Nov. 14th, 2010

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Well, wintertime is upon us, and it’s time to retire the farm for the winter. The thyme is inside, the peppers and tomatoes have all been harvested, and the beans never got started anyway. I’d like to keep doing it through the winter next year, but first I’d like to get the hang of warm-weather stuff. I’ll have to do a few things differently next year, now I’ve learned a bit.

I think I’ll expand next year, too. It was a dang lot of fun, and I like to be able to cook with food I’ve made myself! I’m going to look through more books and figure out more things I can start growing! My plan to do a Spaghetti Sauce Garden means I still need some more ingredients.* Although I may have to take a pass on the cinnamon, because while I have built moderately successful container gardens, and will probably be able to build winter containers with a bit more effort, I am less confident in my ability to build Zanzibar anywhere in my garden for a tropical tree. Also I refuse to grow zucchini or eggplant, which are evil alien vegetables, but I’m totally open to other suggestions. Herbs? Spices? Vegetables? Fruits? What shall I put in the farm for next year? It is never to early to plan!

*What the hell, y’all, olives? You lot have no idea how to make spaghetti sauce. Dad has given me the go-ahead to post our family’s awesome recipe here, so if I haven’t done it by the end of the week y’all can poke me.
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I don’t care how undignified it is, naming yourself “Dude” in Zelda games is never not funny.

“Dude, isn’t that … the Master Sword!”

“Dude, it’s too hot in here!”

“Can you hear me, Dude?”

“Dude! You must help my father save the Gorons!”

“Wait, Dude. Before we go on, there’s something you need to hear.”

“Well done, Dude. Thou hast verily demonstrated thy courage.”

Also, I hereby wish to confirm the rumors that in the past I have renamed Epona “Nemo” in Twilight Princess, purely for the sake of that stupid joke they do in which an amnesiac Ilia says “*gasp* [HORSE’S NAME]? … That’s a nice name.” It’s better than when I name her “Hoss,” anyway.


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