Jan. 12th, 2010

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Ever have a moment where it occurs to you a little too late that you should be angry?

Happens to me all the time. I have a very slow-kindled anger, stemming from an assumption, which goes against all evidence but which I can't shake, that humans are basically well-meaning.

This can keep me out of a lot of trouble, but it does get me into it from time to time.

Take today. I went to get an HPV shot from my usual office, and the nurse set the syringe on the chair next to me while she swabbed. Then she went back for the syringe.

NURSE: Oh look at that! I already uncapped the needle!
AMELIA: Wait, what, I don't--
AMELIA: (amiably) I'm blaming you if my arm turns black and falls off.

So I walked back over here to Dad's office, mulling it over and getting more and more indignant. The nurse was nice enough, but when you're damn hospital staff, nice conversation isn't enough if your actions are saying "HERE, HAVE SOME GROSS OLD CHAIR GERMS I SCOOPED UP WITH THIS UNCAPPED NEEDLE" at the same time. The infection rate in hospitals is disturbingly high for just that reason.

Thus, while I'm not really worried about getting an infection, I called them back when I got to the office to Voice My Concerns--now they'll have it on record, anyway. They told me it's probably okay because the needle points up and probably didn't touch the chair. I would like to point out that it's still gross negligence, and they're going to look into the matter.

I hope so, because I still trust the doctor in that office. But after this, well ... my faith in the cleanliness of hospitals is already shaken from Dad's Scary OR Tales, and this is NOT HELPING.


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