Jul. 2nd, 2010

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Damn. Trying to look up nice cheap hotels in Moab because MY BUDDY LIZ IS COMING TO VISIT and she deserves to see more of Utah than the Great Tub o’ Sea Monkeys Salt Lake. The internet, however, is not cooperating, so perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow.

But at least I got a few days off from work already!* I can at least hang out with her.

I’m kind of ridiculously excited. I haven’t seen Liz since we graduated from college, though before that we spent four years as the best of pals. It’s strange how that works, innit? And it’s not like we stopped being friends after that—hell, I’m ridiculously excited that she’s coming. We’re just sort of … geographically separated.

But! Now she’s coming and I get to act like a little kid and show her all the things I like about this place! My brother even wants to come hang out if we do our mini road trip. Granted, if the internet doesn’t work we may have to camp out in Moab, but by god no matter what it’s gonna be fun.

*And got descent upon by another coworker who smells days off like a shark smells blood. She seemed to feel that 6:45 this morning was a good time to call me and ramblingly tried to negotiate a trade in hours. Yes, that coworker. At this point I’ve decided it is worth losing hours if I don’t have to deal with her.


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