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Here's an entertaining take on how the Heath Ledger Joker might actually be the hero of The Dark Knight.

I admit it, I'm a sucker for off-the-wall fan theories, even if I don't buy them. I like this one.

Though, when you get down to it, this theory only goes further to change the Heath Ledger Joker into something of an "average" terrorist who thinks he's the hero fighting an evil system.* Which is a totally legit direction to take him, I guess,** but also serves to remove him further from my default view of the Joker as a goddamn psycho maniac trolling the world, and especially trolling Batman. In my head he's larger than life, an evil trickster god, so the Nolan attempt to bring him closer to the Real World (TM) doesn't catch my interest as much. (Same goes for Batman, too. Somehow trying to pull them closer to reality only serves to push them farther away for me.)

Still, though, it's fun to have a character you can reinterpret so much. And like I said, I love me some fan theories. So thanks to [ profile] anagramofbrat for the link!

*Which does bring up interesting questions. Sometimes you do have to fight an evil system, and the question of whether your tactics are acceptable are subjective

**I'm working on a post that talks about new interpretations and directions for characters, because my coworkers and I got into an interesting discussion about who likes which Joker after that Leto image came out. Also there was something about Star Wars in there, because of course there was.
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What I've Learned Since The Spring Equinox

  • In an early script for The Little Mermaid Ursula was supposed to be Triton's sister. It kinda shines through.

  • Lily Tomlin played Miss Frizzle in the Magic School Bus show.

  • Annie Jump Cannon, who developed stellar classification, was ridiculously super-focused. She would spend each day painstakingly going through stars and categorizing them with spectroscopy. As someone who enjoys that sort of tedious infosifting, I am always glad when someone else who likes doing that gets recognized.

  • The modern white greasepaint clown look was invented by Joseph Grimaldi in the late 18th Century. I'd curse his name, but without him we wouldn't have the greatest comic book villain ever, so I salute you, you creepy clown!

  • Literary agents like to play musical agencies, so you're never sure which agency you've queried and which agent.

  • It turns out the "Augie's Great Municipal Band" song from The Phantom Menace was NOT intended to be a bouncy upbeat foreshadowing version of the Emperor's theme. I find this extremely disappointing. Here I was all "That's BRILLIANT!" and it was just a coincidence. The few points I give to the prequels must be deducted again.

  • Io's crazy volcanic activity is all due to the gravitational free-for-all between Jupiter and Jupiter's other big moons.

  • The latest theory about why lunar maria are only on the near side of the moon is that the moon was quickly tide-locked to Earth after they split, and the still-molten Earth kept the rock vaporized and blew things like aluminum to the far side of the moon and thus made the crust thicker. So it was a lot easier for the near side's crust to crack and bleed out the lava that hardened into those basaltic plains.

  • Handwriting is part of the Utah core curriculum--because of the neurological and developmental benefits. This is apparently unusual.

  • The great battle between British and French food hinges entirely on the quality of ingredients. The better your ingredients, the less need you have to complicate them with sauces and so forth. Rich People Food used to be blank chunks of meat. The Garbage Parts Of The Food only got popular as Rich People Food after everyone figured out how to make them good.

  • Antarctica's elevation is pretty high, bro.

  • Chainmaille weaving is hard on your back muscles.

  • The night sky on a planet inside a globular cluster would be pretty dang bright.

  • One of the most fun things to do with liquid nitrogen is to dump it out when you're done demonstrating its uses. POOF!

  • Balloons do not scare me if they are only partially blown up.

  • A lot of Catullus's poems were basically old-timey versions of hip-hop grudges.

  • The original difference between ginger beer and ginger ale is that ginger beer is brewed, with yeast and so forth, and ale is ginger syrup in carbonated water. That's the original difference. Nobody cares anymore, though.

  • The hipster soda section of the supermarket is terribly fun.

  • I can make an awesome rose ginger lemon soda, but it must be drunk within a week or two or it will turn beery.

  • There is such a thing as conductive thread. So you can sew LEDs into your clothing!

