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At some point over the last few months it occurred to me that keeping up this blog with entries every few days was no longer fun, but rather a chore. Obviously this is largely because LiveJournal has been a ghost town for years--oh, for the fun of uploading silly icons, when comment threads were long and Metaquotes was king!--but it's also because my enthusiasm for this form of writing seems to have waned. It might wax again, and I'll of course do periodic posts (for example, I SWEAR TO GOD I'm getting Scatterstone's finale up here eventually, but I'm spending my time with hopefully salable stories right now), but in the meantime I'm just not thinking in Blog right now. Perhaps I will again, but at this point I seem to think better in strings of tweets.

And thus, if you want to keep up with me, your best bet is to follow my Twitter. And if you're not on Twitter but want to stay in touch, send me a note. A lot of the people I met on here have moved on to other platforms, too, but we can still hang out online!

Though not on Tumblr. I don't care how ironic it is for an LJer to look down on Tumblr culture, because god dammit I just can't bring myself to like Tumblr. I think I'll skip that generation of social media.

See you in the Twitter feed!
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