some point, and I keep trying to find that point. I can’t confirm this, because I’ve never gotten past the long procedural tour of whatever fantasy setting we’re in. She’s as bad as I am.

**Latest nerdly obsession: city design. Arboreal cities for the rúmečilú, big flat segregated cities for the orlys, amorphous ephemeral cities for the arhods, all of the above and life support for the giant multispecies space station City. And Almost-Utopia needs reliable public sanitation and power grids, dammit!


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