  • Astronomy dome theaters have great models of the skies of all sorts of other planets. You can watch Jupiter's phases from Europa, for crying out loud!

  • Unsurprisingly, nerds who work on the slides for spherical screens are more than willing to abuse their power. Science On A Death Star!

  • Sometimes you can take a chance with a new job and it turns out TOTALLY AWESOME.

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Can I just say that I love that my siblings named their new black-and-orange split-face kitten Harley Dent? Because I really, really do.
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Okay, so, there are a whole lot of aspects of his character, and of his overall story, that appeal to a vast number of people in this day and age. Something about him strikes a chord within us, resonates with our ideals and fears and wishes.

But I can't help wondering if any of Batman's long-lasting popularity is due to his name being so incredibly fun to say.

Just try saying "I'm Superman." Doesn't have nearly the same ring, does it?
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I really hate it when some asshole comes along and ruins it for the rest of us.
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So a couple months ago in the library I came across A Princess of Mars and was delighted. “Awesome!” thought I. “Old-timey sci-fi I have not yet read!” So I checked it out and, because this is how I roll, put it on the to-read pile at the end of my bed and promised myself I’d get to it eventually.

Except I forgot the John Carter movie came out, and now the dratted thing is on hold for, like, seven people. I don’t have to pay fines since I work at the Liberry, but my Code of Honor requires me to turn stuff in when it’s on hold. I’ve got a week before it’s officially due. I … guess I’d better read it soon, then!


I finally got around to watching Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and it is pretty much my new favorite movie. I never even knew this could happen, but it’s certainly the most adorable Splattery Dead Teenager Movie I have ever seen. It’s really hard to do a successful horror/comedy, but damn, these guys nailed it.


Good news, everyone! The Legend of Korra, the follow-up to Avatar: The Last Airbender, is premiering in April!

Here’s hoping it will be as awesome as its predecessor.


Heard a couple of kids in the library yesterday arguing about how to spell “LOL.” I’m not sure what this says about the way it’s entered the lexicon, but I am amused.


Raked the garden and dug out a bit more of that spot I want to turn into moar garden. Dang, I ain’t used to gripping a shovel anymore. I have the feeling my hands will be raptor claws tonight.


Anyway, I know that’s all pretty boring shit, so here, enjoy these illustrations from a junior reader I found in the library.


Aww, lookitim, all feedin' his dinosaur lettuce and almost smiling!

As far as I’m concerned, this makes Batman Riding A Dinosaur canon.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: it was, naturally, Batman who saved the day when he steered his noble mount into a meat truck and distracted the T-rex and the pteranodon with food. BECAUSE HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN.
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Nyyyeeeargh. Finished my first playthrough of Skyward Sword. I still can’t stand Archduke Fancypants, even with his last surprise,* but at least he’s not the FINAL final boss. The actual final boss made me feel much better about villains in general.

Now I have to go back over my notes and see how they’d look as a little commentary. No commentary could top the Christopher Walken-esque swearing of Super Mario Bros. Frustration Guy, but it’ll be fun to play it out anyway.

And when I wasn't playing that this week, I was reading Mastiff--and the combination set me to yearning again. Seriously, game designers, Tortall video game. I WOULD BUY A CONSOLE JUST TO PLAY IT.

*Though I suspect my complete failure to be even slightly amused by his antics must be how Batman feels about the Joker. You just know Bats thinks those of us who find that clown an engaging villain are idiots.
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Look, y’all! Look what I got for Christmas!

Or not. But aren’t you curious? )


But what is this? A fancy book? No! It’s Awesome Christmas Thing #1! )


And the gift I bought for myself! I know it’s bad form, but dammit this thing was just too awesome. But what is it?

Awesome Christmas Thing #2 )

Anyway, that’s all for this year! Now tell me: what did you get?

While you’re thinking, enjoy some Christmas dinner. I dislike cranberry sauce, but I will chug cranberry juice all the livelong day, so it is indeed complete! Aye, it was a merry Xmas indeed!

