Oct. 12th, 2010

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Hurk. Feeling rather dull and listless lately, perhaps on account of allergies, or possibly as the aftermath of August/September’s MANIC IDEAS spike, or that whole downer of a death in the family. Whatever the cause, I’ve gone from crazed energetic output to plodding through a few basic projects. My necklace stuff, quilt, dolls, cookbooks, and even my blog are sitting patiently and twiddling their thumbs while they wait for me to start up again. Although I will note that Super Mario has not had to wait; last night I collected the final Star Coin and am now officially a Super Player.*

This lethargy isn’t all bad, though—my brain has left to it one useful process, and that is Composing. I can finally write down all those great ideas that were bombarding me. Don’t get me wrong, the HAVING IDEAS phase of My Writing Process is exciting and electrifying, and also frustrating as all hell because I can only scribble down generalities and outlines until they all shut up for a while. It’s hard to really write a detailed bit of dialogue or description when your brain keeps shrieking “AND! The pygmies get a bus and they drive all the way to Hollywood! … FLORIDA!” ** or whatever at you.

And dang, y’all, now that I’ve got some of it written, I am thinking that maybe I am not the only one who would get a kick out of the stuff written in my Playtime Funiverse.*** I make no promises, but if I am satisfied enough with it I may start posting it here.

The OGYAFE stays under wraps for now, though. You will have to buy that one when it becomes an actual book. I assure you, though, it will be worth the wait!

*I also declare World 9-7 the Fucking Impossible World for this game. It actually wasn’t so hard to beat, but getting the second and third coins took some serious thumb-fu.

**2:00 in.

***So named because it’s written for me, and not for me-plus-others, you see. It’s a big bloated silly collection of universes. I used to refer to it as the universe where my fanfiction goes to die, but at this point any source materials are no longer really relevant to what’s evolved, except in the general “This person reads way too much fantasy” way. Pretty much the only serial number I’d have to file off is the hobbits, and I make no apologies for loving the hell out of hobbits.
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Dammit, why aren't phones and number keypads set up with the same configuration? Makin' my office work take twice as long as it has to.


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