Nov. 16th, 2010

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SCIENCE explains more of Star Wars! (Thanks, [ profile] prodigal!)

My contribution was to explain “It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!” That’s easy. See, the Kessel Run is a route that takes you past the Maw, which is a cluster of black holes.* You don’t want to get too close, because once you get to a point where your escape velocity can’t overcome the gravity, you’re pretty much boned. But the Falcon was so fast that Han managed to shave serious distance off his route by taking a shortcut closer to the black holes BECAUSE HIS SHIP IS SO FAST HE CAN ESCAPE IT. SCIENCE.

The stormtroopers, though … I coulda told them to take the helmets off. Faceless inhuman bad guys are easier to kill. Fits in perfectly with my firm belief that zombies should be utilized only as minions of the Dark Lord in stories, so you can hack through them without thinking about the mass murder. ([ profile] ursulav pointed out that Nazi zombies are even easier to kill for just that reason.) Same goes for robots, insectoids, golems, Shy Guys, and anyone from the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. Then you can fire away. But Dave the Stormtrooper? A lot harder to kill.

*This is true, as explained by the parts of the Expanded Universe I do accept as canon!


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