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Y’know, I don’t care what TV Tropes calls it;* from now on I am calling implicit but not obvious onscreen cartoon deaths “Bruce Timms.”

In somewhat related news, John DiMaggio does a pretty good Joker. He’s no Mark Hamill,** but his Mark Hamill impression is passable. And he puts that deep grainy laugh to very good use.

Dammit, now I want to watch the Batman Animated episode where the Joker menaces that fat guy again. Or maybe the Justice League one where he crashes Lex Luthor's party. Or, well, any Batman episode, really.

*Hell, I don’t even know what they call it, but I’m afraid to look it up.

**Fuck you, Mark Hamill is the default Joker, just as Kevin Conroy is the default Batman and Lou Albano is the default Super Mario.
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Great Movie Review, Or Greatest Movie Review?

You remember in the Batman comic The Killing Joke how the Joker sets out to prove his theory that One Bad Day can turn a man from a mild-mannered normal citizen to a psychotic clown who exists only to spread chaos and insanity because he's realized that the entire universe is a big random cruel joke and you just gotta laugh?

I think this movie may have just proved it.

Damn shame, as I love the first one so.

Anyway, brb, off to poison some fish and buy a purple suit.


May. 8th, 2009 10:53 pm
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I think I have another method for interrogation that does not involve torture or pancakes.

All we need to do is to get my mom to strike up a conversation with the terrorist in question.

I am not sure how Mom does it, but she seems to have this ability to get information far beyond any mortal powers. She is always telling me how she struck up a conversation with the lady at the quilt shop, or her hairdresser, and has gotten their life stories. “I went to the hairdresser today!” she will say. “He told me all about how difficult it was to live with multiple sclerosis and depression until he discovered new age crystal healing, and that his partner owns a flower shop and they do weddings together, and all about his philosophy of the universe!” I will go to the same hairdresser and say, “So! Mom says you’re into crystals!” and he will say, “Yup” and that will be that.

It’s not just random people, either. My mom will get more information out of my friends in one sitting than I ever manage to hear through a lifetime friendship. If I had a buddy named Bruce, all our conversations would go like this:

AMELIA: So, Bruce! Anything going on in your life right now?
AMELIA: How’s your girlfriend? I hear she’s been enjoying some new hobbies.
BRUCE: She’s okay.
AMELIA: What about this secret project you vaguely alluded to a week ago with your job? How’s that going?
BRUCE: Fine.

Then Bruce would come home with me for dinner one night, and we’d help Mom in the kitchen while the following conversation took place:

AMELIA: Mom, this is Bruce. Bruce, this is my mom.
MOM: Hi, Bruce! How are you?
BRUCE: Well, my business is doing okay, since we’ve just signed on a contract with the military to make secret spying technology. Mostly I’m concerned because last week my girlfriend proposed to me but I’m not really ready to commit yet, for I fear to be tied down. Plus, I am haunted by the ghosts of my past and am still tormented by nightmares and wake up screaming, afraid I’ve wet the bed like I did for years after the death of my parents when I was a child. Also, I’m Batman.

I have no idea how she does this. I have actually asked her before. She usually says it’s because she knows how to ask the right question, but when I try that, it doesn’t seem to work. I think it’s not just a skill; I think it’s a finely-honed mutant power. And one that the CIA needs to look into tapping into. All you’d have to do is put Mom in a room with a terrorist, and we’d know every evil plan of attack and where to find all the Al-Qaida strongholds worth mentioning.

Or perhaps she is content to lead a quiet life as the nexus of the universe. Either way, it always sort of awes me.
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Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I idly let my mind drift to geekery. “Where do superheroes get their names?” I asked myself. “I always hear about those ‘what’s your superhero name’ memes, but do you really get to pick your own? Of the few canonical superhero name origins I know, most were invented by their world's media. Is that typical?”

Then from another part of my mind floated the obvious answer to my question: “No, it is not, because if it were somebody would have been named ‘The Masked Fruitcake’ by now.”*

… Which just goes to show that you already know the answers to most questions, if you only ask the part of you with the logic.

