Jun. 9th, 2010

bloodyrosemccoy: (Breach Hull All Die)
Ah, jeez, I used the wrong kind of dirt.

I was very careful to look over the label of the dirt I did get, but somehow I managed to miss the big picture where it wasn’t potting soil. That would fit in with the rest of my week, frankly: apparently symptoms of this cold or sinus infection or whatever it is includes swollen sinuses, spectacular postnasal drip, and Being Stoopid. I wound up putting the wrong patient’s scans in a chart at the office, I am taking forever to fight bosses in Twilight Princess,* and I am even having trouble with the god damn alphabet, as seen by my sorting abilities at Job. Not to mention the whole “being tempted to read a Dragonlance book,” which should have been a clue.

I kind of want to go back to swampy allergies now.

Fortunately, I just bought the plants yesterday and haven’t gotten them actually planted yet, so it’ll be a lot simpler just to dump the dirt out and put in the correct dirt.** It’s a pain in the ass, but not nearly as bad as it could be.

I will post pictures once I get the stuff all planted!

*This is becoming The Game I Play Through Whenever I Get Sick.

**Of course, first I have to go buy the correct dirt, which means another trip to the garden center in which I wander around singing “I’ve got a bag of dirt” in the manner of Captain Jack Sparrow.


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