*I vote The Question. Dude doesn’t even have the decency to have question marks on his outfit. Curse you, Riddler, and your stealing them all!
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So I hear Heath won.

If there were any justice, then, they would give Mark Hamill a crown and scepter or something, because while Heath’s Joker was an interesting take, as far as I’m concerned he was never playing the Joker, just some Joker. Everyone knows who the Joker is.

On the other hand, it’s always nice when geek-oriented content wins, so who am I to complain?
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After this entry, [ profile] fenmere drew this icon for me!

I don't know where they're going or what they'll do when they get there, but I have a feeling Hobbes is standing in the background with a tail that has, for reasons he can't quite articulate, gone all bushy.

It's so wrong and yet so CUTE. I'm a bad dude, but I'm a HAPPY bad dude. *snickers*

(This is one of the few times the redesigned Joker from the last season of Batman TAS looks right. Apparently, he was redesigned to look like he'd work in a C&H setting.)
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As you know, Bob, my latest recurring dream theme is The Joker. I’ve had various themes throughout my life (Ursula from The Little Mermaid was the longest running), but still, I thought he might go away when I quit the Fukitol. Not so much.

Last night I dreamed I had just bought a comic book with him in it.

It was a Calvin & Hobbes book.

Now, I’m not sure how the two met,* since my dream self opened to the middle of the book. Perhaps the Joker was on vacation in the mountains and came upon Calvin’s family camping, or perhaps they ran into each other at Arkham.** All I know is, I wish I could draw, because that image I opened to of a maniacally laughing Calvin sitting on his wacky Uncle Joker’s shoulders was spectacular.

My subconscious: once again taking up the mantle of insane crossover crackfic when my waking mind just refuses to. I knew I shouldn't have made this icon before bed.

ETA: [ profile] fenmere is so awesome he actually drew it! It's the first comment, and it is now on the list of my Favorite Images Ever.

*Or how anybody would get Bill Watterson, notorious comic-book-hater and cartoonist principled on licensing to the point that I almost feel guilty using C&H icons, to agree to this crossover in the first place.

**Warning: this link may make you cry.
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Damn. My sister and I are running out of Batman.

We’re on the last season. Although I admit, it’s a great one—Season 4, where they redesign everyone.* We’d never really paid attention to the redesigns before, but they’ve been a huge source of entertainment. See, we understand that the redesigns were for technical reasons, since they clearly had a lot of trouble animating things like the Penguin’s or the Joker’s complicated faces, but the simplified ones look ridiculous. (Especially the Joker. He no longer looks particularly interesting, menacing, or fun. In fact, he looks like Ron Stoppable.) Other ridiculous redesigns include Scarecrow (“He looks like a mole rat!”), the Ventriloquist (“What the hell? When did he turn into a giant thumb?”), and the Mad Hatter (“OH GOD GET HIM AWAY.”)

Our favorite redesign, however, is Batman, because all they did was change his proportions a bit and make him frowny. Instead of his impassive face, he looks like he’s actively making a list of things he hates in his head at all times. And whenever something awful happens you can just hear him muttering, “This is going on the list.” It’s awesome.

Unfortunately, this entertainment also means this is the last season, so after this we’re going to have to find a new silly series to watch. My sister suggests Avatar, but I’m open for other suggestions as well. So, I say to y’all: any ideas? What should my sister and I watch next?

*And also where Mr. Freeze’s head apparently falls off. These things happen.
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“Oh Dalt Wisney, no!”

Today’s quote brought to you by my sister and I watching a weird episode of Batman: TAS, in which the villain reminded us of a supervillainous version of Walt Disney* so much that we renamed him. We aren’t even sure what his name is. We don’t care.

BONUS QUOTE: "You see, a supervillain is a series of tubes ..."

*Well, more supervillainous.
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Fortunately, my DC/Batman universe has an ironclad endocrine system. Everything that does not work within the Default Batman Universe (mine) is forcibly expelled into the territory of Inconsequential Alternate Universes.

Ain’t mythos grand?

(Also, let’s see how long this irrevocable plot twist lasts, hmm?)


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